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Outbreaks and Quinoa?

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I am in the midst of a horrible ob. I was diagnosed over 20 years ago, and cannot remember having one, not necessarily severe, but appearing and popping up in so many different areas. Rationally, I know that in an acute timeframe, my diet contained many things it should not have (chocolate, processed cereals laden in oats/wheat, a nightly ritual of peanut butter pretzels and to wash it all down--beer) Now,. I have to ask,----does this sound like a rational observation? To top it off, I have incredible angst, anger and frustration.

Part 2. I saw this article on yahoo this morning. Does it sound that if you could find this seed, that it could merit consideration?

Thanks for listening to me whine.




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    • diablo604
      I am not sure how to interpret the numbers from blood tests but there are many more knowledgable people here who could help you with that. In my case, I had an outbreak that was initially diagnosed as a skin allergy (cortisone cream made it MUCH worse) and then as a fungal infection. When it didn't respond to the anti-fungal,  the doctor did the swab that showed gHSV1. That was a big shock (no recent sexual contact whatsoever) but I had been given Prednisone very recently and that suppresses the immune system. Perhaps you had a similar, latent infection that flared up because your resistance was low? Ordinarily the primary infection would be the most severe, I know, but there could another factor at play
    • Lisajd
      Time and your attitude os the difference between being ok with it or not.  Yes the stigma is the biggest issue but i also think we assume too much about others and how they might respond and their own status. I date and whilst the thought of disclosing crosses my mind i never assume a rejection.  I dont know their std status or their view on it.  Guys who dont know much i explain it and they consider it. Even guys who at first had doubts, once they realise its pretty much cold sores and low risk they are ok.  Most of all they appreciate my homesty. Bigger than herpes itself.  
    • JustLikeYou
      I’d go with a pimple, but you need to see a doctor if you’re worried.
    • Lisajd
      Having oral herpes is not sad. Its common. 80% of pple have cold sores.  You ought to get tested to be sure..
    • disappointed189
      My swab is confirmed for hsv1 so that is what I dont understand the most I would assume I would feel something of an outbreak there. I dont know if the old infection numbers give some kind of idea if it is the years I have had oral hsv1 or do the numbers change if you are having an active outbreak since they were able to  swab bump.
    • Nans
      I think it is herpes unfortunately because it recur this time around .. So sad
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