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Born to worry

PCR swab

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Born to worry

Hi Guys

can anyone advise on my question regarding a PCR swab

When you swab a sore/blister and if the virus is on the swab, can the virus die and not be able to be detected after a period of time ?

I always thought that a virus wasnt alive so therefore it wouldnt be a problem ??

If its always going to be there an detectable can you keep the swab stick for a while and swab any blisters or sores that appear over lets say 2 weeks ?

I appreciate any answers


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From what I have read (I'm not a doctor) the virus needs to be "alive" ie an active blister/sore to be swabbed to get the best chance of giving an accurate result. The sample is put into a special container and sent off to the lab asap. The bigger the blister the more active virus is present and therefore is more available for testing.

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Born to worry

Thanks for the reply !

ok so lets say the virus has been collected on the swab from a active blister, ive looked around on the net and it seems to be that a virus isnt actually a living cell, so with that in mind, if the swab was left for two weeks in its container, would you still get a positive result when it gets to the lab???



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    • blurneworder
      Your symptoms and photos match exactly what I've been dealing with on and off since October 2018 after I had a a really bad flu that brought about tingling on my lips. It felt like a cold sore was going to develop, but a bunch of tiny white bumps showed up that doctors have yet to fully explain what it is. I also have a constant feeling of a dry, chapped upper lip. A few weeks later the white tongue showed up. I'm also currently dealing with a change in taste in my mouth. I eventually tested positive fro HSV1 months later, but I don't know where on my body it is. I also have discoloration on my the tip of my penis. One dentist told me I had bacteria covering my tongue, and another dentist said nothing looked suspicious. I also get the cut on my tongue.  Prepare yourself for a journey of doctors telling you that you look normal when, in fact, you do not.
    • WilsoInAus
      @CheekyMunkey there is absolutely no way you, me or anyone has any chance of diagnosing what issues inside the mouth might be. There are simply too many issues that create similar looking outcomes. All I can say is that issues inside the mouth are way, way less likely to be related to herpes compared to if you were having issues on the lips.
    • CheekyMunkey
      Hi mate.  Thank you for responding. I do feel better but I think the oral might be the issue. I was looking at my tongue and it looks white. Well whiter than normal. Also about 3 days ago I had a really sharp pain in my tongue which lasted like seconds. Later in the day when I saw it it had like a line cut into it. Is it a lesion? I have no pain in my tongue at all, no fluid filled sores but I noticed that Its shape isn't right. Like a bits missing on the tip of the right hand side. I've added two pics. It looks whiter in the pics then it actually is but I noticed red dots all down near the tip. Could that be something? Herpes? Also, where the tongue goes out of shape there is nothing on that side. I did burn my mouth on some pizza on the day I felt that sharp pain so not sure if that's got something to do with it.  https://ibb.co/zhphnMD https://ibb.co/G0pPRLh Thanks in advance.
    • RNY18
      Personally, I'm still wondering how likely is it China will cure HSV before the States does ?...
    • WilsoInAus
      I’m sorry your still angry, but drop the relationship with the Jay profiles and you will feel much better about life, I promise.
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