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Throat herpes? (images included)

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So... yeah, I'm HSV-2 positive, am going through my first genital herpes outbreak right now (SO MUCH FUN. SO. MUCH. FUN!).

About two weeks ago, one little fellow popped up in my pubic hairs. Just one. About that same time, I was getting over a sore throat. And I had these weird bump looking things in the back of my throat. They never went away. They started popping up about the same time. \

And now another one of these little blisterbumps has popped up closer to the front of the mouth. It's all on the right side of my throat. Hurts to swallow a bit.

It is only on the right side. The little egg-looking blisterbump things are, in the mirror, a lot more shiny and red... and they form a complete cluster on the right side (hard to see in the pictures) of my throat. NOT on the right. The left side of my throat is.. perfectly fine.

It's Christmas (herpes, the gift that keeps on giving, I guess), and so doctor's office is closed 'til Monday. so...

I was wondering.. anyone who has herpes of the throat, does this look like herpes in the throat?

Not looking for a diagnosis, I already know I have HSV-2. Just wondering if these look herpes-like at all.. it's hard to find pictures of herpes of the throat.

...Can you have HSV-2 genitally and orally.. at the same time?



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I've had oral thrush for over a month now. :] I don't know if that has anything to do with anything.

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Hi Boxofsheep,

I have both OHSV2 and GHSV2. I do also get blisters inside my mouth, though mainly on the inside of my left cheek (once on the right side). I hardly ever get OB downstairs as I am on Valtrex, but I get them monthly on the inside of my cheeks.

Feel free to PM me if I can answer any additional questions for you.

It is also a good idea to remember that it is the season for strep throat, so you may have that. I would recommend you go and get the blisters cultured and you will know for sure.

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    • Free73
      It might be shingles? Did you have chicken pox as a child? The main areas for shingles is the stomach/waist and chest. IGM/IGG tests can often confuse between HSV and Shingles if a person has had exposure to herpes zoster (shingles)
    • Clearme
      Now we see the real you! Make your question more specific next time tuff guy online! It only takes one more article apparently! What are so mad about tuff guy you really didn't know something and now your embarrassed!
    • Terrell
      She hasn't been diagnosed but I took a picture and it looks like it she said happen while shaving but it looks like hsv2 I wish I could send you a pictorial 
    • SheIsBlue
      It's great to have you back, Clunk.  I am glad you are in a better place.  
    • Lisajd
      If you have sores you should get a swab test or get bloods in 12 weeks again. If its hsv you need to know if its hsv1 or 2.  This is important to understand.  The virus is about your inmune system so staying fit and healthy body and mind is key. The amount of obs also is individual and if its hsv1 they are less frequent anyway.   There are risks but again hsv1 genital is lower as is shedding which is what you were reading about.  No symptoms but active virus. Basically less obs equals less shedding equals less risk.  Meds and condoms reduce risk too. You can still date. First of all i suggest you get tested and find out for sure if its herpes.  A visual is not sufficient proof.   Did the girl give you oral?  Do you know her enough to ask if she has hsv
    • Lisajd
      You dont need to be a clean freak.  This will turn this into obsessive compulsive behavior.  You cannot catch it that way.  Skin to skin contact
    • Lotofquestions32
      Hello guys! Need some help on results interpretation! igm was type specific and positive for both types. igg was negative on both types. what do you think? Should i rely on igg only and not ign(been positive twice 3 years ago and now) and negative on igg the same time. thanks!
    • YammyTea
      @crookbristi I do the same thing. I try to sanitize the entire bathroom after every use. Sometimes he will make it in there before I can get back and it freaks me out. But, I was told you can't get it from a toilet seat.
    • Clunk
      It's too soon for the antibodies to show in a blood test. Did your doctor swab the sores? That's how I was diagnosed - my blood test was negative also (acute infection). You will experience very bad flu like symptoms with your first outbreak. Give it a week or two. It will pass. As for medication, my doctor prescribed me Valtrex which I used till the box was empty. I haven't had another outbreak since my first back in July last year. Physically, you should be fine - outbreak wise. The biggest problem you will encounter is the emotional impact. It's a hard pill to swallow, dude. Give it time. Confide in some close friends. It does help. 
    • Clunk
      Man I was really down when I posted this. My one year anniversary was July. It was a bad time for me.  I guess I can say I'm feeling a tad better about being H+. I left this site just after my previous post. To be honest, it helped me. IMO, you need to be in a positive head space when reading about herpes but sometimes even reading others stories/experiences makes you feel like shit!  Herpes sucks but there's nothing I can do about it. If I ever meet another girl I will still disclose my status and perhaps even ask her to get tested for HSV herself. I'm still angered HSV isn't screened in STD blood tests. I still say if it was and more people knew they were carriers, it would not be stigmatized as much as it is. I hope anyone reading this has come to terms and acceptance of herpes. It's shit and no one deserves the psychological pain it brings but it does make you see the world and things in general differently.  
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