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Do I deserve this?

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Is this gods punishment for my philandering (actually I'm still a virgin but I autoinoculated myself via masturbating). If so I can take the pain but its not right that my family has to suffer. My parent really wanted me to get married to someone I love and have children but I don't think that is possible anymore. I wish I had never been born that way they would not have to feel the disappointment.

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This is a very common virus. 1 in 5 men and 1 in 4 women have this and lead normal healthy sex lives. I could have had the virus for quite some time since mine layed dormant. I have genital hsv-1 and have only had one major outbreak last November and a minor one in April due to extreme stress. If you know what your triggers are for outbreaks than you can manage it better. Some people have outbreaks brought on by food with lots of arginine in them. You can click on the panel to your right and see what types of foods can trigger them. I wish you the best of luck! Sorry that you had this happen but keep in mind you can still have a family and wonderful sex life with this virus! I have two children and most likely carried the virus inactively at the time and my children are healthy.

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i never really understood how we will say i love the Lord God and trust him with all my heart, get lost in the sins of the world <hears him calling you back but you ignore> and once the consequences hit us pulling us to reality of it all we fall to our knees and the first question is Why me God? in question... not saying that this is you but just wanted to share the thought. God loves you no matter what your family should love you no matter what and they should know no person in this world is perfect we have flaws and we make mistakes also theres a special person out there that'll love you .. and kids .. you may be blessed with many . keep the faith

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Chiming in late......Many times we suffer from decisions WE make. He gives us his Word as a road map to follow. That road map leads to a rewarding, fulfilling life. When we take a step to the left or a step to the right or even a little shortcut, we get lost. He lovingly tells us exactly what we need to do to avoid unneccesary pitfalls. It's up to us to listen and follow HIS directions.

Like many, I threw that map to the side and followed my own course, a course that led to heartache, stress, strife, disease and many other things. I ended up with H, the father of my child ended up being a deadbeat, and someone I truly loved ended up being a jerk. I use to think "this has got to be my punishment." Well, if that's the case, God got it all wrong because I have friends who engaged in premarital sex (and eveything else under the sun), lived their lives far more recklessly than I did and they have loving husbands, great careers, and from what I know they don't have this virus! On the other hand, I have friends who did all the "right" things and life wasn't peachy keen for them.

We're not being punished, we're dealing with our choices. We're learning from them and growing.

When you see a beautful flower, remember - it had to go through a lot of dirt to get there.

All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.

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    • StayStrongOk
      @dont quit!, Great effort by you to not pass it to your daughter. Fortunately, kissing is not the only way to show affection. I am sure you are already channelling through other means 🙂
    • Bd2132
      That is good to hear! I have my appointment this evening, so hopefully they agree it is something else. It has not changed in appearance since Friday when I originally posted also. 
    • t1berius1
      Thanks Wilson. Really appreciate the answer and contribution to this community! I guess I will sweat bullets for 12 weeks to get a better answer. 
    • n0v0c41n3
      Thanks for the input, I definitely did not know that prior to getting it I did want to input that I still only have the labia swelling but it hasn't progressed any further.
    • dont quit!17
      I'm sorry about your outbreak but as a Pfizer recipient that vaccine is potent and harsh with side effects. Wait until you get the second dose. 
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