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Dry them out or moisturize???

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OK, so I have had another sever facial outbreak...swollen lips, horrible cold sores around my mouth, chin, & has been two days now...what is the fastest way to promote healing - drying them out or keeping the affected areas well moisturized?

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    • newtome930
      So, I'm forty and have had very little sexual experience.  I divorced my ex (my second ever) last year and I have been with my fiance exclusively since August.  I dated a few men in between, using condoms with all but one.  I have been under incredible stress and experienced a sinus infection, panic attacks (I suffer from anxiety), and just general pressure over the past few months.  A couple of months ago, my fiance performed oral sex on me when it was questionable whether his cold sore was 100% gone.  I did have a reaction several days later that we (including the OB/GYN) thought was BV.  Now, as of Saturday, I have been struggling with life altering pain and lesions in my vaginal area, primarily in the perineum.  They do not look like warts or the herpes you imagine.  I describe them as Edward Scissorhands took himself to me then poured acid on it.  Every minute of every day is painful.  They look like cuts that are infected and white and oozing, not round or otherwise traditional.  I am not really sure I have herpes, but both my Ob/Gyn and my PCP concur that there isn't any other diagnosis and they are some of the top physicians in my big city.  Without posting photos, I don't know what to say except, HELP!!!
    • Lisajd
      I got genital blisters and a cold sore on my face at the same time.  I have hsv2.  The genital lesions were swabbed only.  I assume the face sore was also hsv2.
    • Lisajd
      To your knowledge you do not have it.  You have not had symptoms. He could have it prior to you at any rate and not know it.  Maybe now is the time to talk about mutual testing.  
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