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My partner says he doesn't have it

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Okay, so I went to urgent care last Wed because every time I used the bathroom I felt like I was on fire! I thought it was a UTI. They took a urine sample and then she said I should do a quick pelvic exam. She said immediately that she saw some sores. The exam was uncomfortable but wasn't PAINFUL. She tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea & tested for Herpes since she said that's what it looked like. I got a call late Friday afternoon telling me that I definitely tested positive for HSV2. I was devastated....still am!


I have two partners.....one that I've been seeing for a little over a year and the other for about nine months. Neither of them have any symptoms and have both had blood tests with negative results. The doctor put me on Valtrex for 10 days (still taking it). The burning urination went away in like 2 days. She also diagnosed me with Trichomoniasis at the same time. The 9-month partner says that his doctor is telling him that maybe the trich antibodies may have skewed my results.....is that possible? The burning urination started 2 days after I had sex with him. I called my OB/GYN to make an appointment for a follow-up, and the nurse asked me why in the world I wanted to come in if they already told me I had it. "If that's what they said, then that's what you have." She made me feel SOOOOO dirty. The 9-month partner has been trying to be supportive, but I think he's looking for something that's going to say that I don't have it. Is it even remotely possible that I don't have it? I plan to ask my OB/GYN to take a blood test anyway, but I'm just looking for some kind of hope here. I'm just really confused.

I'm a 33-year-old divorced mom of 2 who has NEVER had a problem getting dates so this is really affecting my self-esteem. I mean, will someone want me again? I haven't told the 1-year partner yet. I'm just not sure what to say.

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I assume they did a swab test and that is what came back positive. It is my understanding that while you can get a false negative with a swab, they are never a false positive, as they test for the virus itself as opposed to the blood test which tests for the antibodies to the virus. Unfortunately, if the swab said positive for herpes, you have herpes.

If your doctor or nurses there have a negative attitude towards your diagnosis and you are not comfortable, find a new doctor. I went to a walk-in urgent care clinic and the doctor/nurses there were extremely sensitive to my situation and made me feel as comfortable as was possible considering what I was there for.

Don't waste your time on a blood test until at least 3 months after your first symptoms, as it will likely come back as a false negative, because it takes up to 3 months for your body to build the antibodies that the test looks for.

Have you actually seen both partners' negative test results and confirmed that they indeed were tests for herpes? Because when you ask for a full STD screening, it DOES NOT include testing for herpes. This is a blood test that must specifically be requested or doctors don't do it because it is expensive. Perhaps they were never even tested for herpes, or they were never tested at all and are either in denial that they have it, or they know they have it and there is no need for testing. If these are the only two sex partners you have ever had, one of them has it and gave it to you. If you had other sex partners in the past, the virus could have been contracted a while ago and remained dormant, if in fact your two recent partners are truly negative.

Either way, you have it, you can't control that fact, that won't change. What you can change and control is how you let it affect your life. Change your attitude and you change your condition, particularly since herpes is directly affected by stress and the strength/weakness of our immune system. Get your mind and body in a good place and hopefuly you will control the herpes and it won't control you!

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Yes, it was a swab test and that's what I was afraid of....that the positive result means that's it.

They're not the only 2 partners that I've ever had, but they're the only ones that I have currently. The 1-yr partner said that he has all his test results and that they tested for everything, including herpes (blood test). The 9-month partner said that they tested for everything, but when I told them that they don't normally include Herpes he called back and asked them to do it since they already had his blood. He keeps trying to convince me that because I don't look like any of the pictures that we've seen on the internet and because he doesn't have any lesions, etc that my results just don't seem consistent w/ herpes. I think he's scared. Lord knows I am.

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Hello and welcome!:flowers:

Doctor and nurses make me so mad:madd: sometimes!

"H" is a very confusing virus, no two cases are a like. I knew something was wrong right after I was exposed. Went to the doctor he tested me for everything but HSV. He diagnosed me with a yest infection. After a month I knew something was still not right, went back and had the HSV blood test, 3 days later get the call saying "so sorry baby it was positive"

of course I had the same feeling you are having now, that has been 2 months, and now I hardly ever think about it. I promise it will be better!

I also want to tell you that I do not get blisters! (thank you Jesus!) just red, and a slight dis-charge... the pictures you see on the internet are scary!!

This is a wonderful site! there are lots of great people here!!

Come join us in live chat! you will meet alot of great folks!

Hang in there!!

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Some insight

I myself has had trichomaniasis. I was pregnant and "we" (the doctors and I) thought it was recurrent yeast infection. When u're pregnant u get alot more discharge-but assuming once I asked for my 4rth tube of cream, and went thru my yeast pills, they should of checked-because unfortunately unless there is cause to, then no one does a wet mount for the presence or determination of Trich. Turns out my sons father had it (I was abstinent 2 yrs. before I met him) The burning was more than not caused by Trich....I had a slight burn. Men are carriers of Trich (of course not allll of them) but 90% of men have no symptoms, and never get treated till the woman shows signs of an infection, also another thing that is severly WACK is/good as well, is that its too weak to show up anally or orally in the throat- I mean if that were the case then it would of been more severe symptoms and I wouldn't have had it the entire time I was pregnant. So my ? is who gwv u the Trich 2? Most docs however if the man walks in and says his girlfriend has it, they will give them (sorry forgot the pill name) automatically without checking. But I would get a dfinite 2nd opinion, I dont go by what everybody else said. I have been misdiagnosed TWICE now in my life. Thank God back then I had a ppo- s so I switched around docs alll the time. I was misdiagnosed w/ a bladder infection I was told I didnt have one and went to the er 1 month later I had 10+ bacteria on test so it was just building and from there could of spread to the kidney wich is worse, and no one found the Trich until a few months after birth I TOOK THOSE VAGINAL TEST ON THE MARKET $15.99. The ones rt next to the urine tests and yeast treatments, IT WORKS- if yeast u get a normal PH - if not yeast u get a acidic ph- when I sw the results I knew it....anywho I've done tons of research on this topic STI's STD's and had some lab schooling...it helped me, and I haven't been on in awhile but I use to comment heavily for pregnant women cause I know the dread, but all that aside- if they were harboring Trich then Or 1 of them they/he might not be aware of the herpes either, So I am sorry I don't buy they're lame crap excuses. Cause my sons father had trich never knew it, and if my immune system didn't drop because of pregnany and it makes Trich symptoms rather noticable- Red rash on vagina that burns like 1st degree burns then I could of still been walking around w/ Trich-and I got MRSA in my 9th month of pre and my son @ 7days old in his genital region after circumcision unfortunately, so I was a sick mother, but cool now so u will be 2!!!

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      If your eye was affected by HSV you'd be in intense pain and you'd be in the hospital on an antiviral drip.  It is likely a coincidence of timing, and something that you shouldn't overthink.  Definitely worth getting checked anyway since the eye is a sensitive area.
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      I been taking meds, but has not gotten better. I will crop a picture to show you in a few hours. I seeing the top doctor in Tokyo this month
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      I found this website today. You can now pre order Viblok but no potential delivery date is given. The company is in Florida and I called but got a recorded message. https://www.viblok.com/
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      Hey all. I had an STD check while pregnant with my now 3 yo and it was perfectly clean, hadn’t had another one until a few months ago   I was sexually assulted about 4 months ago. Because of that I asked for all STD testing. My first HSV 2 IGG score came back at 4.00, I requested another 2 weeks later and it’s now a 3.22 IGG. Should I take this as for sure positive or would it warrant a WB at all? Is it normal for numbers to go down like that?   Ive had NO symptoms whatsoever, at any time     Also, condoms, guys what are the best ones that feel as natural as possible?? Any ideas? 

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