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Born to worry

PCR swab

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Born to worry

Hi Guys

can anyone advise on my question regarding a PCR swab

When you swab a sore/blister and if the virus is on the swab, can the virus die and not be able to be detected after a period of time ?

I always thought that a virus wasnt alive so therefore it wouldnt be a problem ??

If its always going to be there an detectable can you keep the swab stick for a while and swab any blisters or sores that appear over lets say 2 weeks ?

I appreciate any answers


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From what I have read (I'm not a doctor) the virus needs to be "alive" ie an active blister/sore to be swabbed to get the best chance of giving an accurate result. The sample is put into a special container and sent off to the lab asap. The bigger the blister the more active virus is present and therefore is more available for testing.

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Born to worry

Thanks for the reply !

ok so lets say the virus has been collected on the swab from a active blister, ive looked around on the net and it seems to be that a virus isnt actually a living cell, so with that in mind, if the swab was left for two weeks in its container, would you still get a positive result when it gets to the lab???



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