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My Story: Make Cold Sore Go Away in 3 Days

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My Story:

I am so happy! My birthday was on Thursday and I am going to the bars on Friday, and so this was huge for me! I almost cancelled my birthday party because of the coldsores I got!

I have gotten coldsores since I was a kid. I get about 4-6 outbreaks a year. Although, I went almost a whole year without an outbreak from August 2007 to June 2008. I was not on any medicine at that time. I do not like repressive therapy, it is not good for the body, at least that is my opinion.

This happened this week (March 1st- March 4th 2010):

Gone in 3 days, here is the picture of sore on 3rd day:


Monday night-- while shaving, felt a little wierd tingling on my lip, didn't think too much of it, but I still popped a 400mg tablet of acyclovir (remember this drug works from the inside by inhibiting what is called viral DNA polymerase, so this acts to stop the cold sore virus (HSV-1) from the inside.

Tuesday-- Woke up at 800am. No signs of visible cold sore yet, and it didnt feel wierd, but then in class at 930 am it started tingling there and I knew I was prolly gunna get one. After my classes were done at 230pm in the afternoon I rushed home, knowing I was getting a cold sore. I immediately took 2 400mg tablets of Acyclovir (at 300pm). Then, I lathered some Abreva on there. So now, I was working on the sore from inside and out. Remember, Abreva is actually the trademark name for Docosanol, and it works by apparently (100% proof not shown, but good enough) prevents the fusion of the human host cell with the viral envelope of the herpes virus, thus preventing herepes from replicating in the cells. So, all day after that, every hour, I would go into a public bathroom and put the Abreva onto the area of the sore. At dinner (630pm) I took another 800mg of Acyclovir. DO NOT listen to what the package says! Make sure to put it on every hour, or if you feel tingling! So it didn't really get any bigger, but I did notice the little bubbling up. I also put it on the lip as a white blob, do not rub it in, before you go to bed, that way you have alot of it to soak into your dermis as you sleep. I also woke up at the halfway point in my sleep and put on more Abreva, since the original Abreva has all soaked in by this point.

Wed- Woke up at 900am. See that the little blisters are there, I don't pop them. I have had cold sores for years, this is very hard not to do! DO not pop them! I took 800mg of Acyclovir at the time I woke up. 400mg of Acyclovir at 12pm lunch. At 230pm I went to the pharmacy and picked up tablets of L-Lysine. I took 1000mg at once. Dinner I took 400mg of Acyclovir. and another 500mg of L-Lysine. By bedtime the sores had not gotten bigger or spread, and they were drying up! All through the day I applied Abreva every hour. I did the same thing at night for the white blob before you sleep. I woke up in the night to put on more again.

Thursday- Woke up at 800 am. Took 400mg of Acyclovir and 1000mg of L-Lysine. I took 400mg of Acyclovir with every meal. 500mg of Lysine at Lunch and dinner. Notice, not 800mg of Acyclovir anymore. Why? That is a large dose, and I do that initally to fight it hard, but then I just believe you need to do less. Again every hour apply Abreva. As I go to bed now, the sores are blended in, almost dried out. Its awesome.

You have to use all 3 therapies. and for me, I do not take Acyclovir regurally, because I do not want to build up resistance to the virus. I only take one pill every 2 to 3 days when I do not have outbreaks.

You have to fight the sore and be on it constantly, and you get good results. None of the herbal remedies. and the food thing? guess what?!! I drink grape juice and eat peanuts every day! They both have tons of arginine in them. I eat whatever, and just fight the sore when I have it!

Hope this helps! I had to post since I am sooo happy!

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Congrats! I wish I could get my hands on that "acyclovir" (Zovirax)

my parents say its too expensive

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    • Lisajd
      So you are worried about disclosing and the whole town find out about your herpes but what about the fact that you are seeing a married man and what that might look like if that gets out regardless of his relationship is open.   No judgement here but why would you actually be involved in someone like that
    • Free73
      More life advice from me. Cease all contact with this guy and get on with your life. You don't need to tell him anything. He is self esteem comes from fucking as many women as he can while being in a sham marriage. This is why I always say that herpes is an opportunity for self growth, if you allow it to be. Never ever accept crumbs from anyone, because when you do, you are basically devaluing yourself and yo are opening yourself up to messy and hurtful situations. I have been there and done it all........swinging, open situations etc. It's all a load of dogsh*t. You can have a thrilling sex life without getting involved with douchebags who are attached.    
    • evonna
      Received a HSV 1 diagnoses of 46.60 and 0.91 for HSV 2. The test was HSV 1 and 2- Specific AB, IGG. I wanted to know if it's possible for this test to be wrong. Also, if the test isn't wrong. Why is the HSV 1 so high. Does this mean I'm going to get an outbreak soon? I've never had an outbreak before.  Any response will be greatly appreciated. I"m really freaking out.  Thanks.
    • WilsoInAus
      OK male view, maybe with some life experience to help out. First, if only he has told you that the marriage is open, then I would assume it isn't. It is quite typical for the woman to tell you as the female that her husband is in an open marriage and is interested. Just the way a true open relationship often plays. Second, as this guy is a 'player' he does so at his own risk and I dare say he knows all the risks. If he hasn't asked for mutual STD testing and asked questions then he has accepted all risks and I would suggest knowingly so. So I will give you the following advice for free. It is absolutely in your best interests. You are on the wrong path. Cease all contact with this man immediately, no need to disclose or have any form of communication additional to telling him to vanish from your life. Might seem hard, but I promise you, it is the best thing you can do and I think you realise this.
    • Free73
      Be careful man It's a hell of a risk to take just for herpes
    • Malcolm
      After I've reproduced some of the existing ZFN/meganucleases/CRISPR experiments in vitro (cancerous human nerve cells) and in mice, and confident (enough) in it's safety, yeah I will be looking to administer it to myself. All the necessary equipment and resources are accessible to me and I'm spending every spare waking hour on this. If all goes to plan I'll be sharing my results, and how to reproduce them. I thought I was crazy until I recently learned some other member's are doing the same.
    • hopeful Rylee
    • hopeful Rylee
      Well I haven't dealt with all you ate going thru but I have same fears. I live in a small everybody knows everybody town so I'm afraid to date   due to having the talk. I can handle "rejection" if I'm given that but um afraid of my business being told..  So you want to do right but its like damned if you do, damed if you don't.  Maybe you didn't pass it on. Are you on daily meds? How long have you had it? Hell as prevelant as this has become, him or his wife may have it already. Did you all use protection?
    • Stronginsepa
      Now we are all on the same page keep positive we only live once
    • hopeful Rylee
      Your giving yourself the CRISPR treatment???
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