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The importance of Arginine in the body??

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Since HSV feeds off of Arginine, it must have some relevance in the body right? All i keep hearing is how people want to get low levels of the Arginine amino acid in their body in order to "starve" the HSV virus but by doing that are we causing any adverse effects on the long run for our health?

Some interesting quotes below. Gah! Figures the pesky little virus would choose an important piece of the body to feed off of

The benefits of l arginine are being studied on an ongoing basis and the results show that the benefits of l arginine include enhancing the function of the immune system, helping to detoxify the liver, and helping with fertility in men. L arginine also plays a vital role in the release of both insulin and growth hormones in the body.

Arginine, or L-arginine, is an amino acid that is needed to keep the keep the liver, skin, joints, and muscles healthy. Arginine helps strengthen the body’s immune system, regulates hormones and blood sugar, and promotes male fertility. In addition, research has shown that this amino acid may improve circulation and treat impotence and heart disease.

Arginine is involved in a variety of hormonal processes in the body. It stimulates the pancreas to release insulin, is used to make the pituitary hormone vasopressin, and regulates the production of growth hormone.

The body needs arginine to produce nitric oxide, a chemical that causes blood vessel relaxation (vasodilation).

L-arginine stimulates the production of growth hormones, so it is necessary for small children to grow into adults. It is also especially useful in the healing process from trauma, sepsis, and burns.

Some studies indicate that L-arginine shows some promise in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, by reducing blood pressure and lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Another of the benefits of L-arginine is how it also is believed to help in impotence and fertility problems in men. The studies are still ongoing on L-arginine, but it shows great promise in these areas.

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I'm assuming that, because arginine is non-essential and can be made within the body, you only need to have a small amount in your diet. Therefore having a diet low in arginine shouldn't cause problems if you're otherwise healthy.

I'm not a doctor or anything, that's just my view on it :)

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Yeah I'm worried about this arginine link too....

Arginine is a great NO (nitric oxide) booster and used by guy at the gym for this as well as the other positive benefits as mentioned above...

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    • Lucy0528
      Perhaps dumb question but how should you watch your diet? I'm newly diagnosed so am gathering information on what to do/not to do.  Thanks! 
    • Lilibet
      Hi there, wondered if anyone had had any experience of this. im on day 16 of my first OB of ghsv1. I've had my aciclovir course, am taking 3000g lysine daily still. From what I can see all sores have healed (perhaps some residual internal) and it's starting to look normal but for the last two days I had had the most insane itching/tickling sensations (in the vagina and bottom)    has as anyone else had this? Is this 'normal'? I'm concerned it's the start of a new outbreak but I don't feel the last has properly gone!
    • Franticheart
      Has anyone that has been diagnosed with GH noticed an increase in fungal/yeast infections down below since getting the virus?  I am sure that I have it, even tho the blood tests say negative, and ever since I have had an almost constant fungal rash in my groin that keeps coming back.  I never had a single one before! Coincidence? I don't know.
    • nervouswreck
      I had no flu-like symptoms. I just used the Monistat 1 and began burning and blistering. Im hoping its a chemical burn. When I initially went to the doctor she did not mention herpes at all . she gave me the cream and the difilcuan and that was it, but I went back after 2 days and the other doctor gave me Valtrex . I don't even look at the pill bottle because I cant imagine taking this for the rest of my life. Ive been praying so hard. Ive been going on the website were I can view my test results to see if they are uploaded yet. I had NONE of this until I used that stupid Monistat 1. Im not having any scabbing no crusting over . It literally looks like the skin just burned off of me. Im so trying to keep it together. Please pray for me ! When I went back to the doctor for the second time, I told him that I had all of this from my initial visit and why didn't she test me then? He said "well because its doesn't necessarily look like and outbreak , its kinda like hmmm what is it" .. Im freaking out. Im not myself I cant think straight. It really is the end of the world for me if it comes back positive I know ppl say its not. But it truly is for me . Again the yeast infection was confirmed by the doctor , and my sheet also says acute vaginitis. she said I had a lot of yeast . PLEASE PRAY FOR ME . PLEASE THIS HAS BEEN THE HARDEST WEEK OF MY LIFE . PLEASE
    • crookbristi
      Thanks for the reply. I went this morning for a blood test.  I sat in the car for a bit thinking maybe I could just wait until I had another OB (if I do at all) or maybe I didn't need the confirmation of the blood test.  But I actually kept thinking about what you said; I shouldn't assume I have HSV right now and the only way to know is with the test. It took me about 15 minutes to get the courage to go in but I did. I should have my results in a day or two. And you're right about not thinking so hard about judgement. I made some unwise choices and now have to deal with the consequences of them.  I was playing the 'poor me' card and looking for some sympathy but really I just need to move on with it all so I don't let it consume me.  The more I've read about HSV, the more "ok" I feel about it. If I change some health habits, I think I can manage it very well.  I've avoided looking at some of the more negative things out there on the internet about this disease. I've preemptively ordered some things that people on here have highly recommended to help manage outbreaks, etc.    One foot in front of the other, right?  
    • MistressRaina
      So,  the results came back as hsv2 ‹5. Figures...,
    • mol
      Yeh the Dr said it looked like hsv1 & took a swab the results came back as type1. Yeh i know she said that also but is possible to contract thru sex. Just wondered about the bloods thanks. Its all bit confusing
    • Mode
      We had sex today (we tried).. I feel nervous of what might happen on the following days. 
    • Sarahbby28
      I've only seen transmission rates for 2
    • Lisajd
      Someone else that question of Terry Warren about lysine vs arginine and she said that there is no hard evidence to suggest that arginine does cause outbreaks but did say that certain foods and drinks do trigger outbreak 4 people and that really it is trial and error.  If you eat a packet of Tim Tams and you have an outbreak then you better cut back on your Tim Tams is what she basically says
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