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I got an email from Dr Bryan R. Cullen about HSV


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I got this email from Dr Cullen.

I thought I would communicate the following developments to those of you who are interested in the research conducted in my laboratory, especially as it relates to Herpes Simplex Virus.

1) We have a new lab website that just went live (http://cullenlab.duhs.duke.edu/faq/). I intend to keep the FAQ on this website up to date with new developments and I hope that you will visit it and take a look.

2) Thanks to all of you who have made donations to our herpes research. This is much appreciated and inspires us to work harder than ever to move this research forward. In addition, I would like to let you know that my laboratory has received a one year research grant from the NIH, totaling $250,000, that will support our work through August 31, 2011. In addition. we have recently been awarded a research grant from a major pharmaceutical company to support our work on herpes that will give us $80,000 a year for two years. This is still far short of what we would need to go to clinical trials, but it is a big help. Moreover, we are very encouraged by the interest from a drug company, as any treatment that eventually emerges from our work would not be available unless it is marketed by a company. We are also submitting a major grant request to the NIH early next year, in collaboration with the Bloom laboratory at the University of Florida, that we hope will enable us to move our research in a more clinical direction. However, it still looks like it will be several years before any clinical trials will become possible.

Again thank you for your support, and I will keep you apprised of our progress on our website.

Best wishes,

Bryan R. Cullen, Ph.D.

James B. Duke Professor

Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Director, Duke University Center for Virology

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yes, i got that same reply, too. asked some three + months ago what is the actual status of those "animal trials", since ´seemed to be the same or even worse in the course of time. asked also what does he mean by the "initial data" etc. well, nothing new.

"several years" before human trials, that is five years, if all goes well, i think...

shouldn't bloom have some definitive results by then. and if he does and they just happened to be gooood - who would wait for the promise of duke therapy---

just askin

get rid of the fucker or die tryin

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I don't understand why all the research groups cannot just work together and combine the wealth and knowledge....I wish we lived in a society where people weren't driven on money because then it would be so much easier to get cures. I am so disappointed in this world...it sickens me

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