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Throat herpes? (images included)

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So... yeah, I'm HSV-2 positive, am going through my first genital herpes outbreak right now (SO MUCH FUN. SO. MUCH. FUN!).

About two weeks ago, one little fellow popped up in my pubic hairs. Just one. About that same time, I was getting over a sore throat. And I had these weird bump looking things in the back of my throat. They never went away. They started popping up about the same time. \

And now another one of these little blisterbumps has popped up closer to the front of the mouth. It's all on the right side of my throat. Hurts to swallow a bit.

It is only on the right side. The little egg-looking blisterbump things are, in the mirror, a lot more shiny and red... and they form a complete cluster on the right side (hard to see in the pictures) of my throat. NOT on the right. The left side of my throat is.. perfectly fine.

It's Christmas (herpes, the gift that keeps on giving, I guess), and so doctor's office is closed 'til Monday. so...

I was wondering.. anyone who has herpes of the throat, does this look like herpes in the throat?

Not looking for a diagnosis, I already know I have HSV-2. Just wondering if these look herpes-like at all.. it's hard to find pictures of herpes of the throat.

...Can you have HSV-2 genitally and orally.. at the same time?



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I've had oral thrush for over a month now. :] I don't know if that has anything to do with anything.

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Hi Boxofsheep,

I have both OHSV2 and GHSV2. I do also get blisters inside my mouth, though mainly on the inside of my left cheek (once on the right side). I hardly ever get OB downstairs as I am on Valtrex, but I get them monthly on the inside of my cheeks.

Feel free to PM me if I can answer any additional questions for you.

It is also a good idea to remember that it is the season for strep throat, so you may have that. I would recommend you go and get the blisters cultured and you will know for sure.

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    • Sanguine108
      Viral infections, which preoccupy the host's defenses/immune system, typically make people vulnerable to opportunistic pathogens like bacterial, fungal and/or yeast.   You could say that your body is prioritizing the production of antibodies for GH.     I'm not going to dispute whether you have hsv or not but there is something you can do. There's an herbal wash that'd be very helpful called Yin Care.   Long story short, it's nearly for all vaginal issues.  Especially those related to yeast, bacterial, fungal, or viral infections. A fungal rash on your groin?   Does the rash follow a line down the inner thigh?   When you say fungal rash, what makes you say fungal?
    • VVK
      It's a lot of eyeballing the math because ultimately nobody has adequately studied oral-to-genital HSV-1 transmission rates. Only 30% of the population is susceptible (HSV-1 individuals don't count) and a smaller fraction of that group actually receives oral sex based on their demographics. It's not correct to use HSV-2 transmission rates from male-to-female or vice versa because the mechanics of the act of oral sex are different. There's no condom involved in oral sex (unless you count the minority that use dental dams). There's much more repeated exposure of a vulnerable skin surface (the vulva or penis glans) to a potentially infectious surface (lips and to a much lesser extent the insides of the mouth). I'd love to crunch more numbers but we're getting off-topic so maybe something to do in a different thread - I'll move our posts a bit later.
    • VVK
      More than 70% of people are HSV-1 positive and about 40% HSV-2 positive, many don't even know and live their lives without taking Valtrex. If you think about that - how many billions of people are affected by this virus - you will eventually understand that it's not the end of the world either way.
    • VVK
      Less sugary foods and drinks. More dairy if you can tolerate it and fish. Less tree nuts.
    • VVK
      While the skin surface is more or less healed, under there are nerves that heal a bit slower - that's likely what you're feeling with the itching/tickling. It's referred to as post-herpetic neuralgia. It happens often enough that I'd say it is normal. There are a few things to try to relieve it. The simplest one is to massage coconut oil into the general area. Other members may have other suggestions like oil of oregano (diluted) that have worked for them.
    • crookbristi
      Hi Everyone, looking for some thoughts.  I was visually diagnosed with a 'mild' case of herpes (is there such a thing as mild?) on 7/25. I am currently waiting on blood tests for a definitive diagnosis.  A month ago I had three little pimple like bumps on my labia that went away quickly so I didn't think of it. Now I have one lesion that's been there just over a week and almost healed.  I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary before these bumps appeared.  Maybe some excess discharge and itching but I attributed it all due to working out and the heat of the summer mixing with my body.  I'm wondering if anyone would mind sharing some of their other symptoms before an OB?  Obviously itching, burning on the genitals is an indicator but I'm wondering more specifically about back/leg aches.  I've been noticing more significant pain at almost the base of my spine (tail bone area I guess.  Right above my butt). Anyone else experience pain there?  It's not unbearable as I've experienced pain there for several years, especially right before I get my period.  I realize everyone's OB's are a little different, yet similar but any thoughts are appreciated! Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum! 
    • Lucy0528
      Perhaps dumb question but how should you watch your diet? I'm newly diagnosed so am gathering information on what to do/not to do.  Thanks! 
    • Lilibet
      Hi there, wondered if anyone had had any experience of this. im on day 16 of my first OB of ghsv1. I've had my aciclovir course, am taking 3000g lysine daily still. From what I can see all sores have healed (perhaps some residual internal) and it's starting to look normal but for the last two days I had had the most insane itching/tickling sensations (in the vagina and bottom)    has as anyone else had this? Is this 'normal'? I'm concerned it's the start of a new outbreak but I don't feel the last has properly gone!
    • Franticheart
      Has anyone that has been diagnosed with GH noticed an increase in fungal/yeast infections down below since getting the virus?  I am sure that I have it, even tho the blood tests say negative, and ever since I have had an almost constant fungal rash in my groin that keeps coming back.  I never had a single one before! Coincidence? I don't know.
    • nervouswreck
      I had no flu-like symptoms. I just used the Monistat 1 and began burning and blistering. Im hoping its a chemical burn. When I initially went to the doctor she did not mention herpes at all . she gave me the cream and the difilcuan and that was it, but I went back after 2 days and the other doctor gave me Valtrex . I don't even look at the pill bottle because I cant imagine taking this for the rest of my life. Ive been praying so hard. Ive been going on the website were I can view my test results to see if they are uploaded yet. I had NONE of this until I used that stupid Monistat 1. Im not having any scabbing no crusting over . It literally looks like the skin just burned off of me. Im so trying to keep it together. Please pray for me ! When I went back to the doctor for the second time, I told him that I had all of this from my initial visit and why didn't she test me then? He said "well because its doesn't necessarily look like and outbreak , its kinda like hmmm what is it" .. Im freaking out. Im not myself I cant think straight. It really is the end of the world for me if it comes back positive I know ppl say its not. But it truly is for me . Again the yeast infection was confirmed by the doctor , and my sheet also says acute vaginitis. she said I had a lot of yeast . PLEASE PRAY FOR ME . PLEASE THIS HAS BEEN THE HARDEST WEEK OF MY LIFE . PLEASE
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