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    • Muscha
      Only thing reoccurring here is some type of pimple or Fordyce spot.  Herpes does not stay in a constant state as you describe. It moves through its stages quickly. Try to relax.  You are taking the right approach by talking to your health care provider.  It is with certainty your tests will continue to be negative for this exposure.
    • Ifeelempty
      Hello, I had a potential exposure to someone with HSV1. Not sure if it was oral they had or genital. She did have what appeared to be a friction burn near her vagina that was questionable. 4 days later a small red pin size pimple appeared. It went away after about 3 weeks and another appeared near by. It’s been here for a month as well. It looks like It gets inflamed when it’s irritated.. no popping. When I leave it alone it gets almost unrecognizable. I may have irritated it again as it’s not inflamed and red again. I can post updated picture here soon. I’ve tested negative for HSV 1 & 2 right before this partner. No flu like symptoms and any other symptoms other than these spots. Also I got a test/swab 10 days after potential exposure.. nothing really to swab... All negative IGg and IGM. I took another test at 5 weeks after exposure and still negative. I just went back in for another test. They are doing IGG and IGM again. I’m worried it went undetected. Does anyone have reoccurring small red pin sized bumps? Doctor/ Wilson has told me it does not look like herpes. I would love to hear of some other opinions.    https://imgur.com/a/RtarvYW
    • Cas9
      Yes, FHC research is all about a full fledged cure (i.e. a sterilization cure). It's not a vaccine. The latent virus is the virus that resides in ganglionic neurons permanently. When the latent virus reactivates (i.e. replicates), it causes shedding, or an actual OB. There are the ganglion along the spine called the Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG).  HSV infection of the DRG, specifically at the base of the spine, causes genital herpes. Then there's the ganglion on the sides of the face/head.  HSV infection of that ganglion causes oral herpes. The FHC work involves transporting a gene editor to the neurons in the ganglion mentioned above. That gene editor cuts the latent viral DNA in two locations, to eliminate it; i.e. a sterilizing cure. A functional cure, for example, would be something like, stopping the latent virus from replicating, but the latent virus would remain in the ganglion neurons. Stopping it from replicating would prevent OBs and shedding. Of course any therapeutic vaccine is also welcome. I mean, if it reduces OBs and shedding by 80%+, that's very helpful, and it gets closer to a functional cure, but not quite.
    • AlexUobby
      @WilsoInAusI got a Roche test today. And my HSV II igg value is 0.07. It seems that I wasn't infected. Thank you so much for all those help!!! So grateful!!!
    • Honey7575
      Hello did you get relief? I have this problem and it begin afrer I got herpes. Recurring knife cutS on rectum
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