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Dry them out or moisturize???

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OK, so I have had another sever facial outbreak...swollen lips, horrible cold sores around my mouth, chin, & has been two days now...what is the fastest way to promote healing - drying them out or keeping the affected areas well moisturized?

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    • Yada
      Well, my boyfriends swab test came back negative! We are still waiting on his blood work. I'm extremely hopeful that he's going to come back negative. We'll see! I am however, too paranoid now to resume sex with him... I'm not sure how to get over that. 
    • Yada
    • jessfrench05
      thank you, i hope youre right final thing what exactly is hsv 2?   
    • Yada
      Thank you! I am fully aware of drug interactions with SJW. I have been using the plant for 25 years. ( just not to treat herpes)
    • Yada
      Thanks for the info sanguine! I'm happy to hear someone has had luck with SJW. I know it's been used for years, but wanted to hear someone's personal experience.  I typically don't take herbs in capsules as I am a trained wildcrafter and make my own tinctures, infusions and oils. SJW grows a plenty here, and is currently glowering, and I make my own so I know that I have a high quality tincture. Of course, then it's free medicine!  I have been using the fresh flowers crushed on my sores as a poultice and they have almost gone in two days. Great for now, but won't help when the flowering ends. I was going to make it in olive oil but I'm concerned the nature of olive oil will trap the virus in. Coconut oil would be better, but it's going to be an experiment! ive been taking the tincture of SJW for the past 5 days, and am going to continue the regime that Rosemary Gladstar has for herpes.  thanks again for sharing the info and links! It's great to know it works. 
    • Sanguine108
      So funny you bring this post up.  I was just about to say that instead of referring to HSV as damaging nerve, HSV poses as an agent of chronic inflammation on the nervous system (for its respected areas).   ...And so the war of attrition on the nerves and neighboring tissues wears on them and sensations/neuralgia becomes apparent or more pronounced. In layman's terms: It is a nervine and thereby clears inflammation from the nerves and promotes the restoration of them. I understand you're concerned about the safety of SJW but it is a remedy that does help people suffering from herpes.  
    • Cah2016
      Thank you for that info! I did read something about the igg so I will definitely bring that up. Do u know if that is automatically looked at or do I have to request?
    • Skatie24
      Hi there, I'm a 27 year old mum of two who suffers badly from coldsores. I've been getting them for about 9 years now but recently they're becoming more frequent, I can't get a break from them. They're starting to make me feel dirty and I'm feeling embarrassed by them. Can anyone give me any tips on how to prevent them breaking out,they're also so painful,I get more than one at a time and also in my nose. So bloody over them! I'm so happy in my life hardly ever stressed and try to eat a balanced diet with regular exercise. Help!  
    • WilsoInAus
      As you can see, this is 75% inference. I actually do not disagree with it though, the argument is very plausible. However as you can also see, this confirms that herpes DOES NOT cause nerve damage! Thanks for posting that @Seeker1960 that is exactly the one I recall that summarises Dr Halford's view perfectly. But that isn't the point. The first point is that SJW should always be mentioned in conjunction with the fact that it cannot be taken in conjunction with birth control. Luckily people on here such as @Sanguine108 are not medical professionals or have much medical knowledge otherwise they would be the subject of medical malpractice actions. Next, nerve regeneration is not necessary for herpes as the nerves are not damaged. That is simply a figment of the imagination that perpetuates itself as a myth pretty much limited to dodgy websites that has little place on this credible one. Wouldn't you agree?
    • crookbristi
      @Felina88 I've had a very similar experience. A few months ago (maybe March/April) I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible burning inside my vagina and I felt like I had to pee ALL of the time. I thought I had an UTI too. I couldn't fall back asleep or even lay comfortably because it was so painful. I found a pharmacy that was open and got the OTC pills for urinary tract infections. I took the dose and within about 15 minutes I did feel a lot better but my pee was a bright orange. I called the doc when they opened, was able to get in that afternoon, they tested me and I had no UTI. They thought it was possible I had a std (never mentioned herpes, it was more like chlamydia) and gave me a shot of antibiotics. That helped a ton. Tests came back negative for std's (but again no herpes check). They put me on an antibiotic for a week just in case I had a bacteria infection and that cleared up the burning feeling.  Now that I know I have hsv2, I'm almost positive this was a sign of an ob but because they didn't test me for it, I'll never know. And the antibiotics probably suppressed any other ob signs.  If the burning doesn't go away, I would suggest just an OTC UTI med for now. Get tested for an UTI (it's a simple pee test) and if it's negative, I would attribute this as a sign of an ob. 
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