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Outbreaks and Quinoa?

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I am in the midst of a horrible ob. I was diagnosed over 20 years ago, and cannot remember having one, not necessarily severe, but appearing and popping up in so many different areas. Rationally, I know that in an acute timeframe, my diet contained many things it should not have (chocolate, processed cereals laden in oats/wheat, a nightly ritual of peanut butter pretzels and to wash it all down--beer) Now,. I have to ask,----does this sound like a rational observation? To top it off, I have incredible angst, anger and frustration.

Part 2. I saw this article on yahoo this morning. Does it sound that if you could find this seed, that it could merit consideration?

Thanks for listening to me whine.


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    • Mogie89
      I just got told earlier tonight that I hard herpes.. type 2.. and i feel gross and worthless.. not at all sure how to handle this or how I will deal with it. I been with my boyfriend a year and he has been gone a few months (locked up) song few months and I don't even know when I got this.. only time I'm thinking was back in July I was spending ti.e with My Friend and cheated then not to long after that I noticed a sore.. it.went away finally and about 2 weeks later another one came up which it's still here so went to the Dr Thursday and called today and told me that.. doesn't hurt or nothing don't bother me at all actually. And when I read about other people they say how painful it is.. so I'm just really confused bout it all
    • Free73
      HPV 1 & 2 is human papilloma virus type 1 and 2. In other words, you tested positive for genital warts, not herpes. She should have explained that to you, but HPV (genital warts) is the most common STD you can get.
    • WilsoInAus
      The only conclusion you can reach is that you have an oral HSV-1 infection just like 70% of the population. This is herpes, but your doctor is probably referring to genital herpes. Only a positive HSV-2 outcome on your test would give rise to concerns that you had genital herpes. The swab looks to have been negative. Your doctor is spot on.
    • Maybe1day
      @Cal56 I wish you and others with severe symptoms would reach out to media/news crews and get the word out about how bad hsv can really be, bring attention to the matter, and help increase awareness and research efforts for a cure.
    • Lj2099
      I have an itchy vulvar lump. No pus, no pain just the itch. I when to my gyn and she said it might be herpes or some other skin condition. she was not sure. She took some swap sample from the lump and also a blood test.  The test came back positive for the hpv 1 and negative for the hpv 2. She told me that I don't have genital herpes. She told me to buy an over the counter cream and if in a week the lump won't go away than I would to have a biopsy of the lump.  My question is is hpv 1 an std? How come she said I don't have herpes if my hpv 1 came out positive with an 32.50 Iv level?
    • Free73
      I didn't know that Hepatitis C could be cured, but congrats on having it successfully eradicated. I can only imagine the pounding your immune system has had to contend with having both HSV and HCV. And i guess it stands to reason as to why HSV1 has made you so ill. It's a virus and in immuno-compromised people, it has the potential to hit you hard. I guess just give each suppressive therapy a try. I hope the FAMVIR gives you less side effects than the Valtrex.
    • WilsoInAus
      That's a terrible outcome for you, what made you think a symbiotic virus wishes to defeat anything about a human? It doesn't.  Maybe it was something else that stormed your Alamo?
    • Sanguine108
      @Maybe1day Damn, was reading my post and it's not too clear.  Was multi-tasking while typing it so oh well.   Too much to type about and people probably don't find it that fascinating.    But yeah, the virus sucks.  Never felt so defeated about living until this happened.
    • dont quit!
    • WilsoInAus
      Yes this will be quite normal for the body developing antibodies. I also suggest stress may be playing a factor here as well as you'll be very concerned at what the future holds. I take it this was a swab, in this case you need to make sure it was correctly typed. What sexual activity did you have in the week before the sores appeared?
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