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If your results are undetermined or equivocal

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This site has been a god send to me these last three months. And I want to say a big thank you to everyone on here.

The only man I slept with was with my husband of 19 years. Last year we got divorced (which I did not want to happen) and I ended up in a casual relationship.

After 5 months of been with him he rings me up and tells me I need to get checked out as he had a blister on his penis. He had slept with someone else in between, but thought that whaatever he had was from me. "I don't thiink so, I have only been with my husband and I knew he was faithfull to me".

My first result came back - one month after encounter

HSV 1 negative

HSV 2 negative

IGM positive

My second result came back - two months after encounter

HSV 1 negative

HSV 2 equivocal

IGM equivocal

After all my research I thought that I must be converting and expect my next results to be HSV 2 positive and IGM negative. And I thought well if I do have it, I can live with it cos besides the pains I was having down my legs, and soreness below which all disappeared within days. And after many stressful days and nights, chocolate, drinking I did not get any further symptons and thought I would be asymtomatic.

Today I get the phone call to say I am clear for everything. I cried because the last three months have been hell, and learnt a very hard lesson and will be so much wiser, choosier and cautious in my future endeavours.

Needless to say from the knowledge I have gained from this site, if I do meet a person with herpes I will know not run a mile as I am so much more educated and it can honestly happen to anyone.

I would like to say if you are in the inital stages or newly diagnosed this site is the place to be, to put a perspective on things, it certainly has helped me these last three months, and also next time I have any fears I will not be going for any blood tests, I won't do anything unless I have something to swab. This is why in Australia they do not give blood test unless asked for. I was just paranoid and researched too much that I believed I had it.

I wish everyone well.


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Burty
      Coming back to report that after vaccinations in May and July, today I have one vesicle. Called the doctor and will report back later. Slightly pessimistic at this point. 
    • Cariad
      I think I need to treat this as an ocd thought (that I've got herpes) and not check myself compulsively, not seek constant reassurance from doctors and the internet, just try and forget about it. Re disclosure, I would tell future partners that i could have hsv but I don't know, all the visual examinations and tests I've had have come back negative but there's still a possibility that i have herpes. Then they can decide whether to take the risk. I always assume someone is positive for everything unless there are tests to prove otherwise. I don't do casual relationships so always get a full sexual health screening with my new partner so we can both be safe. But they could have herpes and not know as it's not routinely checked for. It's a risk for all parties involved. I spoke to herpes.org.uk helpline and Marion told me that blood tests are routinely bringing up false positives/negatives and that having the virus doesn't predict when and where you're going to have an ob. I therefore wouldn't trust the result of the test and would be repeatedly getting tested, as I did when my hiv ocd was really bad. That was a hugely stressful and anxious time and I don't want to go through that again!! Especially for a virus that can't kill you!! So I think I'm going to have to live with the uncertainty of having herpes obs and avoid sexual contact whenever I feel sore down below if/when I'm in a relationship.  Being on this forum is just exacerbating my Ocd, so I think that I should stop posting as it's reassurance-seeking. Wishing you all the best and thank you all for your help, advice and support. Remember - it's just a virus that billions of people have and doesn't make us dirty or unworthy of love or a good life. Stay safe and well xx
    • WilsoInAus
      And I’ll help you up until the second coming. I think this is an unhealthy dose of imaginitis as far as herpes is concerned. Wouldn’t you agree?
    • WilsoInAus
      Yes man that’s correct. I mean we don’t really want more people in the delusional room with mirrors that see nothing, do we?
    • WilsoInAus
      There’s nothing visually or in what you describe that is suggestive of herpes. See your doctor if you have concerns, there’s plenty of things on the list of possibilities here.

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