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My Story: Make Cold Sore Go Away in 3 Days

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My Story:

I am so happy! My birthday was on Thursday and I am going to the bars on Friday, and so this was huge for me! I almost cancelled my birthday party because of the coldsores I got!

I have gotten coldsores since I was a kid. I get about 4-6 outbreaks a year. Although, I went almost a whole year without an outbreak from August 2007 to June 2008. I was not on any medicine at that time. I do not like repressive therapy, it is not good for the body, at least that is my opinion.

This happened this week (March 1st- March 4th 2010):

Gone in 3 days, here is the picture of sore on 3rd day:


Monday night-- while shaving, felt a little wierd tingling on my lip, didn't think too much of it, but I still popped a 400mg tablet of acyclovir (remember this drug works from the inside by inhibiting what is called viral DNA polymerase, so this acts to stop the cold sore virus (HSV-1) from the inside.

Tuesday-- Woke up at 800am. No signs of visible cold sore yet, and it didnt feel wierd, but then in class at 930 am it started tingling there and I knew I was prolly gunna get one. After my classes were done at 230pm in the afternoon I rushed home, knowing I was getting a cold sore. I immediately took 2 400mg tablets of Acyclovir (at 300pm). Then, I lathered some Abreva on there. So now, I was working on the sore from inside and out. Remember, Abreva is actually the trademark name for Docosanol, and it works by apparently (100% proof not shown, but good enough) prevents the fusion of the human host cell with the viral envelope of the herpes virus, thus preventing herepes from replicating in the cells. So, all day after that, every hour, I would go into a public bathroom and put the Abreva onto the area of the sore. At dinner (630pm) I took another 800mg of Acyclovir. DO NOT listen to what the package says! Make sure to put it on every hour, or if you feel tingling! So it didn't really get any bigger, but I did notice the little bubbling up. I also put it on the lip as a white blob, do not rub it in, before you go to bed, that way you have alot of it to soak into your dermis as you sleep. I also woke up at the halfway point in my sleep and put on more Abreva, since the original Abreva has all soaked in by this point.

Wed- Woke up at 900am. See that the little blisters are there, I don't pop them. I have had cold sores for years, this is very hard not to do! DO not pop them! I took 800mg of Acyclovir at the time I woke up. 400mg of Acyclovir at 12pm lunch. At 230pm I went to the pharmacy and picked up tablets of L-Lysine. I took 1000mg at once. Dinner I took 400mg of Acyclovir. and another 500mg of L-Lysine. By bedtime the sores had not gotten bigger or spread, and they were drying up! All through the day I applied Abreva every hour. I did the same thing at night for the white blob before you sleep. I woke up in the night to put on more again.

Thursday- Woke up at 800 am. Took 400mg of Acyclovir and 1000mg of L-Lysine. I took 400mg of Acyclovir with every meal. 500mg of Lysine at Lunch and dinner. Notice, not 800mg of Acyclovir anymore. Why? That is a large dose, and I do that initally to fight it hard, but then I just believe you need to do less. Again every hour apply Abreva. As I go to bed now, the sores are blended in, almost dried out. Its awesome.

You have to use all 3 therapies. and for me, I do not take Acyclovir regurally, because I do not want to build up resistance to the virus. I only take one pill every 2 to 3 days when I do not have outbreaks.

You have to fight the sore and be on it constantly, and you get good results. None of the herbal remedies. and the food thing? guess what?!! I drink grape juice and eat peanuts every day! They both have tons of arginine in them. I eat whatever, and just fight the sore when I have it!

Hope this helps! I had to post since I am sooo happy!

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Congrats! I wish I could get my hands on that "acyclovir" (Zovirax)

my parents say its too expensive

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    • Lisajd
      The reason that you need to wait to find out what type you have and have it confirmed it so that you can give the guy who gave it to you the facts about what time he is likely to have and that does make a difference.  The type of genital herpes is actually important because when you tell the person who gave it to you you need to be informed about which type is likely to have because there are differences.  If it is genital HSV 1 he most likely have oral herpes but iF it is  type w then he has it on his genitals as well.  And you need to be informed about what type it is so that Dino's which type is likely to have
    • boricacid
      The doctor did swab it.  I asked him if the swab would test for HSV1 or HSV2 and he told me "It didn't matter what type I had."  What a bedside manner.  I made an appointment to have a serological blood test at Planned Parenthood tomorrow to determine the type.   You recommend waiting until the swab comes back to tell him?  I'm not a doctor, sir, but my sore is classic herpes.  The start with small blisters, the progression to a lesion like ulcer...  hopefully the crusting starts soon.  I suppose it's selfish to want to jump the gun and tell him to relieve my own emotional burden. 
    • Lilibet
      @VVK - thanks so much - will pick some up  hopefully this phase ends soon 
    • VVK
      You're not part of the impossible. Transmitting genital HSV1 to another person's genitals is close to impossible. Transmitting oral HSV1 to a person's genitals is quite possible.
    • VVK
      Did the doctor do a swab test of the sore? You're in a messed up situation for several reasons, but perhaps wait on the "crushing another person" part until you know for sure. Almost 90% of people have one type of herpes or another (type 1 or type 2) and the majority of them don't even know they have it.. knowing, or more specifically thinking that you know, what it means to have herpes is often worse than the actual impact that it has on your daily life.  
    • VVK
      Most STD testing does not include herpes testing by default. They may think that they're "clean" but they probably haven't been tested. At this point you don't even know whether or not you have HSV. All possibilities are on the table while you deliberate over investigating further with testing.
    • SoManyEmotions
      Hi everyone, I've had sex with two women in the past year. The most recent was about 10 days before I started showing symptoms. Both of these women swear to me they have been tested and are clean. Is this possible? And if so, is it very rare? I know it is not healthy to be hung up on this fact, but I know both of these women and want to believe they are being honest with me, but also am skeptical. Could I have had this disease for years and not known? Also no partner in my history has ever said they had any problems or questioned if I was clean after we were together.
    • Sanguine108
      Viral infections, which preoccupy the host's defenses/immune system, typically make people vulnerable to opportunistic pathogens like bacterial, fungal and/or yeast.   You could say that your body is prioritizing the production of antibodies for GH.     I'm not going to dispute whether you have hsv or not but there is something you can do. There's an herbal wash that'd be very helpful called Yin Care.   Long story short, it's nearly for all vaginal issues.  Especially those related to yeast, bacterial, fungal, or viral infections. A fungal rash on your groin?   Does the rash follow a line down the inner thigh?   When you say fungal rash, what makes you say fungal?
    • VVK
      It's a lot of eyeballing the math because ultimately nobody has adequately studied oral-to-genital HSV-1 transmission rates. Only 30% of the population is susceptible (HSV-1 individuals don't count) and a smaller fraction of that group actually receives oral sex based on their demographics. It's not correct to use HSV-2 transmission rates from male-to-female or vice versa because the mechanics of the act of oral sex are different. There's no condom involved in oral sex (unless you count the minority that use dental dams). There's much more repeated exposure of a vulnerable skin surface (the vulva or penis glans) to a potentially infectious surface (lips and to a much lesser extent the insides of the mouth). I'd love to crunch more numbers but we're getting off-topic so maybe something to do in a different thread - I'll move our posts a bit later. Edit: I have now moved the relevant posts into this thread for further discussion. Currently I don't have enough time to crunch some numbers on my own but I plan to contribute later today or tomorrow.
    • VVK
      More than 70% of people are HSV-1 positive and about 40% HSV-2 positive, many don't even know and live their lives without taking Valtrex. If you think about that - how many billions of people are affected by this virus - you will eventually understand that it's not the end of the world either way.
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