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Think I GH on My Birthday

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I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, but I'm beyond freaking out about this and would like some advice. At this point, I just want to know yes or no. I know no one can diagnosis over the internet, but I would really appreciate whether this sounds like GH or if anyone has had experiences like this.

Two days ago I noticed a small blister-like bump in the upper-right portion of my pubic hair area. I shave and get ingrown hairs occasionally, but they normally look like pimples and never blisters. (I haven’t shaved in the few days before the bump.) The bump was slightly red and did not itch or hurt, and there were no other bumps besides this one. Thinking it was just some weird ingrown hair, I popped it and some (not a lot) clear fluid came out. Sorry if this is TMI! I did not see a hair and grew concerned. There was a rougher patch of skin behind the blister. I poked at it and there was a hair under this rough patch of skin.

Since then I've been cleaning it periodically with hydrogen peroxide and have kept it covered with a Band-Aid. Yesterday and today it is more of a sore. I don't know if it is an open sore from Herpes descriptions I've read. Sometimes when I change band-aids, I notice the sore/whatever it is left a very small amount of light reddish-yellow fluid on the band-air. It don't know this is an open sore. It still doesn't itch or hurt. I have no other symptoms other than this, although my arms and legs have been unusually itchy today.

I'm 24 and have had several partners this past year. They've said (for what it's worth) that they are clean, and I always insisted on using condoms, but not until we actually have sex. If a guy was infected with something, it might have rubbed against me before we have sex. Timing wise, this seems to be inline with the traditional first outbreak of Herpes, since the last time I had sex was four days before the bump appeared. This would also mean I got Herpes on my birthday. Worst birthday present ever.

Thanks for any help you can give!!

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Cas9
      Ridiculous comment. They know a lot about herpes. And they know enough to be aware that the virus hides/resides in the neurons, not the blood. It amazes me how ridiculous some of the comments are on this forum. People actually thinking that simply purifying your blood and liver is a cure (or therapy) for herpes. Boy those scientists must be the dumbest people on the planet for them not to have known that [sarcasm]. Give me a friggin break!
    • Mrspinkk
      I believe there will be a cure for a gun and I do not want to lose my faith
    • Mrspinkk
      What do you think about ahcc? It is used in the treatment of HPV and increases immunity. Can it also prevent hsv? because increasing immunity will reduce recurrences. can it work? sorry for the spelling mistakes because it is not an anthropology
    • Freefalling87
      Bleh, been a little over a month since I posted this and still having the burning pain since April. Will I ever feel normal down below again without taking meds for nerve pain?  
    • Freefalling87
      Although I am male, I have nerve pain down below as well. Instead of my leg, it is actually in my scrotum. I contracted this virus last year in December 2017. My initial outbreak was in my throat, nothing down below at all. Test in January confirmed that I had HSV-2; tested looking for IGG antibodies which were at 23. In April, I believe i had a very minor outbreak with just one spot that may have been a blister in my groin. Although there was no pain, I was afraid that it would get worse so I decided to take my valtrex for 5 days (the spot disappeared within 3 days). Two days after I stopped valtrex, the nerve pain came about and was in both of my inner thighs and my scrotum. From that moment on, the nerve pain moved from the thighs and stayed only in my scrotum and has persisted daily ever since.  My nerve pain is constant; not in the sense of 24/7 non stop, but on and off throughout the day, every day. So in essence, I'm in the same boat with you where I don't have any visible symptoms (no redness though in my case), but have the constant burning sensation. I will admit, hearing your story and knowing that this has persisted for you for over 16 years is kind of disheartening to me. I keep telling myself that because I am still new to this virus, my body is still getting use to it and that after the first year one day the nerve pain will stop completely. Now I am not so sure. 

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