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Three outbreaks back to back?

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Hi all,

I found out i have HSV-2 four weeks ago as i was having severe bladder pain. I have had three outbreaks in a row since then, with symptoms ranging from burning/bladder pain to redness and itching. Just when I think its clearing up it happens again. I took the initial dose of Valtrex 1gm twice daily but my doctor only Rx'd it for 7 days. When the bladder pain came back she gave me another Rx at the same strength for another 7 days. I then dropped the dose to 500mg daily for suppression and within two days started having symptoms again. Is this normal? What if valtrex doesn't work?

I have a high stress job and I am going to college online. My s/o lost his job so financial stress is big too. I have started taking Lysine and avoiding high arginine foods. Any suggestions to help learn to manage stress better, or life tips. Any tips about how to learn to identify your prodrome symptoms? Any advice on anything would help as I'm really feeling frustrated, sad, tired, and overwhelmed. Thanks!

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It'll Get Better

I can only say that it'll get better. You are going to have to figure out how to control your stress. My job can be stressful as well - deep breathing, bursting out in song and telling a joke helps me get through the day. My symptoms from my first OB lasted approximately two months. I only took the first 10 day dose of Valtrex and then stopped. I took lysine for a couple of weeks and then stopped that as well. I've decided that I'm not going to change too much until I can truly pinpoint my triggers. I believe once you relax your symptoms will reduce. It truly just takes time on the first OB.

Sorry that I can't be much help, but I believe until you know what your trigger foods are you shouldn't just go willy nilly pulling stuff out of your diet because that will make you miserable when you can't eat some of your comfort foods. After your initial OB then you can start listening to your body and learn what is no longer good for you.

I don't have the bladder pain so I guess I would be more desperate if I did. Drink lots of water and relax.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Dutchy
      Hi! I was diagnosed one year and four months ago. Not a major first outbreak. Than 2,5 months later my second. Then faster a Little ob. Then is was without for almost 7 months. I really felt that was how i could handle things. Then in June i started having ob after ob. It was a very hot summer here in Holland. Also started a new relationship so more frequent sexual Activity. Not sure what coused it but those things i did feel like could trigger it.  Started acyclivir two months ago. That helps a great deal. But really dont want to Stay on Anti virals. Willing to try natural stuff but also right now feeling very happy not worrying all the time. Need to discuss again with my doctor soon.  
    • LovelyVirgo
      I had an igg test done I believe. I was diagnosed with hsv2 genital 
    • LovelyVirgo
      Oh wow that sounds mind boggling,, maybe your diet is your problem as well. Dang I thought guys had it a little easier seeing as tho you could keep your ob's dry better than a woman for it to heal..  I've never heard of Neem what's is that
    • LovelyVirgo
      Yea I believe it may have to do with my diet i just recently cut out beef, chocolate & nuts & started eating more fish & fruits & smoothies and my symtoms are going away suprisingly. I think it was more so the chocolate for me lol smh im gonna miss it. And NO WAY your stomach!?? Like how does that happen lol that's so weird
    • WilsoInAus
      No, nothing looks like herpes.

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