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If your results are undetermined or equivocal

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This site has been a god send to me these last three months. And I want to say a big thank you to everyone on here.

The only man I slept with was with my husband of 19 years. Last year we got divorced (which I did not want to happen) and I ended up in a casual relationship.

After 5 months of been with him he rings me up and tells me I need to get checked out as he had a blister on his penis. He had slept with someone else in between, but thought that whaatever he had was from me. "I don't thiink so, I have only been with my husband and I knew he was faithfull to me".

My first result came back - one month after encounter

HSV 1 negative

HSV 2 negative

IGM positive

My second result came back - two months after encounter

HSV 1 negative

HSV 2 equivocal

IGM equivocal

After all my research I thought that I must be converting and expect my next results to be HSV 2 positive and IGM negative. And I thought well if I do have it, I can live with it cos besides the pains I was having down my legs, and soreness below which all disappeared within days. And after many stressful days and nights, chocolate, drinking I did not get any further symptons and thought I would be asymtomatic.

Today I get the phone call to say I am clear for everything. I cried because the last three months have been hell, and learnt a very hard lesson and will be so much wiser, choosier and cautious in my future endeavours.

Needless to say from the knowledge I have gained from this site, if I do meet a person with herpes I will know not run a mile as I am so much more educated and it can honestly happen to anyone.

I would like to say if you are in the inital stages or newly diagnosed this site is the place to be, to put a perspective on things, it certainly has helped me these last three months, and also next time I have any fears I will not be going for any blood tests, I won't do anything unless I have something to swab. This is why in Australia they do not give blood test unless asked for. I was just paranoid and researched too much that I believed I had it.

I wish everyone well.


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    • Rockster
      Thanks Wilson! [mistaken posti don't get how i can delete it again, sorry]
    • Rockster
      (For my case: i am not diagnosed herpes. I had genital warts. 
      I can tell her a sex partner was diagnosed with HPV, and i pretty surely have it and that's why i do it with boxer short the next months. Hm.)   https://herpesopportunity.com/downloads/herpes-opportunity-disclosure-handout.pdf https://www.cdc.gov/std/herpes/stdfact-herpes-detailed.htm
    • IloveCoco
      How long after diagnosis did you start to have sex again? How did he get it on the lips?
    • Albert1988
      Hi,  I was wondering if you could describe your outbreaks or how much time it passed before you where correctly diagnosed. Or your overall experience. I am freaking out and just wearing my underwear feels uncomfortable.  How did they diagnosed you? Thank you in advanced 
    • Voyager2
      I THINK this will benefit us. If the FDA allows more aggressive research in the deadliest virus programs, such as HIV gene editing, then off-targeting and other safety issues might already be solved before Dr. Jerome  starts editing hsv in humans.

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