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consuming my head

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so basically i had a doctor tell me this could be either a bacterial infection or genital herpes, this was well over a year. he tried to do a scraping he never got results. so now its a year later and i just got another what i think is outbreak. while in the meantime meeting an amazing person. my head is all over and wanna just pour it out. how do i tell him because the guilt is already thick, how do i deal myself, do i go 2morrow n make sure even though I'm already convinced and have since the last scare....????

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Knowing is best

Okay, so you really don't know whether you have anything or not.

If you are having what appears to be an outbreak, my suggestion is to run quick like a bunny and get it swabbed and cultured while it is fresh. If you can't get in to your regular doc immediately, seek out an STI clinic where you can.

If the swab/culture doesn't work out, get a type specific IgG antibody blood test. You can do that even if you are not having an outbreak.

To me, knowing my status would be critical. How can you even begin to tell anyone else if you don't know yourself?

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