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Women?? HSV, HPV, Yeast Infections? Lysine...

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Sorry for the confusing title but in a way all that is mentioned may be relevant and I'm hoping some feedback may get me, more importantly my girlfriend in the right direction.

Its been 9 months since we confirmed we both have HSV2 and believe I was the culprit. Nonetheless we have continued our relationship since. About 6 months ago her OBGYN diagnosed her and treated her for HPV and in her return trips say the cervical cancer cells are no longer present. For about the last 4-6 months or so, my girlfriends vaginal fluids have gone array. When clear, its still thick and kind of sticky and at other times its really thick and white.

Lately that thickness of her vaginal fluid has been turning clumpy even or with slight greenness in its color. She has been to 2-3 different OBGYN's 5 or 6 times over the last several months and each and every time they diagnose her with a Yeast Infection, give her some pills to take and to stick inside her and send her home. These have yet to make an impact.

I mention the lysine because she is taking 1000mg a day of it. Her body is handling is the HSV very well as she never gets any OB's or atleast that we know of. I do get them and we do have unprotected sex.

Does any of this sound familiar to you women on your experiences or solutions?

Thanks for reading and responding if you have an thoughts or suggestions.


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You could both have thrush (obviously I'm not a doctor) but speaking from my own experiences I had a similar problem.

Many years ago I was plagued with thrush. I went backwards and forwards to the doctor and got tablets etc to treat it. I carried on having sex with my then husband during the brief days when the symptoms cleared, but then I would start to get the itching and discharge again.

It wasn't until my own doctor was not available and I had an appointment with another doctor, that he said that my husband should also get treatment for thrush as well. He explained that we could be passing backwards and forwards between us (my husband never showed any symptoms for thrush). So we both got treatment and the thrush disappeared.

I would go back to the doctor and get checked out.

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    • Hester
      I bought some drops the other day to try. I tried a couple drops under my tongue!  Nasty stuff!  Washing down with water helps but I still hate it. Are you doing drops or capsules?  I wonder if it really helps?
    • Hester
      The response of your previous doctors is infuriating. So glad you took the initiative to look for more adequate health care!  Best wishes for your continued recovery. Sounds like you're in good hands now!
    • Terrell
      He's no man
    • NancyB
      I had unprotected sex including oral sex with my sometime boyfriend last January.  About 10 days later, I became very ill with a severe painful burning mouth.  Other symptoms quickly followed which included oral thrush (yeast), chills/fevers, inability to eat, difficulty swallowing, feeling extremely ill, weight loss, constant nausea, coughing, etc.  These symptoms lasted for months and months.   I was seen initially at an urgent care center in Florida.  They diagnosed me with oral thrush and treated with the usual stuff (nystatin swish and swallow, lozenges and oral Diflucan).  Nothing worked, and the medical people there would not believe that I had esophageal candida when I told them it was in my esophagus and I was still very ill.  All they said was, you cannot have that, do not have that, etc.   When I came back to Michigan March 31, I thought my doctors here would be able to diagnose and take care of this.  However, that did not occur.  They all basically said the same thing as the medical people in Florida and I continued to be ill.  I finally had to schedule an endoscopy with my gastroenterologist to get diagnosed.  I got diagnosed in early June with esophageal candida.  No surprise to me.   I was subsequently put on an oral anti fungal solution.  I felt that what was underlying my condition had something to do with HSV 1.  I sought out a diagnosis for that.  I was tested, but after testing, I was told I tested positive for having had the virus at some time, but had no active infection.  After just under 3 weeks, I was symptom free for about 11 days.  Then, the candida recurred.  I was put back on the oral solution the middle of July.  I thought that because I had this that things with my medical team would move along more quickly, since before this, no one seemed to be concerned that I was so ill.  Again, that did not happen.  Basically, the doctors just passed the buck and I got no better.  I finally fired all of my medical team and secured the help of a new internist and a new infectious disease physician with his help.  This took a number of weeks to get this accomplished.  I saw my new infectious disease physician on August 18th and was diagnosed a week later with a severe HSV 1 extended reaction.  I was put on the antiviral, Valtrex, and was told to continue on the anti fungal.  I am not sure how long it will take to get over this, but I think I read it could be a year.  However, the candida would never have cleared up if I had not had suppressive antiviral therapy or the reaction had not abated.  You are probably asking how we know this is a first exposure reaction to HSV 1.  Well, no one would be this sick unless this was a 1st exposure reaction.
    • Hester
    • MelodyWhisper
      After two long and stressful weeks, my blood work came back negative. I've been crying since I found out. I was so scared that I would be positive and have to confront my ex/assaulter. I can move on with my life. Thank you to everyone who has supported me on here: Lisajd, LucyLevi, and JBnATL . It means so much! I can't thank you  enough.
    • LiveLife100
      @Motherhen32, I am sorry you are going through this!! Blood is NOT HSV2 so if you are bleeding please call your Dr right away! Also, please talk to your Dr about the issues surrounding HSV2 and a natural delivery. I had 2 children post HSV2 and was planning a natural delivery until I had a separate issue (placenta previa). My understanding is that you can take suppressive medication for the remainder of your pregnancy and if there is no sign of OB you should be able to deliver naturally. If you are having an OB, then you would need a c-section. Either way, everything will be ok!!
    • Blahdittilyblah
      Hello, you have support here through this forum. We all are going through this. I'm new only a couple weeks adjusting, but I find it amazing to hear other people's story's and advice. I've only told my mother and father and one close friend. But my partner is in the same position as you, and I suggest speaking here first get comfortable with this and then maybe if necessary you can speak to someone personal you know, but your not alone were are evidence of that. 
    • rayk7536
      Hello everybody.  I'm a newbie to this forum.  Not new to "H".  I'm 66, retired, live on long island, and am single.  
    • Motherhen32
      I don't know what to do.. I have no support and I'm not sure if I would want to tell anyone about the virus anyways 
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