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Confused with Questions: 8 years later...more outbreak symptoms, less warning

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This is very long, in depth (very personal - dont read on if you are uncomfy!) and in need of opinions or answers..

Confused with Questions:

8 years later...more outbreak symptoms, less warning..

Its been 8 years since I've contracted herpes. Once I have health insurance back again, I will be visiting some herpes specialists in NYC...but would love your thoughts now.

Moving on!!

My questions and concerns are those that maybe some of you will have knowledge of?

1.) I have always been able to tell when an outbreak was happening. The telltale "tingle", I get tired...and pop a valtrex at the beginning and usually the outbreak is controlled. Now - this has all changed...since Jan, I've had approx. 6 outbreaks...only lasting a few days, except one that came..and left a SCAR because I had no medicine...it lasted for much longer than usual..a week. AS IF it were my first outbreak!

2.) I've heard that over the years, "You get less outbreaks" and honestly when I acutally come to read this site...I am far more nervous of my hsv than I usually am. If its true you get less outbreaks...what is with my body, my immune system? In the 8 years I have never taken daily suppression...this is the first time out of any of my partners I passed it along. I felt so terrible, that my heart sank. I am very safe and I wasn't even aware of a tingle...although this partner was very informed of my herpes and accepted it as graciously as anyone ever could I imagine.

3.) I masturbate, often... ;) well I do! lol and I've sometimes forgotten to wash my hands directly after (i usually do) sometimes I fall asleep without washing...I wonder why or is it my strain that I've never gotten herpes on my hand/fingers/thighs? or face...I brush my hair out of my face a lot. NOW I do usually wash ok! :) Esp with partners...its an avid duty!

4.) I dated someone who happened to have herpes (we found out later) and we discussed oral and anal and vaginal sex. I like to receive oral, not recently during these confusing herpe times...but I do, I also enjoy giving it...this is a similar question to #3...why havent I contracted it in my mouth? Or throat? or maybe I have? are there tests for it?

5.) I usually have more discharge...(tmi sorry) during an OB...but lately its been a different smell as well, not bad but different!

6.) Will I get the other symtoms eventually? the leg pain..other nerve issues? It seems that the disease/strain can grow or advance?

So...I guess to sum up...I am confused with my immune system, my random outbreaks...my unability to contract it elsewhere...wondering why now, at 24, 2010, my body is changing I know but I am unsure of how to handle it. Everything was so predicable before. I do not have health insurance, but perhaps it is time to start valtrex daily? I am currently on an OB (it appeared within 20 hours after high stress levels at court), this is day 2, USUALLY I'd take 1000mg valtrex Day 1 (yeterday) and today (day 2) and it'd be gone. But again I don't think its going to work this time. I think or I FEEL its going to last into Day 3, saturday that it will be clear.


Please try not to frighten me as much. I contracted during unwanted sexual experience at 16yrs old and have had to start my sexual adult life with this...but I watched my body very closely as I was a teenager to determine what my triggers are and etc.

Thanks guys, so much. Keep smiling and Rock n roll!:thrasher:


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the stress you are under is maybe causing it to flair up more, and/or maybe your hormones are flexuating more right now, its common to get bacterial vaginitus with herpes go to the dr, to see if thats whats causing the smell.

which type do you have? type 1 or 2?, is it possible you caught a different strain of herpes?though harder to do if you already have it but it is possible..your may just be run down right now... try to relax and take your suppressives try switching to acyclivor its cheaper than valtrex.

for women our bodies are constantly changing,,and so will the virus , have you had a complete physical? maybe something is going on...sometimes herpes can be a radar for us of something else going on in our body that were not aware of yet.

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Are you sure they are herpes out breaks? I recently went through a time when I was concerned I was having an outbreak. It would have been my first in 24 years. It turned out to be an allergic reaction to a detergent change.

I also remember reading someone who thought that her outbreaks had changed and talked about her discharge and it was a yeast infection.

I know you don't have health benefits, but if you can get a medical opinion it might be a good idea.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • viralfrog
      Having HSV-2 has not bothered me at all for casual sex. I'm just avoiding sex during outbreaks, on suppressive therapy and using condoms every time with casual partners. Since my outbreaks appear on top of my penis, even during an outbreak the risk is minimal if I put a condom on as soon as I take my underwear off.  I guess it might be a slightly different case for a girl as if you have external lesions around your groin you could still infect someone even using a condom. And of course, condoms can break, which has happened to me over 10 times and caused myself to get infected in the first place.  I see it as a much more difficult now having a serious relationship, because I can't feel much with a condom on and really want stop using them. However, I don't want to put my new girlfriend to any risk - I would feel terrible if I infected her. 
    • viralfrog
      Does anyone have experience about people's reactions to Herpes in Asia? Personally I live in Thailand where I also caught the virus as a condom broke 4 years ago.  Unfortunately I infected my ex-girlfriend with HSV-2. This was just after I had caught the virus myself and we had sex before I noticed and realised what it was. In the beginning, a local doctor told me I have just hurt my foreskin with my jeans' zipper and the tests came as negative. After getting tested later it came as positive.  Anyways, my ex-gf (well educated, professional, 26 years old then) she had no idea what Herpes was in the first place. She didn't really care too much about it and didn't bother to get tested. During our 3 year relationship we kept having unprotected sex as usual and she never had any issues until at the end one day. She had a very minor outbreak once and nothing after that (lucky her, no like myself who gets terrible symptoms non-stop). I know she has a strong immune system, because she was never sick despite myself having bad colds quite often. In any case, she could not care less about this virus and didn't mind at all.

      I've seen a lot of hysteria surrounding Herpes in Europe and the US. What has been your experience in South-East Asian countries like Thailand? Do people perceive HSV-2 as a worrying disease? 
    • Burty
      The full article is behind a paywall but you could write the the authors and request a copy.
    • OFMDH
      The jury is still out as there needs to be additional experiments. Editas' results make me believe dosing was insufficient among other issues.
    • moialbalushi
      Wow interesting !! But how did they provide it to him !! I mean he is 27 years old !!

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