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Outbreak on back of thigh only and "yeast infection?"

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Hi everyone... Ok so here is my situation. I was married for a number of years and at the end of our relationship a year ago found out my ex had been involved in an affair. At the time we both had std testing but not for herpes. Neither of us had any symptoms of herpes outbreaks etc and both came back negative for any std's.

I met someone May 1st this year and became involved sexually pretty soon. We did not use a condom, however used a spermicide which I had never previously tried. Within a few day's/week noticed acute burning in the vaginal area which I attributed to an allergic reaction to the spermicide. Went to the dr and had a pap and discussed symptoms. With the discontinuation of the spermicide symptoms seemed to get better. About two weeks later developed what I thought were pimples on the back of my upper thigh about two inches below my buttock. This did not clear up right away and developed into a coin size patch of tiny blisters. No blisters or sores or anything else in any other regions etc. Was sexually active with the boyfriend not thinking anything about this and then a few days later developed a yeast infection. Note.. i have had yeast infections prev but only after antibiotics. Went to the doc for yeast infection treament and showed him rash which he said could be herpes or shingles. Went home and decided after researching that it is possible to have herpes and not break on your genitals etc so need to be sure.. went back in and had a blood test done last thurs. Hopefully results back on monday. I have been just beside myself trying to figure this out. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? Also is it likely that the new boyfriend has infected me with this if this is the case... Scared, confused and if this is the case new boyfriend is definately asymptomatic. Also is very health concious to the extreme and has no visible symptoms etc... . I am just devistated by this and have no idea how to feel. I have had no outbreaks on the vaginal area's at all just this patch of pimples -turned into blisters on my thigh... Please help with any advice etc... so sorry this is so long.

UPDATE- got the results back yesterday and blood test came back positive for type 1 and 2. Have been completely devistated by this... and to top it off Dr said looks like I have a bacterial infection also and I have been having alot of cramping and pain that feels like it is cervical or in the uterus... not sure at this point.. may be an outbreak internally although no evidence of this during exam etc.. Has anyone experienced this ... cramping pain similar to menstral pain on the severe side? Scared and in pain... uuuugh

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    • cvh0007123
      Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and really am glad that I found it. I recently contracted HSV 1 & 2 from a guy I've been on and off with since January. I remember specifically on the Fourth of July we had sex. The next day I felt very sore down there and just figured it was because I hadn't slept with anyone for a while (about a month, with him) a few days later I developed blisters and very swollen lymph nodes.  I went through a pretty bad depression phase and still continue to til this day from time to time. Worst part is I haven't told my partner and figured now that I've contracted it this is all that I deserve so I've continued to sleep with this man after but haven't told him he gave me the STD. I hesitated because I would get regular pimples from time to time down there and thought that was the same thing - after getting my second outbreak, I've come to conclusion that it's anything but. The guy is very manipulative, and I thought he didn't know but now that I am aware of his ways I'm sure he did. He claims to possibly want a relationship but carelessly sleeps with multiple women or attempts to. I wrote it off originally because he plays the nice guy roll (and in fact has some great qualities) but sometimes blows up when something doesn't go his way, lost his father very young, has 2 DWI's, and recently claims he doesn't trust women (probably from contracting this?). How could I sit him down to tell him I contracted it from him three months ago? What if he denies it? I'm so nervous. Thanks in advance for you help guys!
    • Lisajd
      That's good.  So long as he knows and understands the risks.  Just be sure he is fully across it as you don't want him blaming you if he gets it and regrets it
    • Lisajd
      You cannot pass hv2 thru you giving him oral.  Tell him there is zero risk.  Tell him transmission is via skin to skin contact at the genital area.  The virus is specific to it's preferred location.  Hsv2 is genital.  Tell him he would get genital hsv1 if you had the cold sores type which you do not.  Google it.  You will find info about it.  Now if he gave you oral there is a slight risk. has he been tested for hsv or ever had cold sores?
    • Blondii
      Hi, so I was just diagnosed 3 days ago. I went to the gyno for an annual Pap smear and I thought I had a yeast infection so I asked her to check that out too. Back story: I had sex with this guy and it got intense and the next day (day before my gyno apt) I noticed I had labial tears down there from what I thought was just the rough sex and maybe an oncoming yeast infection. Well my gyno diagnosed me with Bacterial Vaginosis. I got meds and went on with my life. Well the symptoms got worse, I was feelin terrible all over, just sick and weak. Then I noticed the tears were getting worse. Then I noticed sores and I was worried. I was suddenly unable to pee or have a bowel movement. I knew I had to go back to the doctor where they officially diagnosed me with hsv. I have NEVER been in so much pain. They told me this was a primary ob and I was exposed within the last three weeks so it would be the worst. I have about 15 sores and multiple tears . They put me on vaultrex and I'm finally able to pee not in the tub and feel like a normal person (with energy and an appetite) today. Anyways, I am really sad about this but I have done so much research and I know most statistics so I am trying to feel better but it's hard to grasp. Im still in college and i just don't know where to go from here or how to tell guys and such... I tried telling the guy I had sex with but he will no longer respond to me and doesn't seem to care about his sexual health because I told him I was exposed to herpes and I'm pretty postive it came from him. Any support, advice and/or encouragement would be soooo greatly appreciated. <3
    • brwnsuggalove
      I am HSV2 (genital herpes) positive and I recently perform oral sex on a guy I am seeing, we are not having sexual intercourse. i am currently on antivirals daily.  he is aware that i have hsv2 but is concern if i could pass hsv2 to him from performing oral sex on him. I keep trying to reassure him that i can not pass it to him because i do not have hsv2 of the mouth nor hsv1(oral herpes) can anyone tell me how likely, if likely he will get hsv2 from me performing oral sex on him??
    • Srsly.Ovr.It
      I feel like I'm going a little crazy and I have no one to talk to so this might be a little long. My apologies in advance... So, I went to the urgent care on Oct 4th because I had a deep vaginal tear and two tiny blisters, one on each side. The Doc swabbed them and sent me for blood and urine tests. About 4 hours later the blister the Dr had popped erupted into an agonizingly painful colony of blisters. For the record, I have an incredibly high pain tolerance. Seriously, for me, even labor and child birth without meds was no big thing. Anyway, over the next two days I became feverish with a sore throat, my asthma started acting up, and more places began to hurt with searing hot pain: my entire left leg, my lower back, my arms, my neck, even my heart rate spiked as if I'd been out for a run. Fitbit was logging my HR in the high 90's instead of my usual low 70's. The worst by far though, my entire vulva felt like it'd been hit with a sledge hammer. I was miserable. On Oct 6th the blood and urine tests came back negative for STI's but I begged the urgent care for an antiviral anyway because I was pretty sure (after countless hours of Googling and crying) that this was HSV. I had hoped that clearing up the blisters would stop the pain. Started a 7day course of Acyclovir that night. The next day, the swab test came back negative for HSV so they had me return to the urgent care. The RN who saw me that night had the worst bedside manner EVER. She looked at my little oozing blister farm of fun (while quickly backing away from me) and told me that it was probably "just shingles" because HSV "doesn't clump like that." I argued because I've had shingles and this was definitely different. The woman then said that "it really didn't matter anyway" because I was on Acyclovir so it'd clear up either way. I was dumbstruck. I'd been crying and in utter despair for days thinking my life may as well be over because no one will ever love me again. But, it didn't matter?! Reluctantly, after much debate, the RN agreed to do a new swab test. Unfortunately, she wielded said swab like a scalpel; literally digging it in till I screamed and nearly passed out. Then she left without a word. How's that for making me feel like even more of a leprous monster? Ugh. Over the next few days the blisters slowly dried and started to shrink, revealing deep-seated purpleish blue bruises. The pain also lessened ... until the Acyclovir ran out that is. I took the last dose on Oct 13th, the same day the new swab test came back positive for HSV2. I was unsurprised when the urgent care Dr called, and perhaps a little emotionally numbed by that point. On the evening of Oct 15th, the pain began to return and the healing progress of the blister farm seemed to have halted. The pain and general malaise continued to build by the day. Fast forward to last night, Oct 18th: I started having random bursts of sharp needle stabby sensations ALL OVER my body - hand, head, foot, knee, buttock, finger, earlobe, etc. This went on for about 2 hours. Then, the sledge-hammer-to-the-vagina feeling returned with full force accompanied by a fancy new sensation - hot lava pooling in my left hip and piriformis muscle! I lay awake all night certain that I'd have a brand new shiny colony of blisters come morning. I didn't. There hasn't been much change to the blister zone since Oct 15. And as I sit here now, typing this dramatic and overly long post, my entire body feels like it is literally vibrating with alternating needley stabs and claw-my-skin-off bursts of itchiness. I'm left wondering: When will the pain stop?  Is it this painful for anyone else? Will I ever be able to masturbate again? How much hand washing is enough? Is it safe to touch my face? Will I ever feel comfortable taking a bath again? Will shaving or waxing cause an outbreak? Will I ever be able to go to the Korean Day Spa again?! My inquires to the Great Gods of Google have been many, though, not always fruitful. And so it goes.  
    • WilsoInAus
      I do endorse @free73 and his comments. I will add that the chances of this being herpes are incredibly small. So much so that I do not see that you need to pursue testing which will be costly as you say. There is also little issue with dating. Remember that a girl you meet is more likely to have genital herpes than you, so unless you are going to do mutual testing before starting a sexual relationship there isn't much point in disclosing or discussing STDs any further. Use of condoms is appropriate as it always is.  
    • Free73
      I'm not sure what advice you are looking for? So far you have a bunch of symptoms and no diagnosis. Do you want to assume you have herpes or do you want to actually go and get tested to confirm what you do or don't have? It could be a whole bunch of things, but until you get yourself tested, it's impossible to nail down what it is. I understand it's expensive, but maybe you can cut back on the weed and save for some tests? Not trying to be a dick, but at some point, people need to start taking responsibility for their lives. There is nothing anyone on here can give you advice on until you get yourself diagnosed. Those pimples/rash on your butt are perfect for taking a swab and that will confirm very quickly whether you have herpes. Same with the one on your lip that you burst. It's unusual to get herpes whitlow (herpes on your finger) but it is out there. 
    • ricksickler
      Hello. first off its taken me a long time to get to this point, to be able to even accept that I more than likely have HSV. I am in a huge rut as occasionally I let it take over and literally drive my mind crazy thinking about it. But anywho.. My real issue is lack of insurance, I went to my local PPH and saw the Dr. She had seen the (What I think are HSV symptoms) on my buttocks and finger(s)(upper thigh) and she dismissed it as not being herpes, and that I needed better sleep, more water intake and less stress. She had told me it would be incredibly expensive to do further testing other than just physical examination as I did not have insurance. I had to pay 130$ just to see her, although upon leaving I was satisfied that I just needed to take better care of myself. The next day however, I got a cold sore on my lip, I actually had to pop a little zit like thing that was pussy or white. it was enflamed for a day or two. That went away with blistex angelsic after killing it with hydrogen peroxide pretty well. My zit like rash on my buttocks did start to disappear, only to come back ( seems less intense )it almost seems like after I sleep its really clear or just one or two zits then sometimes when I go pee during the day there could be like 6 or 7. This concerns me, that means it hasn't gone away. The spots on my finger(s) are like really dry patchy peeling skin almost. hydrocortisone seems to help a little. Just to put this out there - I smoke weed regularly, - I have an oil rig ( You essentially smoke the weed oil (Dabs) ) so I cut that out taking into consideration that might be the problem. well it didn't stop. I do drink occasionally. I just don't know what to do. Like I said im almost okay with it at this point.... I have never had any genital sores at all. I thought about taking a Lysine supplement but did not know if I should just start that all willy nilly, considering I have not been actually diagnosed, thoughts? I also am concerned that I am ignoring a larger issue and if its not herpes and I should get it checked out? or if it is herpes and I don't know it... is there some serious repercussion if left untreated? Is there a Dr. that will see me for cheap? Can I even afford the meds after they break my bank just testing me? I am so lost... so hurt and embarrassed. But as an adult all I can do is keep on keeping on... its rough thinking that I cant even take a girl I like out on a date because at some point that's gonna come up. HELP ANY ADVICE PLEASE - oh I am 23 and male
    • Ollie2016
      I told him today, I couldn't even get the phrase I have herpes out.  He said he's ok with it, said he's not going anywhere.  
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