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besides condoms what else is safe?

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so, here it is. I am gay. My boyfriend knows I have genital Herpes. The trouble with our intimacy is that doesn't quite know what to do with me, and our sex life.

He realizes that I need to wear a condom if he is going to perform oral sex on me. The burning question that I have is this: can he touch my penis without fear of transmission? I feel that he is a afraid of that whole area of mine,

and I want to give him a correct and educated/evidence based answer. I have had very few outbreaks, perhaps 1 a year, and have had genital herpes for

greater than 10 years. I also decided to take suppressive therapy. Everything I read doesn't really address such a question. please help. I want us to have a meaningful sex life, but I don't want to jeopardize his health. Would love to hear from anyone who can offer me some guidance. thank you

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With suppressive meds, condoms and abstaining from sexual activity when you have any symptoms, the risk to your boyfriend is about 1% annually.

I'm careful about the whole genital region but my boyfriend isn't that afraid of herpes. He doesn't have it in any form and I take suppressive meds. We decided not to use condoms anymore and I tell him when I have symptoms and we abstain from sex, the risk is only raised to about 2.5% annually of him getting it. The info is from the CDC, I have done my research and so has my boyfriend. Maybe suggest your boyfriend doing some research or you two can do it together.

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Hey there,

That is a great question - did you ever find out the answer to it? I'm just newly diagnosed and haven't been intimate with anyone since then and am afraid of what I can and can't do with another guy. Any help you have would be greatly appreciated.


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    • Blueyechickydee
      I’ve had herpes for 9 years, been outbreak free for the last 3 years, but for the last few weeks I’ve been having prodrome symptoms. Nerve pain in my butt and back of my thigh, tingling around privates, some itching. I keep waiting for sores to show up so I can get this outbreak over with but they never do. It’s been almost 3 weeks of symptoms without sores, how long is this going to last?? Will they go away on their own at some point or will they stay until an outbreak happens? Anyone have any experience with this? Because the waiting is getting really annoying. I started taking lysine, vitamin c, and b12 hoping the symptoms would stop but they’re not helping at all. Any suggestions?
    • Pitchbird
      Yes, the source of this would be interesting indeed.   I understood it as a hint that you are judging me with double standards.
    • Balancelife
      When who gets a positive test? I have already tested positive (as you and I have discussed multiple times in other threads and I state here) and HIPA would prevent me for getting his results unless he willingly provides to me, but as I’ve also stated HE won’t get tested.  Ya can’t get blood from a stone. He has nothing that would even start to compensate for the pain and suffering, let alone the missed work because of the pain! 
    • WilsoInAus
      @Balancelife when you get a positive test, sue him!
    • JHenry
      Read what I wrote and start Googling.  Both the Einstein College of Medicine (William Jacobs and Betsy Herold)  and University of Pennsylvania/Trivalent (Harvey Friedman) seem to believe they are on the right track and have established relationships outside of their respective universities.  Yes, it’s early, but they are taking the bat and readying to swing at HSV.   Cross those fingers and stay positive!  
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