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Gods punishment or our own??

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I hear a lot of peoples comments on here about Gods invovlement in contracting herepes. I personally dont believe God had anything to do with allowing us to be infected or causing it as punishment.

Billy Graham preached for years that a Christian should never marry an unbeliever. I did marry an unbeiliver and he intentionally infected me knowing full well what he had. I cant blame God as I was not following Gods instructions for my life so unfortunity there are consequences. Even though I was not sexually active with various partners or putting myself at risk, I was not following Gods way. My way didnt work out so well nor did it work out well for others here. The enemy is always at work. Something to think about...

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I did marry the man God wanted me to have. We have had a great marriage for 28 years and I just contracted GHSV 1 six weeks ago. We had no idea that my husband also has it, as he has never that he can ever remember broke out in a cold sore or anything on his mouth. I also didn't know before this, that cold sores were herpes. My father in law gets them. Maybe my husband got it from his dad when he was little. We don't know, but his showed up as an old infection. My case is not from messing around with the wrong person, he is my husband!! A faithful husband and I too have been faithful. I know that everything that comes into my life is Father Filtered. This could not have happened to me unless God allowed it. I do struggle with that. I have thought about Joseph in these past weeks. He was doing the right thing and he was accused of rape and thrown into jail. I was doing the right thing and contracted herpes and my Dr. accused me of having an affair and when I convinced him that I had not, he started accusing my husband and told me to confront him. Joseph had to be around people that were just the opposite of him in jail. I have had to read through some filth, just trying to find answers on herpes. It makes it hard for me to understand.

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I feel your pain :( I have a similar situation. I never knew that I had this until 6 months ago with my first ever genital hsv-1 outbreak. I've been with my husband for 21 yrs and we've been married for 14 yrs and he never has had a coldsore that he remembers. I never recalled having any either so our tests said old infection as well but mine said with cross-reactivity still don't know what that really means. My doctor lead me to believe that my husband could have cheated but he swore that he hasn't and I believed him. I never cheated either so this is very aggravating. It unfortunately can lay dormant for a long time. I still keep saying I wish I could go back into time before the outbreak happened. I don't know why it came into our lives.

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My doctor insisted that one of us had cheated too, but we have a great marriage and always have. I know the Dr. doesn't know me, but that hurt more on top of finding all this out. He doesn't believe it can lay dormant and said one of us had to have been with someone else in the past 3 weeks. My husband went in to the next office visit with me and the Dr. didn't say a word about that. I wished I would have had him with me on the first visit.

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Is it fate or faith?

I have to respect the Dr. opinion when it comes to my diagnoses but to the hell with his personal opinion on my relationship and one of us could've cheated when the virus lay in a domain state for a long period of time is one that I believe, because i had this virus for 6yrs was just told in january 2010. I never had a symtoms nor OB's or cod sores but I have HSV-1 and HSV-2 for 6yrs. with paper work in my folder, and never knew.


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I don't believe God gives us herpes. I believe that God gave us free choice and with that free choice we can make the wrong decisions that can have an adverse effect. It states in John 4:8 that God is love. If that is true why would God do this? God is our father. What good father would give their child a punishment such as herpes? I believe if we would have followed God's rules and plans for us, most of us probably would be at a much lower risk of ever having contracted the herpes virus.

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I don't think God had anything to do with it.

I'm not pointing any fingers and I do not look at myself as a victim, this year my gyn told me I tested positive for hpv high risk, that last year I did not have this. Married and KNOWING I did nothing, those results told *me* that my husband did, though he sincerely denied it.

A few months later I tested ohsv1+ (4.89), 2- and because my daughter has that, I'm assuming I got it from kissing her while she was shedding though I've never seen a cs on her. She got it from her husband who's had coldsores and I'm sure I passed this on to my husband, but because there was alot of kissing, lovemaking and oral and neither of us have ever had any sores up here or down there, I'm not sure. We're now divorced and because he lives in denial he says he swab tested negative [when you can't swab test when there's no sore]. Then, for the first time a couple weeks ago one started to form on my lower lip and I got rid of it quickly.

Not ever do I bring God into it OP because I have my answers to where these things came from and how I got them and, I don't play victim. What I do is be thankful to God that it's not worse, because for every thing that happens to us, it could always be worse.

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      You could try getting Genferon suppositories that you buy from Russia. They are used boost interleukins and someone I know was using them and it was helping a lot with her neuritis. She gets it from genital HSV1 and doesn't get outbreaks, just the tingling, itching, nerve pain. She is planning on also using the Herpavac vaccine next from Russia. Ever since she got the chickenpox vaccine she hasn't had any outbreaks, just this neuritis/neuralgia.   For me, I've been taking LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) which modulates my immune system and has greatly reduced my daily symptoms. During the day I get practically no symptoms for last 2 weeks, but in the evenings I get some mild irritation. LDN is a prescription which I get from a naturopath. It is much safer than the antivirals and can have many benefits. I am now taking 2mg a day. I started at 0.5mg. I will keep increasing it slowly until hopefully all my symptoms disappear. Some have said this has happened for them who have hsv1 and it also benefits hsv2, like me. Check out this website to learn more. ldnresearchtrust.org
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      Hey bud, check out the herpes cure web site on Reddit. I’d be interested in connecting with you. I am u/bldyhell send me a message will you? https://www.reddit.com/r/HerpesCureResearch/
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      if anything it’s very atypical.       
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