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Outbreak on back of thigh only and "yeast infection?"

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Hi everyone... Ok so here is my situation. I was married for a number of years and at the end of our relationship a year ago found out my ex had been involved in an affair. At the time we both had std testing but not for herpes. Neither of us had any symptoms of herpes outbreaks etc and both came back negative for any std's.

I met someone May 1st this year and became involved sexually pretty soon. We did not use a condom, however used a spermicide which I had never previously tried. Within a few day's/week noticed acute burning in the vaginal area which I attributed to an allergic reaction to the spermicide. Went to the dr and had a pap and discussed symptoms. With the discontinuation of the spermicide symptoms seemed to get better. About two weeks later developed what I thought were pimples on the back of my upper thigh about two inches below my buttock. This did not clear up right away and developed into a coin size patch of tiny blisters. No blisters or sores or anything else in any other regions etc. Was sexually active with the boyfriend not thinking anything about this and then a few days later developed a yeast infection. Note.. i have had yeast infections prev but only after antibiotics. Went to the doc for yeast infection treament and showed him rash which he said could be herpes or shingles. Went home and decided after researching that it is possible to have herpes and not break on your genitals etc so need to be sure.. went back in and had a blood test done last thurs. Hopefully results back on monday. I have been just beside myself trying to figure this out. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? Also is it likely that the new boyfriend has infected me with this if this is the case... Scared, confused and if this is the case new boyfriend is definately asymptomatic. Also is very health concious to the extreme and has no visible symptoms etc... . I am just devistated by this and have no idea how to feel. I have had no outbreaks on the vaginal area's at all just this patch of pimples -turned into blisters on my thigh... Please help with any advice etc... so sorry this is so long.

UPDATE- got the results back yesterday and blood test came back positive for type 1 and 2. Have been completely devistated by this... and to top it off Dr said looks like I have a bacterial infection also and I have been having alot of cramping and pain that feels like it is cervical or in the uterus... not sure at this point.. may be an outbreak internally although no evidence of this during exam etc.. Has anyone experienced this ... cramping pain similar to menstral pain on the severe side? Scared and in pain... uuuugh

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    • My Ria
      thank you for your reply....I have never had cold sores in the past (ever) unless as an infant and I wouldn't know.  This was my first outbreak.
    • VVK
      Omega 3 is your friend - eat lots of fatty fish or, if you're like most people and can't afford to eat fish every day, then get some Omega 3 capsules and take a few every day (aim for at least 3000 mg daily). Otherwise, try adding coconut oil to your food whenever you can and massage it into your skin in the affected areas.
    • VVK
      Based on that, you don't yet have a significant amount of HSV2 antibodies - which means that your HSV2 positive culture suggests a new HSV2 infection. If this isn't your first outbreak, then you have likely had HSV2 for less than a couple of months or so. The HSV1 IgG results are borderline indeterminate/low positive. If you have had cold sores in the past then this would confirm an oral HSV1 infection which is very common. It may be a false positive but more likely than not, you also have HSV1. Summary: new HSV2 genital infection, possible old HSV1 oral infection
    • crookbristi
      Hi Yada, I'm recently diagnosed visually (7/25 actually) because of a bump that turned into a lesion. The doc said it looks like a mild case of herpes. However, as I've processed through the emotions and crap that comes with the initial shock, I think I've actually had HSV for much longer than the last month. Over the last year, I've gotten small annoying bumps that I really thought nothing of (sometimes after I shaved, sometimes after sex or when I'm super stressed). I assumed it was just irritation or razor burn or whatever.  During my annual, I would discuss issues with feeling itchy and excess discharge occasionally and my doc would say it could just be bacteria and she could see some irritation or small cuts around my vagina but basically take an over the counter yeast med if it gets too irritable (which I never did).  Maybe all of those were symptoms of the virus but never diagnosed because of not having a 'real' outbreak?? I'm waiting on my blood test and it's torture. I go through wanting to know but then thinking 'I don't want the confirmation!'   I can tell you, the more I read the better I feel about ALL of this.  Reading things on many sites that are more herpes friendly are very helpful and so is this site.  I'm really focusing on not letting this take over my life and freak me out, changing some health and behavior habits and just NOT stressing. It's manageable and we will all get through it.  Hugs to you! 
    • Acesheart
      Hey Yada, welcome. I am sorry for your loss of your spouse. I have had ghsv2 for decades and I am married to a non h man for decades aswell. He too has said on occasion he wish he would catch mine to relieve my worries about this virus. He still testing negative and I recently got another outbreak (caught the virus from my ex husband) and every time , my hubby says he wants this. He really has no ideas and he only sees what i go through, but his heart is in the right place. If your new guy does become positive it would be easier on the stress of having a non herps man. If he does care for you and you for him, do not throw that away for herps. Love and compassions are way stronger than this dumb virus. If you have had it for years, you are less contagious then someone who is newly infected and the outbreaks are less harsher on men (usually) and it sounds like what the two of have is good companionship for both of you. Do not let this virus decide what or who you can have. It is good you found a place to rant with those of us who really understand what you going through and we are all in this together to support one another and please ask any questions since we have a variety of members here who can certainly answer many questions you may have or your guy may have too. Take care and once again welcome to our family. Truly Aces 
    • Iamonlyahuman19
      I am assuming since they haven't come back monolaurin is working for them long term?  Please let us know.  
    • Yada
      So, I recently put two and two together and realized that those painful bumps I've been getting for 20 years weren't from a yeast infection, but was herpes. How could I have missed this?! It's so obvious to me now! I was married for that 20 years and my husband recently and tragically passed away. I finally have met someone and I think since I've begun to have sex for the first time in many years it triggered an outbreak and it just hit me what it actually was.  I am absolutely heartbroken for him, can't believe I didn't figure this out years ago ( I only get an outbreak every 5 years and they are minor) and feel terrible I put him at risk. My swab came back positive. It took me two days to get the courage to tell him. He took it amazingly! He said he loved me and this was really minor...then the next morning he had some bumps on his penis. I freaked out, he was still okay and calm. My minds blown.  Anyhow, he went to the dr and the dr didn't think it was herpes but swabbed it anyway and he got blood taken.  Waiting for his results is hard. I honestly don't think I could comfortably have sex with him and continue this relationship if he comes back negative. I don't want to put him at risk, he's younger than me and deserves to have sex without worry.  I'm so heartbroken and confused right now. This morning he said that he hopes he tests positive because he feels like he's going to lose me if he's not. Ugh. This sucks so bad.  Thanks for listening to my rant. I just needed to talk about this with people who understood!
    • Iamonlyahuman19
      It's good stuff, for me it works better than acyclovir.  Less itching and tingles. 
    • Iamonlyahuman19
      How is the BHT working out for you? 
    • Ethyl
      I am hopefully at the very end of my very first outbreak and so have no idea what is coming for me. Besides the sores which seemed to clear up pretty quickly on the acyclovir, I've had debilitating leg and foot pain for weeks now. My exercise regimen is out the window. I still have it but it's much better. It's been three weeks. Anyone experience this? How do I deal with this? How do I exercise? Thank you!
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