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I was diagnosed with GHSV-1 about 2 years ago. When I was first diagnosed I noticed a very weird feeling in my throat--my glands were enormous. I later find out that I have herpes, and all is good and great with that. =/

I'm wondering if my recurring pharingitis/tonsilitis has ANYTHING to do with my herpes. I have never in my life had issues with my tonsils/throat/anything until now. And the beginning of the tonsil/throat issues was coincidentally at the same time of my diagnosis. Is this just coincidence?

I'm looking into getting my tonsils removed, that's how frequent it has been. Last year was horrendous, back-to-back episodes of pharangitis/golf balls in the back of my throat, and being on Bactrim all the time. Now I'm on it again. I mentioned to my doctor about getting my tonsils out, as this is extremely inconvenient for me (I cannot keep dealing with this throat stuff every so often). I want my tonsils out. But I was wondering if this had any link to herpes. And was also wondering if getting my tonsils out would help at all. Because my patience is running thin.

Any feedback is appreciated.



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its hard to say ,but if your tonsils swell up big i would think that would help. not to say you wouldnt have more episodes but once the tonsils are removed i dont know what else would swell up?

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I'm having a hard time envisioning where exactly the swelling is happening. Are you sure this is your tonsils? It would be typical to get swollen lymph nodes in the neck with an initial outbreak. Also, you can get hsv1 in the back of the mouth / throat area, although I don't think it's common. It's usually more toward the lips/face.

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Hi stephanie, 

I have been diagnosised with HSV-1 and similar to you found that around this time started to get tonsillitis frequently. Just wondering if you ever found out if the 2 things were linked? 

thanks ! 

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Could it simply be that when your immune defenses are a bit low because of stress or whatever, you get an OB but also are at risk for another infection like tonsillitis?  Just a thought.

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yeah maybe not sure, i've had tonsillitis about 6 times in the past year and only one outbreak ever

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    • Lisajd
      Has he ever tested for hsv?  Hsv1 is the lesser evil of the genital types so to speak.  He may not even catch it from you.  Its his choice to decide when you tell him
    • Hansje
      A member of my team has HSV1 and diabetes. She is very much alive and healthy. It is just one example of course I realize that. 
    • bella pink
      I have been diagnosed with type 1 herpies and I am talking to someone who has type 1 diabetes. How would him contracting herpies affect his diabetes and would it be life threatening?
    • TWDFanx3
      Thank you Bella for being the support. I appreciate more than you will ever know.   Mesho, coming from a recovered self harmer, suicide is not a way out. This is not your fault. Please don't call off your engagement. If she truly loves you, you will overcome this.
    • howardsmith8888
      @K_Sock Thank you for your response, although I disagree with your interpretation.  Most individuals, up to 85%, are unaware of the virus because their symptoms are so mild or they never had any symptoms to begin with as their bodies can easily control it.  If we were to include the statistics of HSV1, then we would see more than the majority of the population having a herpes diagnosis.  What many individuals on here are concerned with is transmission, but when the majority of the population has herpes, I do not believe the statistics would make one feel more alone as you put it.
    • K_Sock
      That "stat"(whether it's accurate or not) could almost make one feel more alone. That is, if such an astronomical number of people have it, than why is virtually no one talking about it? Yes, there is Ella Dawson, Ariel Dale and maybe a couple of others, but that's it really. I get that not everyone is bold, but you would thought there'd have been a lot more noise when Ella did what she did, or at least a hand raised at her Ted talk.
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