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Positive HSV2 blood test 6 weeks after exposure?

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Hi all,

I tested positive via swab for GHSV2 several weeks ago but decided to have an IGG blood test done to try to determine if my exposure was recent or possibly suppressed.

I tested negative for HSV1 antibodies and positive for HSV2.

(Back story: there were two sexual partners in the 2-20 day exposure window who could have given it to me, or it's entirely possible that I've had it all along and never had a noticeable outbreak)

Is it usual to show antibodies only six weeks after (predicted) exposure?

Thanks in advance.

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These are the comments from the test (Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2 Ab IgG):

Positive for antibody to HSV-2. Negative for antibody to HSV-1. Evidence of infection with HSV-2. Seroconversion to HSV-1 may take several weeks. Suggest repeat testing in 4-6 weeks if early infection is suspected.

Can anyone tell me what "seroconversion to HSV-1 may take several weeks..." means? Thanks.

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it can take several weeks before you make detectable antibodies to a pathogen. the cells of your adaptive immune system need to see the virus, or at least parts of it, become activated, multiply, and produce chemicals (antibodies) that recognize the virus...that takes time. seroconversion refers to the production of those virus-specific antibodies and their presence in the serum in your blood. if you've seroconverted, that means that whereas you once had none of these antibodies in your blood, you now do, and you will for the rest of your life (this can be a good thing, bc it can help reduce the chance that you get another "version" of hsv or it can help reduce the chance of it moving to its "non-traditional" home in your body). most of the IgG (another term for "antibody") tests will say that the most definitive results wont come until 12-16 weeks after your initial exposure. so a lot of people who test negative by IgG are told to come back after 3-4 months and get re-tested. hth...

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Thanks for your answer!

It was roughly six weeks from when I thought I was exposed until when blood was drawn. Unfortunately, they don't give you a reading or level with your results, just positive or negative. From what I've read, it usually takes several months to build up enough antibodies to test positive, so perhaps I was infected previously and didn't know it...

I'm now thinking that my "yeast infection" back in February, 2-3 weeks after starting up with a new partner, was my first OB. I had never had a yeast infection before and haven't since. What I thought was my primary OB last month was very mild, probably because I'd had antibodies building up over several months. I sure wish herpes was definitive so I could know for sure who I got this from! Oh well...

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      Update: I plan on getting tested in mid November, so about a month from now, it’s been 6 months since lip breakout and after taking olive leaf extract recently, I think I finally have the anal itch under control, it’s virtually non existent so I’m hoping for improvement over the next month, I’ll keep y’all posted 
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      My testicles itch badly too , I usually take a cool bath with epsom salts to stop the itch . I have had the itching off and on for years. Your not alone. 
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      I have to agree. I'm actually...fine? I freaked out at my first OB last month, but then after reading all the information out there, and starting taking care of myself, I don't think about it most days. There is the occasional anxiety and I haven't worked up the courage to tell people except my bf, but I read a lot about people talking like its the end of the world (which makes me think "Should I be worrying more?"). Of course, everyone's feelings are valid, but, personally, I wish I had someone to talk to about this that isn't completely distraught. 
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