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this is soooooooooooo frustrating!!!! I have had 2 relationships since finding out in november that i had contracted the lovely ghsv1....I told both of them about it and we got thru it...my theory is that "pretty beats herpes" lol The thing is...is not to brag...but im a cute girl...temptation is out there every day and what really sucks is i cant have the care free ****ty sex that all of my friemds get to have bc i have fucking herpes. i mean seriously... the hottest guy in all of america gave me his number today and i cant even be happy about it!!! this SUCKS! and what REALLY sucks...is i have type 1...so i dont have ob's...I feel like a normal girl...except for the fact that in the back of my mind i know i have it! :( I wish i could invent a time machine and go back in time to that night and just erase it so i could be a normal girl again. I could never bring myself to sleep with someone w/o telling them but sometimes i sooooooooo want to! uggghhhh! i just wanna be normal again!!! thanks for letting me vent!

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Hey, know that you are doing the right thing when you take the position, "I could never bring myself to sleep with someone w/o telling them." This deserves the highest respect. This means you give a damn and want to be active against the wild fire spread of HSV. The caring has to start with us if we expect others to fight for solutions to herpes. Stay wise and become even wiser as the gift is upon us. I truly believe relief against, transmission, shedding and outbreaks is coming in the NEAR future. Exciting things are being post on Finding a Herpes Cure. Stay strong B24.

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Hey Blondii,

I completely know EXACTLY how you're feeling. I would describe myself the same way and there is this really good looking, great guy I have just recently met at my school, and it just completely devastates me to know that I am going to have to tell him this, especially since we have been somewhat intimate already (kissing, using hands...ya know). Before I would have been so excited and happy about everything, but now I am almost considering telling him that it just won't work so I don't even have to go through with it (I know...it sounds terrible). I almost break down in tears every day now just thinking that I'm not the same person anymore, and won't have the carefree intimate life I want to (with a long-term partner). It's like this wound has just been re-opened again and this great time in my life makes me feel miserable :( I'm so sorry that you're feeling that way because I totally know, it feels terrible. But vent as much as you need to and just know that there's someone else going through the exact same thing...hopefully that helps a little :)

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Trace67
      Who said it was hard to believe? It's possible that it causes some Alzheimer's but its also possible that herpes merely takes advantage of a brain weakened by Alzheimer's rather than being the causative agent. This theory is a well-documented by experts. The fact is that they have no proof either way. Links do not prove anything and are often proven incorrect as causative agents. To further complicate things, they fully expect that Alzheimer's may have several causes. Therefore, the best way to handle it at the moment may be to reverse the damage with a cure which would likely work for all causes or at least most. It may be easier to fix for now and then prevent later as they learn more about the various causes. They may be on the brink of that now.
    • Metalhead!
      I have to agree. Only American companies are under the jurisdiction of the FDA but why do they extend their influence over all treatments and medicines globally cos they are corrupt yeah. Makes sense
    • hsv2fighter
      Dear Mike, I have access to academic resources. If you would like to have a look at the original report, you can tell me your email. Note that it's only for personal use of HSV cure research survey.
    • Waiting4newlife
      I got it from my ex-girlfriend from India. Break up after that. Now moving to canada. 
    • BrittanyGators
      In my opinion the FDA are the biggest scammers out there. From my side as a mother who had to see my Daughter be infected because of the terrible misrepresentation of Pharmaceutical medications (Valtrex) I think that the FDA has a lot to answer for.  They take their funding and bonus's to approve dangerous medications which have later turned out to be deadly.  They approve and endorse sugar with no limitation or regulation although it's the biggest cause of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  All because they are part of the bigger business scams out there to keep the population dependent on antivirals for life.  I know I would much rather a natural solution for my Daughter than the toxic medications the FDA endorse. 

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