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not herpes related, but a question

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I'm not what you could call a "Christian'. I was once, but over the past decade have wandered away. Long story. I feel that I'm being pulled back, but I'm resisting. Another long story.

Anyway, something happened a long time ago that I have trouble explaining to myself, and I was wondering if any of you could share your opinions with me about just what it might have been that I experienced.

When my son was a baby (he's grown now), I used to rock him to sleep every night in the rocking chair in his room. After he fell asleep and I put him in his crib, I'd sit there in the dark and pray. It was the one quiet spot in my day, and I looked forward to that time to spend with my thoughts, and with God.

This one particular night, I was feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for all the blessings I'd been granted... a loving husband, a sturdy house, enough food to sustain us, a beautiful, healthy son sleeping peacefully beside me. We were actually as poor as church mice, but I felt so rich... so blessed.

I prayed for a long time. Deeply immersed, I guess you could say. Fervently. And suddenly, I felt the presence of God, right there, in the room with me. It was as if he was standing right in front of me, so close that if I reached out my hand, I could touch him. To say it was overwhelming would be an understatement. I couldn't open my eyes. I was terrified, and at the same time, overcome with absolutely paralyzing awe. The sensation only lasted a few seconds, but it left such an impression on me that I ponder it, still.

Could it have been God, or did I simply hypnotize myself into thinking he was there? Was it my imagination? Could it have been real? Has anyone else ever felt such a thing?

I'll probably never know for sure, but I'd be interested in hearing from others about what you think. I seem to be struggling with this lately.

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Honey, THIS is the post that I was meant to respond to this evening for sure! Trust me, that was jesus and he was there just as sure as you are sitting at that computer now. It was what the bible talks about and calls "the holy spirit"...the spirit of god in us and around us.

Its hard to find people this day and age that will believe EVERYTHING in the bible, most just like to pick and chose what works best in their life, but me and my church, go straight from it and everything in it. And we know the power of the holy ghost. It is the one that lets us "speak in tongues" which is the "outward sign of the spirit of god IN us". the book of Acts is exactly where you need to go in your bible to read ALL ABOUT this very thing that you experianced. there are tons of accounts of the holy spirit showing up and working in peoples lives in the book of Acts. It talks of the day of penecost when people were saved, baptised, and filled with the holy ghost...thousands of people. it also talks and explains the "talking in tongues" and the "feeling of gods presence".

God doesnt just sit in heaven and play a puppet game all day. He LOVES YOU! He knows the hairs on your head and they are NUMBERED! He knows when one of those hairs falls out even and what number it was! Thats what I always remind myself of, and it always brings things more into perspective. He isnt an "absent" god like buddha or any other ones that people worship, OUR God is real and ALIVE! You said you were a christian so then you know that jesus did rise and roll that stone away right?? he WALKED out of his OWN tomb!!! so how can you doubt that his spirit could come and be in that room with you???

I think that you know the truth or you wouldnt have posted that here, you wouldnt pondered on it for years after the face, you just want someone to reach out to you and reaffirm what you already know right??? well im here for you and if you need any help finding your way back to God then just message me. Im not "perfect" or the best christian you will ever find, but I do love jesus and try to live right...and I am working every single day to get to heaven! hope to see you there!

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Your experience is exciting and real. Embrace it that God and the Holy Spirit are real. Embrace that your Faith and heart was right before the Lord that He chose to bless you with His presence. Seek HIm again, you said that you were a Christian once, God has not forgotten you and is waiting for you to navigate through your struggles, to reach out to Him once again.

You see, I have been there, and just recently in the last cople months I hit rock bottom. I didn't cast God out of my life but I thought, WTF, life is as GOd planned it and there is nothing I can do to change it. I became distant, indifferent, confused. I have asked forgiveness and finally, sincerely, repentant. I feel the Holy Spirit replacing the doubt and worldlines that I pursued for 6 years. He never let me go, He let me play in the fields, allowed me to explore and discover answers to what was bothering me but never took His eyes off me.

In 1995 a winter storm brewed up in the Gulf of Mexico, I was on a work barge and all work had ceased so everyone went inside out of the weather. Not me, I went to the highest point I could, the helo pad. In the dark i praised God and prayed and reveled in the power of His creation. I asked God to show hiself to me and he did. I light in the clouds for a breif 3-4 seconds. It was exhilerating! No tugs, oil rigs or work lights were anywhere around!

In 1998 I was praying on a hillside in Eastern Oregon asking for Gods direction in my life. I was creating a busines plan and was seeking His will. Again, I asked God to show me a sign that I will start the business endeavor. Immediately, a shooting star shot across my skyward gaze, long and nearly horizontal. I pray with my eyes open because I have better focus that way. Coincidence? No, just over a year later i founded the business and it is still sucessful today. But not everything is glorious, business is full of hardships and pressure. Send me a mesage if you want.

I hope you find what you are seeking.

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      You could try getting Genferon suppositories that you buy from Russia. They are used boost interleukins and someone I know was using them and it was helping a lot with her neuritis. She gets it from genital HSV1 and doesn't get outbreaks, just the tingling, itching, nerve pain. She is planning on also using the Herpavac vaccine next from Russia. Ever since she got the chickenpox vaccine she hasn't had any outbreaks, just this neuritis/neuralgia.   For me, I've been taking LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) which modulates my immune system and has greatly reduced my daily symptoms. During the day I get practically no symptoms for last 2 weeks, but in the evenings I get some mild irritation. LDN is a prescription which I get from a naturopath. It is much safer than the antivirals and can have many benefits. I am now taking 2mg a day. I started at 0.5mg. I will keep increasing it slowly until hopefully all my symptoms disappear. Some have said this has happened for them who have hsv1 and it also benefits hsv2, like me. Check out this website to learn more. ldnresearchtrust.org
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      Hey bud, check out the herpes cure web site on Reddit. I’d be interested in connecting with you. I am u/bldyhell send me a message will you? https://www.reddit.com/r/HerpesCureResearch/
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      if anything it’s very atypical.       
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