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All of u can be healed

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hey I believe

I red this book where everything happened people got cured from all sorts of viruses u just need to believe thats it.. I do I hope that with praying ill save myself and be cured of herpes.. we all just need to believe.. besides why do u think there is no cure for herpes yet because they want to make some money on us.. there is about 20 mill sick people or more if they find a cure those fuckers will stop making money right isn't that true?? we fly to moon and we can't find a cure for herpes come on isn't that sad?? wake up people think real if they can't and don't want to help us God will and I know it for sure.. we should protest until we get the f.. cure for this virus they cant luck us all up.. hehe anyways people I pray for u every day and I know what your going trough.. love u all guys support each other..

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I agree - sometimes that's all we have is faith in God to get better. There's nothing wrong with that. To each his own, but this is the "keeping the Faith" section.

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I agree...I know that the only person that is really getting me through this is GOD...I cant wait until MAN cures me, I have to wait and let GOD do his thing...So from this day on I will pray a little harder and a little more not just for me but for you guys as well...regardless if you believe or not!! Even though we may never have met we are in this fight together and we are going to beat this togther!!:D

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Herpes Awareness

Belief in God and so on was the only thing left in 13th C. Europe when bubonic plague struck down 1 in 3 people and there was no germ theory, no hygiene or vector theory, no knowledge really of what caused it. Hence new churches and statues etc were dedicated in every town to God to ward off the plague in their town.

We're in a similar state now with viruses such as HIV, HSV, etc, except that novel effective virus-eliminating therapies are being developed. Hope we don't run out of oil first...

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Ok, as much as I have a prob with some of what standard says... that was a little funny!!

Faith does not cure anything! Positive thinking may help the body to fight against things and help strengthen the immune system, but thats its.

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i beleive many times we are inflicted with many different situations that are a burden in life,,,and i also beleive that many times its for us to have a bigger understanding of somehting more powerful than ourselves and it has nothing to do with herpes, but our insight on other issues and to draw us closer to him..it makes us look at what is important in life, not to take things for granted..maybe it has something to do within ourselves that god wanted us to look at and we wouldnt until somethinglike this happened>??? who knows,, but thier is usually something bigger than what we understand ,,, i think its great that thier is a faith based area on here...and for those who dont want to believe,thats you r choice, but no one is shoving anything down ones throat because they are in the area that have believers in it? this was created for those who do beleive, so no one should be knocking that,

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again, saying that we all catching this happened for a reason, even if we dont see it now.... right??

Well the only reason I see for me persnally, and maybe some of u would agree, is to make like harder and make dating (which is already difficult as it was without complications like this) just that little bit more terrifyin and hard. Takes courage to just talk to omeone sometiems, let alone to try and discover if you can trust them with this secret or not

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wow, i clicked on to this post hoping to find others of good faith that we could talk about and mostly all ive seen is sarcastic and mocking remarks. so i only have my 2 cents to say.

this seems like the perfect place to talk god since the title is keeping the faith.

it seems to me that when someone has such anger or disgust about a post speaking of god healing, then why did you come and read it? maybe you need to look inward and think why am i so bothered by this?

i personally believe in god, im nondenominational christian and i believe he can work miracles and heal since all things are possible with god, and i know god has withdrawn his protection on people (read job) and illness has befallen them. but i also know people that dont believe in god and he miraculously keeps them alive against all odds. there is a lesson in everything, today is a gift, you could be hit by a bus tomorrow. i believe you are to bring your troubles to god, but also take personal responsibility. take the meds and herbs that god has provided, he did not promise that life would be easy, he just promised that he would not give us more than we can handle. and i thank him everyday even for these problems, because it is a sign im still alive.......there is a joke i once heard that reminds me of this debate:

a flood came and a christian woman was on her roof and the water had gotten to 12in below her roof. and 2 men in a canoe came by and offered her a lift. she replied..no thank you i know the lord will save me.

a little while later now the water was at her knees and a patrol boat came by and they said lady hop in, were here to save you! she refused to get in and said no no the lord will save me.

now the water is up to her chin and a heliocopter rescue team come and say grab on were going to pull you to safety. she refused and said no! i know the lord will save me

she drowned.

apon entering heaven she asked god. lord i lived a good life. i had faith in you and i awaited your rescue faithfully, then why did you let me drown??

god replied: sheeesh, i sent a raft, a boat and even a heliocopter, all you had to do was get in!

"sometimes people just cant see the forest thru the trees"

love, laugh and be merry!:mrgreen:

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Greetings loverly people...

What I never get about that rescue story is why all the good people who tried to save her did not deem the woman out of her mind and JUMP IN TO RESCUE HER! The story is so unrealistic it is... a sin! Well close enough anyway. I wonder what "God" said to the driver of the boat and the pilot and the men in the canoe... "WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE MY CHILD?" yeah?... no... Honestly... people take people to be shallow and easily manipulated. We are ALL accountable... for good and bad alike... that includes the bloody rescuers who LEFT THE SCENE OF THE EMERGENCY... lol... silly people... tricks are for kids!

Love and light go with you all...

Ms. Rachel E. Milano

"The Wagon Lady"

google me

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Casting Judgement

This person has only made a suggestion, if you don't believe in the things she said close the window and move on to the next thread. This is suppose to be a place of support and acceptance and many of the posts I read are disappointing and non welcoming...His/her faith is the medicine of their choice....why is everyone so outrage, no where did they say believe or die...so get over yourselves...

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    • Big Sad Cock
      Lomatium about 75ml twice a day, For me, and Oregon Grape Extract along with Woodland Essentials “Auntie Vi” and thc coco oil tincture along with no Turkey and little pork diet has been good. Lots of sunlight exposure and Tequila!! And you have to remember that the mind is the main element that triggers it: Have you ever had no symptoms, and just thought about that spot, and then something appears? I have about five separate reoccurring exact spots that seem to be triggered by different things.. Like being sad, or friction with clothing, or foods/diets… So crazy!! Feels like no doctors really know. It would be nice if there was an HSV positive genius scientist that really cared.    I pray that the spider bite would help or be an option for some miracles.., IS IT CRAZY TO THINK ABOUT INSECT VENOM, injected to the exact nerve, and it just fries the virus, but human cells are restored somehow? Idk, seems possible.    Good luck to you, one positive to my sex life is…. It’s been 100 times better since I’ve contracted this disease. Sounds weird, but getting it right after a divorce with my ex and having really boring sex for 15 years, it still is possible to do anything you ever wanted to do. Trying to tell myself something positive. It’s hard, try to be happy. 
    • Naturalady
      Maybe you have hsv on your thumb, but it never was strong enough there to cause an outbreak before? Keep us posted on how you are doing on Lomatium. So you think it's the Lomatium working and not the weird spider bite you mentioned? Was that just a joke?  I suggest we just ignore the other two judgmental trolls that keep chiming in on defending Big Pharma when they have no leg to stand on because they know just as much as we do that not one virus has been cured by the pharmaceutical companies except Hep C (for some), and that was just by mistake. I just want this thread to focus on Lomatium and not get gunked up with their vitriol.   I do have HSV2, unlike what some idiot on here thinks. I've been tested numerous times and my symptoms are all genital. The lomatium is making my symptoms milder, but not all gone. Are you taking it just once per day? How much do you take? What brand? I still get some irritation and one sore has popped up twice since starting it. During the day it is much better, but at night is when the symptoms get stronger, but with Lomatium my nights are better. I have less discomfort than in the past. I frequently have difficulty sleeping due to the pain of the hsv causing prodrome symptoms at night. I am still using some ointments at night, some nights, but it's not as bad as before. The ointments are not as necessary as before. I also take the Munity Boost and Liver Love by Barlow Herbal daily, and sometimes I take a scoop of Lauricidin.  I know 3 other people on Facebook that I speak to who are about to start taking Lomatium for their severe and chronic hsv. I'll share their stories on here as best I can. 
    • HelpingAngel
      That's right.  For established infections, only the FHC have been successful so far. 
    • ohno35
      I think I can! I'm just worried about that huge blister on my lip in 2016. I can't think of anything that would cause that other than HSV and syphilis, which I'm both negative for. 
    • Cas9
      Currently, the work at FHC is the only one that appears to be able to edit out existing latent virus; at least in mice. Animal tests are currently in progress using guinea pigs which is a better model. This work will be conducted over the next few years.
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