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Staph VS Herpes Help Please

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Ok so it's been 6 months since my doctor told me I have Herpes from a Visual inspection no culture. I have been with the same girl for a touch over a year now. We had plenty of unprotected sex before I was diagnosed I think we both have a problem she has had what looks like an OB to me. neither one of us are blaming the other at this point it just sucks and all we can do is move forward. Then a few weeks ago she got extremely sick and got some sort of blisters under her armpit behind her knees and where the sun dont shine. Big ones. Inch to Inch and a half across. Cultures turn up she has a staph infection. Her dermitologist doesn't seem to think she has herpes now and she keeps telling me that I next time I have a OB I need to get it cultured, because she now thinks we just have a staph infection that we are passing between us. I personaly think we both have herpes and she had a stressful week broke out and caught the staph infection being her immune system is battered from this. Next OB I get im getting cultured seems like the only way to tell for sure. I don't know if she's just in denial. I just don't know much anymore been somewhat depressed for the last 6 months. Found out that she could have cheated on my in the last year. Which is putting a huge stain on our relationship. Im driving my self nuts...So I guess my big question is has anyone else delt with a nasty staph infection and herpes. Or how would they correlate? Or how long can you carry a staph infection.

I can say that I have done some homework on the herpes thing and I treat it with Lysine eating better and the doc gave me some meds to calm me down so im not so stressed. But my OB are pretty constant the last one My leg got soar, I upped my Lysine, a spot appeared in the same spot as normal, Blistered, Popped, scabbed, all in a few days. in the past 6 months its been almost a ongoing deal as soon as I heal for a few days it starts all over again. Just makes me wonder. Maybe Im just in denail too. If anyone has any advice comments etc feel free to fire away next time i can get something cultured im going to I dont like the idea of the blood test with wishy washy results. Just letting off steam and sharing my thoughts lets hear yours.

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I'm having a similar problem. I was diagnosed with HSV-1 in January - but they cultured it. However, I got what they called a staph infection on my leg just after my first OB. With my second outbreak I've had what looked like swollen lymph nodes, but they form a head and rupture (sounds like staph) "down there". Today, I noticed blisters in my armpit along with one of the swollen "lymph nodes". Maybe I have both *shrug* I don't know. Thank god I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I know this doesn't really help you situation, but maybe it'll help to hear that someone else is dealing with crazy staph/herpes crap. *sigh* I'll let you know what my doc says (she's really good unlike the jerk-face who diagnosed me with the herps).

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So I went to the doc, and I've got a staph infection alongside the herpes. Turns out what I thought was my second OB was actually a staph infection. I was diagnosed w/ herpes in February, but I started getting boils/staph infections in January, and I'm still dealing with them. I don't get blisters with my OBs, or at least they aren't big enough to notice. I just get lesions. For what I thought was my second OB, I had blisters all over my thighs and groin area. However, they weren't grouped like herpes blisters, which made my doc. think they were staph. Also, knowing I had staph before made her more positive about it. PLUS the blisters showed up in my armpit.

So to answer your question, yes, there are people out there battling both. I've been battling the two together for 5 months... still waiting for the staph to go away...

I would still get cultured. That's the only way to know about herpes for sure. Someone told me they have two kinds of tests, one that's wishy washy, and another that is more accurate. Make sure you get the one that's more accurate.

"Old technology was very unreliable. IgM-based HSV tests are not worth running because they ARE NOT very reliable. Most docs think that is still the case with all HSV testing.

The newer test kits available are TYPE SPECIFIC IgG-based herpes antibody (blood) tests. They have a fairly high level (in the mid to high 90s) of both specificity and sensitivity. You should make sure your husband gets that type of kit, and that it tests for BOTH HSV1 and HSV2.

The most commonly used test kit in North America is the Herpeselect ELISA. It's pretty reliable.

The gold standard test kit (used to confirm uncertain cases) is the Western Blot, available only through the University of Washington. If you need that one done, we can direct you how to get it."

That quote is from RealisticGal - contact her if you want more info.

It sounds like your g/f had staph when she broke out in blisters under the arms and behind the knees, and you could be sharing it back and forth. I think that might be why I keep getting recurrences - I think my husband has staph, too. I'm on nasal bactroban twice daily for one week of the month for the next 3 months and hibiclense wash once daily for one week of the month for the next three months. Also, I'm on antibiotics for the staph in my armpit - man that thing kills!

Good luck!

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OH, also, if it turns out you do have herpes, and you are experiencing constant outbreaks, try a suppressant - makes life easier than waiting for it to erupt and then treating it.

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I too have had staph infections in the past and one just recently. My skin specialist told me that the cold sore appears first and then the staph infection jumps on top for the party. As staph is a bacterial infection, it needs a host to spread its love and so the cold sore is the host. However this kind of situation may vary in each individual and after reading both of your posts, I would say it does. I also know one can be a staph carrier, have outbreaks, or not.

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In late June I had been feeling itchy around my abdomen with a slight rash for about a week or so and one night a spot popped up on the glans (head) of my penis, just a small single spot, slightly pink-red than the appendage itself. I went to the ER immediately and both the nurse and the doctor assessed the slight itchy rash as a fungal infection, tinea versicolor, treated with an antifungal pill and the spot visually stating it was probably irritation and leave it be.

Two weeks later, the itching had not ceased and the spot was still there so I go to a second ER (I travel the USA for work and work at night, hence why ERs are usually my unfortunate medical option.). The doctor dismisses both my issues as skin irritation and prescribes an antihistamine and to see my primary care doctor. My partner is also convinced my years of Doxycycline caused my reaction so I stop using my antibiotic just to see if it helps any.

I go into my primary care doctor's office a week and a half later. The night before a new spot appears to be forming in the mid-right section of the glans I noticed in the shower. I had tried multiple OTC ointments both antibiotic and cortisone a few days prior and the new spot stung when soap touched it in the shower...My primary care doctor examines me and says it could be either syphilis or herpes but he would bet on syphilis since I felt no real pain and had no fever. He draws my blood but DID NOT take a swab/culture. The next day he calls stating my blood tested negative for syphilis but I was positive for HSV 1 and negative for HSV 2 and starts me on Valtrex as he believes this is genital herpes.

I start Valtrex and within days I have large itchy lesions popping up all over my anogenital region and my doctor said over the phone more lesions were likely to occur starting outbreak/suppression treatment. After 3 weeks, nothing seems to be getting better as these lesions are everywhere getting worse along with the rash now reaching to my abs and it itches nonstop. None of the lesions hurt to touch or appear to be breaking open weeping fluid from what I've seen, they just itch really bad.

At week 4, I ambush my doctor without calling and the Physician Assistant agrees to work me in short notice. She decides to do a culture of the sores. She poked new larger sores that further developed on the glans, my foreskin area, the base of my penis and my scrotum but when she pokes the sores she is only getting blood. No other fluids are visible and she said that was unusual for herpes.

At week 5, I go in for my follow up appointment and the first thing she said to me was "You tested negative for herpes on your swabs. Frankly, I don't know what the Hell it is." She brings in an older doctor I've never met before and they both visually look at the lesions on my penis and on my buttocks, which have now started to migrate past my thighs to my knees and past my navel. This doctor said to the P.A., this looks to be a staph infection and they write out a script for Minocycline and antibiotic ointment. This was yesterday.

Today, I called my doctor's office and the P.A. said “discontinue antivirals and [she] is sure my swabs [are] negative for herpes."

My question is this, do I have genital herpes or not? I have no idea what made my usual primary care doctor so sure visually it was herpes, not conduct a swab and to go by a positive result of HSV 1 by blood test and negative for HSV 2 and only to be told weeks later my swab/cultures from being poked in 4 different genital lesions were negative for herpes 1 and 2.

I don't know how to proceed since these lesions have made an itchy weird sight of my penis and genital region. As I understand it, HSV 1 is the common version of the virus found in nearly all humans and found in the upper ganglia in 80% of cases and I tested negative for HSV 2 in the swab and in blood testing.

How should I proceed? A diagnosis for genital herpes like that seemed pretty drastic.

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    • hopeing
      If you've never had any symptom I expect you prob have HSV1 from childhood and not genitally.
    • Soconfused2
      I have hsv1, i got off of birth control about  9 months ago, so i dont think this can still be hormonal acne. Why is this happening too meee. Its just getting worse overtime and ive had this happening for a good 3 weeks now just getting worse and worse. They are mostly on my cheek area, but i will get occasional single pimples around hairline or forehead . This is the worst its been! Anyone else have had this issue ? Its gross
    • IcantThinkofaName
      yeah, I got HSV from him and HPV . I'm pretty sure the HPV is from him too but no way to be 100%. I have never tested positive for that before though. The coincidence is too much.   How to trust somebody?? I really don't need any more gifts.
    • Mackie82
      Since he has given your H then I advise you to make sure that  he's not giving New gift this time  ( another lovely virus) otherwise have sex as you like but not with ob's. I say that because it happened with so many people and I don't want to mane any. Thanks 
    • Mantis
      I'm so confused! My IgM was positive yesterday and today I found out the IgG test came back that I am negative for HSV2 but showed evidence of IgG for HSV 1 (she said I needed to retest in 3 months).  I've never had ANY symptoms ever. So do I tell people I have genital herpes or do I tell them I just have cold sores virus?  I have no way of know if I have it on my mouth or below! What do I do??? 
    • FML000
      Another thing a high count might indicate is how far back you were infected.  It's possible that over time your body keeps developing more antibodies to keep the virus replication in check.
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