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Outbreaks and Quinoa?

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I am in the midst of a horrible ob. I was diagnosed over 20 years ago, and cannot remember having one, not necessarily severe, but appearing and popping up in so many different areas. Rationally, I know that in an acute timeframe, my diet contained many things it should not have (chocolate, processed cereals laden in oats/wheat, a nightly ritual of peanut butter pretzels and to wash it all down--beer) Now,. I have to ask,----does this sound like a rational observation? To top it off, I have incredible angst, anger and frustration.

Part 2. I saw this article on yahoo this morning. Does it sound that if you could find this seed, that it could merit consideration?

Thanks for listening to me whine.


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    • Gregor
      I live in Berlin, Germany.. probably the STI capital of Europe! It really surprises me how little doctors actually know..  Yeah I guess I will have to go somewhere else to get a more reliable test.. would be nice to know which one(s) I have.. If it is type 1 then I can probably be sure it is not that, since it has come back so many times so often in 5 months.. Thanks man G
    • MissPriss
      I think your absolutely right.  There should definitely be a docosanol anti-viral "cream or ointment". Other than using abreva and spending a million dollars of course. It has done wonders for me. Maybe it has only been studied on lip skin tissue, but I'm just guessing.
    • WilsoInAus
      Not really. Admittedly for those who have had herpes for a while, they have no problems identifying a herpes lesion. Less so if you don't know what they are of course. In the end there is only a small chance that you are a person who tests negative for HSV-1 but has a looonnnnggg established oral infection. If you did, I'll be provocative and suggest... so what?
    • Queenbeevivian
      Thats wat mine look like just a pimple and it hurts
    • thebear123
      Thank you for your response. It's been four days since that incident. The white head pimple is all but gone. There was a little crust over it but it brushed off yesterday with one gentle swipe of a finger. The "pimple" in question on top of it is still visible but is fading as well.  Ive had pimple/zit scars last on my face for weeks but this seems to be going away fast. Everything seems like a OB except the fact that they looked like white heads. 
    • WilsoInAus
      I do not think there is a lot to add. Some HSV tests (believe it or not) are not type specific and you had one of these. Your doctor must be a bit old school and not up on latest testing. Might have to do with where you live as well? I would suggest that the odds here remain strongly in favour of you having an oral HSV-1 infection from your childhood and what you are experiencing is unrelated to herpes. I know it is disappointing to not have an answer but herpes is as diagnosable as the next ailment.
    • NancyB
      Dear Hester, Thank you Hester.  It was nice of you to respond.  Yes, infuriating is to put it mildly!  I don't know if you know this or not, but if I had not been able to procure some antifungals along the way, this could have gone into my blood stream and I could have ended up in the ICU.  The mortality rate for that is 40%!!!  Needless to say, I know more about candida than I ever thought I would in my lifetime.  I guess when you are sick for 8 months, you are motivated to do that.  The really sad thing about this is that this was a pretty easy diagnosis, especially since I told them what I had both times.  They did not even have to figure it out.  So bizarre.
    • mcmich
      Oral sex causes around 40-50 percent of all new genital infections. That is how I was infected but the girl never told me she gets cold sores. Happened with no visible cold sores also. Destroyed my life...been celibate ever since. And HSV1 can cause as many breakouts as HSV2. Just depends on strain (there are many substrains - african strains are more virulent) and persons immune system. It is also possible to catch a different strain even if you are infected with one type or another. Many people have both HSV1 and 2. Not sure what the percentages are.....   Anyway, use a flavored condom. He will thank you in the long run........just my take....
    • hayitsmay
      Yeah I've already made sure to tell him that I get coldsores 
    • cherryblossom91
      They keep telling me they can't disclose anything with me and to contact the physician that did the swab and he's basically untraceable because he travels rob different offices. The only thing I have is information about the test on this online portal but it says nothing beneficial. No results or anything. Just "wrong test code used" and that I received a culture 
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