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Outbreak on back of thigh only and "yeast infection?"

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Hi everyone... Ok so here is my situation. I was married for a number of years and at the end of our relationship a year ago found out my ex had been involved in an affair. At the time we both had std testing but not for herpes. Neither of us had any symptoms of herpes outbreaks etc and both came back negative for any std's.

I met someone May 1st this year and became involved sexually pretty soon. We did not use a condom, however used a spermicide which I had never previously tried. Within a few day's/week noticed acute burning in the vaginal area which I attributed to an allergic reaction to the spermicide. Went to the dr and had a pap and discussed symptoms. With the discontinuation of the spermicide symptoms seemed to get better. About two weeks later developed what I thought were pimples on the back of my upper thigh about two inches below my buttock. This did not clear up right away and developed into a coin size patch of tiny blisters. No blisters or sores or anything else in any other regions etc. Was sexually active with the boyfriend not thinking anything about this and then a few days later developed a yeast infection. Note.. i have had yeast infections prev but only after antibiotics. Went to the doc for yeast infection treament and showed him rash which he said could be herpes or shingles. Went home and decided after researching that it is possible to have herpes and not break on your genitals etc so need to be sure.. went back in and had a blood test done last thurs. Hopefully results back on monday. I have been just beside myself trying to figure this out. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? Also is it likely that the new boyfriend has infected me with this if this is the case... Scared, confused and if this is the case new boyfriend is definately asymptomatic. Also is very health concious to the extreme and has no visible symptoms etc... . I am just devistated by this and have no idea how to feel. I have had no outbreaks on the vaginal area's at all just this patch of pimples -turned into blisters on my thigh... Please help with any advice etc... so sorry this is so long.

UPDATE- got the results back yesterday and blood test came back positive for type 1 and 2. Have been completely devistated by this... and to top it off Dr said looks like I have a bacterial infection also and I have been having alot of cramping and pain that feels like it is cervical or in the uterus... not sure at this point.. may be an outbreak internally although no evidence of this during exam etc.. Has anyone experienced this ... cramping pain similar to menstral pain on the severe side? Scared and in pain... uuuugh

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    • Penumbra
      Nothing in what you say contradict the official shedding rate of HSV1 genital, nor what Doctor Terri Waren mentionned about HSV1 Genital to genital transmission. Reply with your smartass comments all you want, I'll take the word of a knowm herpes expert over yours any day.  I care so much about you, that I'm actually not going to reply to your next smartass reply. For anyone reading this thread, try looking at the bright side of a situation. Of course it will make things a bit more complicated and can be frustrating/painful at times, but things should get better with time. - Shedding rate of HSV1 genitally is much lower than HSV2 genitally. - According to Terri Waren, genital to genital transmission of HSV1 is much rarer than HSV2. Don't give up, you can overcome this.  Never let this virus define who you are.  
    • Free73
      @wb1242 I also wanted to ask, are you taking both Whey and casein protein or just the casein? You don't need both and I recommend you drop the casein for a while and just take Optimum Nutrition's whey protein gold standard after your workout and see if that makes a difference with the outbreaks. I have read that casein can have a detrimental immune response in some people (but evidence is not strong). Again, do some more research on that, but you definitely don't need both and it will just burn a whole in your pocket as well. I have never used anything more than whey protein and I have managed to build a good amount of muscle naturally. Have a close look at your whole supplement regime. There isn't really any supplement that you are taking (except for the protein powder and zinc) that you can't sufficiently get from fresh food in your diet.
    • dont quit!
      @OhFuckMyDickHurts Do you live in the States? Also are you planning on getting Halfords vaccine next year if available?  Another suggestion would be to straight go with Crispr Cullen method if found effective. All we would need to do is wait until they are proven effective with HSV-1 and if they are produce them and trial them out of the country. Unless that is too long of a wait but that would be somewhat of a for sure thing if proven safe and effective here in the States. But you seem to know a lot more in regards to the actual science. Also I'm sure you can find someone in the DR that can access the DRG. Just like I'm sure you can find someone to them in Mexico which is also another option. Money goes a long way there as well. Hell I'm in the nursing field and I'm starting to contemplate going to school for Nurse anesthesis in order to get these skills done. 
    • Lisajd
      It could be the changes in your hormones because a lot of women do get breaks through their menstrual cycle.  I agree with free in terms of the virus being random in nature and the different things that cause people to have symptoms.  I have read a lot of the struggles of people with symptoms I am 49 years old.  Icycle about 350 kilometres a week and I go to the gym and do weights 5 days a week I'll be at I don't lift super heavy because I have back issues and other issues due to broken bones.  I eat whatever I like I don't eat that healthy but I don't eat a lot of junk food and I have not suffered symptoms really at all.   Perhaps you might need to go on suppressive medication until everything settles down a bit but I think it is a matter of cutting back out some things and just seeing if you can identify the triggers. Sometimes we take supplements and what not to improve our help but they may not always work and simply going back to basics maybe is all it takes largest eating well and resting enough and not over doing it in terms of your exercise.  
    • Free73
      @wb1242  100 sets per week is a lot of sets for a beginner. Granted you are not training that heavy if you are doing 10 reps per set, so you are doing more volume and less weight. I am doing around 70-75 total sets, but my working sets are 4-7 reps so i'm working substantially heavier. See if you can drop your total sets a bit. If you are not on steroids, the body can't handle that sort of volume as we get older. Are you doing full body workouts on those four days or are you splitting your bodyparts up? The one thing I've noticed over my years of lifting is that as i'm getting older, my recovery time is getting longer and my body can't handle high volume as well as it could when I was younger. Throw the herpes virus on top of that and it really sets us up for overtraining and compromising our immune system and allowing the virus to be active. For me, I just think the stresses of life, work etc as we get older (mid life crisis lol) all play a part in activating the virus after a long period of being dormant. I also think we need more rest and recovery time for our bodies in general, but my sleep is quite disjointed. There is also the issue of our hormonal changes etc. As soon as I hit 40, I suddenly felt a change in my body and that is enough to give the virus a wake up call. I am trying to isolate what has triggered the activation of the virus over the last 12 months, but I think it's just the random nature of this virus that we have to put up with. It really does seem to pop up sometimes for no good reason.  
    • Maybe1day
      @OhFuckMyDickHurts I got this from the article. If I understand correctly, they did not use AAV to deliver crispr, which is currently the preferred and most efficient method. Am I correct? We have performed our studies using lentiviral delivery vectors; such vectors have been used as delivery vehicle in 114 clinical trials ( and have proven efficient at correcting genetic defects in humans [78]. Other viral delivery systems may rely on non-integrating adenoviruses or recombinant adenovirus-associated virus (rAAV) as vectors. These non-integrating viruses have been found to effectively deliver a wide-range of genetic factors into human cells and the first rAAV vector has recently been approved for the treatment of lipoprotein lipase (LPL) deficiency in Europe [79, 80]. Especially the neurotropic nature of rAAV vectors [81] make these viruses attractive vehicles to introduce anti-HSV-1, HSV-2 and VZV gRNAs into infected neuronal cells. Furthermore, alternative delivery methods, such as the direct delivery of proteins to cells [82, 83], may remove the risk of insertional mutagenesis.
    • BoatyMcBoatface
      I'm going through pretty much the same thing right now, I wrote another post about it. I told him about my first breakout a week ago and he told me last Wednesday he would go get tested, but that's all the info I have for now. The wait is killing me. We were out of touch for 5 months, courtesy of him ghosting me. This is an answer I have been curious about for 5 months. If someone told me I might have an STD I would not hesitate to get a test.    
    • Lisajd
      It could be your hormones.  Maybe you are overdosing on vitamins.  Hows your diet and stress. exercise?
    • Lisajd
      I agree with the above. I disclose relatively early on as i dont want to invest time and emotions if they say no.  After a few dates you know if you like someone enough to keep pursuing.  Plus are you on same page.  Does he want a relationship or casual?   Keeping it simple and yes you do need to act like its no big deal.  But remember its very common and if they are educated a wont freak them out.  What do u have to lose.
    • OhFuckMyDickHurts
      CRISPR can reach it in AAV but it is poor at cleaving it until HSV reactivates. See The idea with CRISPR is that it will be in the cell and once HSV reactivates it will be cleaved and (if done in the right location) inhibit protein expression. Now if you also cleave it and it mutates the cell will presumably clear the virus or disable some protein mechanism. For instance, while the kinetics are different, in Halford's mutant ICP0 delta NLS vaccine without ICP0 entering the nucleus it was in fact cleared from the DRG in guinea pigs. If the virus is cleaved during replication in the right place the cell may also turn back on its antiviral mechanisms.  Otherwise Cas9 can be hanging out in healthy cells and if HSV ever shows up it will silent it and presumably the cell will clear it.   
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