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my christmas present from my ex is an eviction no


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YEP thats right I went to check the mail yesterday to find an eviction notice and get this it is for 5 freaking days. I have five days to get out and I have no place to go, yes my parents live a few minutes away BUT they have no room at all for me and my son and I do not wish to go back to them taking all of my money and always causing trouble with me and I surely do not need my mom stepping in every time I try to discipline my son,he is out of control right now because of her always getting in the way when i tried to correct him. Also there dogs use the bathroom everywhere, I still have toys in the basement I need to clean off due to my moms dogs peeing on them.

I spent an hour crying before I called my ex at work and when said guess what I got he played stupid . I just had my parents purchase me a $40 christmas tree and over the weekend I put it up and my son decorated it sunday and my ex let us doing all the while knowing he was going to evict me. How the hell do you evict someone with a child and with a few weeks to christmas ontop of it?

I have been trying like heck to find a job with no luck, I went to the farmers market across the street and they are not hiring and filled out an application for the dollar general.

He actually made a list he wanted me to follow and I tried like hell to follow every one of them and I even gave him $50 but nothing is good enough for him. He started complaining the middle of last month I never help with bills and I do not get money until the end of the month so I could not give him any which i kept saying to him but he seems to think we have a money tree outback I can just go pluck money off of. As soon as I got my money I gave him money.

When we moved in together he had me under the impression i did not have to pay any bills, all I had to do was buy food which is like $360 a month and I am sorry but I can not buy certain foods of his like organic milk that is like $4 for a small carton. I also pay for cable and internet which is $100 a month.

My parents said they are moving next month and want me and my son to move with them but I was so damn depressed living with them and since moving out of there house I have been so happy up until my ex started jumping all over me and I know every cent I get my parents will be wanting.

Yes I confess the computer room was messy and so was the basement and sometimes the dishes got kind of piled but as of lately I have been keeping up on that and saturday I started going threw the basement . I am sorry my parents took the washer they let us have but that is not my freaking fault and yes they keep saying they are going to give it back but do not yell at me and blame it on me , do not yell at me for smelling like cigarettes , it is not my fault they smoke and I surely can not demand they not smoke around me or my son, I have tried and they don't listen.. I am sorry about the freaking hot tub being here so long but again that is not my fault, my dad said he would come and get it and never did and you just kept riding me , riding me and riding me about it like it was my fault and yes I finally did get rid of it even though it was my fathers and his responsibility to move it.

You said on your list you wanted money from me so I gave it to you, I gave money to you before you even gave me the list.. Am I really that horrible of a person? Do you hate me so much? I am tired of all of this, I just want to be happy and for my son to be happy. I was really trying to work things out and have this as a roomate situation but he does not want to have that no matter how hard I try so if I do not have a job and am able to get a place of my own before my parents move I guess I will go back to living with them and be miserable. Stupid social services up here is no damn help when it comes to housing , they said I would be on a 2 year waiting list which is people did not abuse the system I am sure that list would be ALOT shorter


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Damn that really sucks...did the eviction notice come from him or a court? Not sure there but around here a landlord has to go before a judge before eviction....I would keep trying to find housing elsewhere...are there any woman crisis centers around. They sometimes can help short term housing an counseling if needed. Hope things work out for you an your son and remember life has a lot f stepping stones before you get where you need to be. God Bless

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Hi. I don't know all the financial details but you cannot be forced to leave without 30 days notice (at least) UNLESS rent is late or due and not being paid.

If the rent has NOT been paid, the landlord has a right to put a "pay or quit" type of notice. In CA this is a 3-day notice. If you receive a notice like this you must pay rent or leave. If you don't THEN they can FILE for eviction but it's a long process.

I do not know where you live but if rent is paid, I am betting that they cannot kick you out that quickly. Usually it's at least 30 days notice as long as your rent is paid.

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