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I'm worried about my dad :-(

d00m kitty

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Hi everyone

My very 'invincible' dad isn't well. He's 70 & has probs with a rather serious/nasty case of cystitis. As is always the case, he needs to wait 1 month to see a urologist, it needs to be NOW!!!

Today when they pulled out the catheter he haemorrhaged. Freakin' hell!! The doctors are barely helping at all :-(

My dad is a farmer & normally works harder than most people half his age. For a week he's barely moved, has barely eaten or even drank anything. It's so sad.

I know it shouldn't be serious enough that he may die.................yep that's me always jumping to the worst case scenario.............but a quick google confirmed this can be rather serious. His mum died when she was only 56 from kidney failure.

Anyhow, I suppose I just have no one to talk to & I really love my dad. I want him to be ok.

Honestly, there are worse things than herpes.

Thanks for listening,

hugs to all


Am crying now :-(

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He has to wait a month to get treated for this??? That's horrible!

You are totally right --- a UTI could travel up his urinary tract and end up causing renal failure or a systemic infection or worse. Besides, it's very painful. Proper medical care does not include making anyone, especially someone elderly, wait for treatment of something like a urinary tract infection.

Gosh, I have no idea what to suggest. Your system is so different. Maybe he could try taking some golden seal (herbal with antibacterial properties).

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I'm praying your father gets well fast and is out of pain. :)

As for herpes not being the end all...I've been saying that for 26 years now. There ARE WAY worse things out there. Prayers for you and your family!!!

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Thanks RG & Daisy

RG - they have put him on antibiotics & like I said they had a catheter in him. But my goodness, he's in such agony!! The doctor was meant to see him at hospital & didn't so then it's left up to nurses to treat him. I think they were in a bit of panic when he haemorrhaged.

He sees the doctor tomorrow afternoon again, so we shall see what happens on THAT visit!! Dad is thinking he may have to go to Perth, which is like a 4 hour drive!! And of course, not familiar with city traffic anyhow..........his brother always used to help out there, but now his brother isn't well either, he has terminal lung cancer.

Mum thinks he's probably going to end up having to have an operation, but obviously that's why he needs to see the Urologist, a specialist, to work out exactly what is going wrong? He was in hospital maybe 7 years ago now & has been on meds ever since. Obviously, it's time to do something more, that 'bandaid' ain't working no more!!

Thank goodness it's a rather quiet time of year as far as farming goes, at least it won't be making himself sick there with worry about not getting things done. He's not one for sitting around!!

Anyhow, fingers crossed something more definitive is done tomorrow. Dad said he can't wait 1 month to see the urologist, he's in too much pain.

thanks girls


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It's also just a bandaid, but what about Pyridium? Did they give him a scrip for that? It REALLY helps with the pain of a UTI.

The other thing I've learned is quite important is to make sure the urine is cultured, to determine exactly what critter you are dealing with. Otherwise, they are just possibly throwing the wrong antibiotics at it and making it stronger in the end. Gotta get the right drug!

Is he taking probiotics to counter the side effects on his gut flora? He doesn't need a yeast overgrowth on top of everything else.

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I've written down Pyridium & will phone my mum in the morning & suggest they ask the doctor about it when they see him tomorrow.

As for his urine test, they got a sample Friday afternoon & mum said it was still in the fridge [this is at the hospital] when they went back in Saturday morning!! So, there doesn't seem to be much of a rush on testing that out!! There was blood in it!!

Not sure if dad eats yoghurt or not [i know my mum does]. If he doesn't, yes probiotics would be a good idea too.

I have the feeling they're just not taking the matter serious enough. I wish he'd go & see my brilliant doctor cos then there would be some action!!

That's another part of the problem too, getting appointments to even see a doctor, which is why they keep going to the hospital. But even if they should be seeing a doctor, he's rarely there, or seems to think the nurses can handle it on their own without him? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Thanks RG, your help is much appreciated.

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sorry to hear it. first, the sample being refrigerated, that is actually a good thing, the sample needs to be maintained in the fridge until the tests are run. blood in the urine, def not good. was the blood caused from a tear from the catheter? i dont know enough about how medicine works in oz, or I would try to be more help. take care and be sure to look out for yourself, stress can cause an ob ya know?! hugs and support...

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hi elmerette

They took his urine sample before they did the catheter. So there was already blood in it.

Anyhow he sees the doctor again this arvo, I hope they sort something out!!



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      Hi @CathM if you received oral sex in the days before the sores first appeared then it is important to be sure of type - culture tests do not type. Ask to see your result and see what it says. Is your partner going to test? This is also helpful.
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      Hello@WilsoInAus I only know that they took a swab and then I was notified that I was positive for HSV 2. I don’t know have any knowledge about whether it was a culture test?
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      Hi @CathM and welcome to the website. Yes there is little doubt you were infected by this new partner. This would have happened 2-10 days before the sores appeared. There is one question to settle quickly. Was your swab test a PCR with a result of HSV-2 detected. Or was it a culture test?
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