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Tromantadine Gel (Viru-serol)

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I'm using this gel and have found a LOT of help with it. The gel is tromantadine

The link is in spanish, but you can translate it in google traductor:

What I like about this gel is:

Tromantadine inhibits the penetration of virus into the cell by influencing the enzyme system by preventing cellular penetration and spread of the virus.

In fact interfere with several processes, which makes it very difficult the development of resistance, contrary to what occurs with other types of treatment, based on attacking a single enzyme system.

The Tromantadine inhibits syncytium formation and passage of the virus from one cell to another. The pathogenesis of reactivation is poorly understood and indicates the existence of latent infection at the ganglionnode.

For this reason, despite the Tromantadine prevent the spread of the virus, the likelihood of future attacks (relapse) depends rather on the patient's immune status.

So I guess it helps with the virus to not get resistent to the drug and also can make you not haveng so much recurrence.

Have you tried??

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    • Bukx
      If this works, it will be so amazing! I just can`t believe He is doing this; Halford is just amazing
    • oneday
    • Free73
      I agree 100% Lily. For me, it drew a line in the sand as far as my relationships were concerned. For many of us it presents an opportunity for change and growth, but as humans, we resist change, even if it's change that needs to happen. I see it in myself and how I've changed since being diagnosed last year, but I also see myself at times fighting that change. In some ways, it's easier to just go back to old, dysfunctional behaviours, even though those behaviours didn't serve me well from a relationship perspective. It takes courage to change and H in many ways is the sign that life has given us to push us in the direction that we need to go.  
    • Prettypony
      "Getting to know someone well enough to decide if they are a person you trust with deeply personal information before you sleep with them will, in truth, probably save you tons if trouble as the years pass by" I love how you said this! So true! Thank you
    • GKH
    • LilyMae
      Hi Free73. Thanks for responding and for the welcome. My outlook is actually super optimistic, though that might not be so evident in my post. H presents a situation in our lives that will for sure precipitate a change. Barring a comprimised immune system, it's really up to each of us, individually, what that change will be. Getting to know someone well enough to decide if they are a person you trust with deeply personal information before you sleep with them will, in truth, probably save you tons if trouble as the years pass by. And really, in my experience that has been the only significant impact hsv has had on my life.  I'm really happy to be here on this site.
    • Malcolm
      I agree with Rational Vaxxer in that some herpes+ people have formed a deep personal connection with the infection, and have become one and the same with it. I suspect this is some kind of coping mechanism. They see vaccines almost as a threat to their identity. It's truly bizarre.
    • Cantbetrue
      Yes, male. Thanks for the response. Gosh, where did you find that info? Very interesting! I found anywhere from 2 to 20 days. Thanks again
    • Free73
      Hi Lily, welcome and thanks for sharing your story and for your generally optimistic and positive outlook. Fear of the future is the biggest problem most people seem to have with this virus, but it's always nice to hear from someone who has lived with it for so long who can provide hope for others newly infected or struggling for acceptance.
    • Lisajd
      I am actually quite offended by that because I'm not a sex cheetah or a sex addict and I have been on those sites for years and I know a lot of people who are on those sites and they are decent people.  I have also met a lot of boyfriends off that site and sure they did not work out but they were nothing like what you are saying.  
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