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I'm trying to find out the honesty truth about this so called boils around the vaginal area. I don't have it. but it's about someone (my husband's so called female friend) that has it.

If I remember right she said that it's painful but that she gets this around down below before she starts her period. And she told me and my husband this and that she gets them before she starts her period. It didn't click what she was saying and now I wanting to find out with doing the research on this. Because if I see a picture that looks just like what I saw then the only thing that I can say to my husband is OMG you seriously need to get check. Cause I'm clean I've already been tested and everything came back negative the only thing that I found out is that I had dysfunction urine bleeding. I'm not feeling anything down there or see anything down there. Cause when I clean down there I also check it to. When it comes to STDs in that area. I'm very careful but I think my husband might have it. Because we did have threesome together and I made sure that my husband wear a condom but I realize it til I didn't research on it and I'm like hole crap his got to get check.

Please I need help and honest truth answer on this please

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Dear Princessweida,

I think that all three of you need to get checked. First, your husband's friend needs to have an IGg type-specific blood test done, and she also needs to have her boil cultured by a doctor the next time she notices it coming up. It sounds as if she very well could have herpes, because sometimes an outbreak is triggered by a woman's menstrual period. Your husband needs to have the blood test, too. Condoms don't always protect people from herpes, because there is so much skin-to-skin contact during sexual intercourse. I know that you have been tested already, but how recent was your last test? You should probably have an IGg test done, but also an IGm test. This second test will tell you if you have had a recent infection. Sometimes you can have the virus and not be symptomatic. Unfortunately, that is also a time when one person can unknowningly pass the virus to another person.

Good luck, and I hope I have answered some of your questions. Good for you for being so pro-active about your sexual health!

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