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desperately needing relief

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ok just to let u know this IS gross and I dunno how many other ppl have this problem but trust me I feel very alone. I was diagnosed with herpes almost a year ago now and I have it under control for the most part but I also had anal sores that took FOREVER to get rid of. Although the doc said the sores were no longer present he said all the pain was coming from some fissures or what I say look like actual cuts on my anus. They are EXTREMELY painful when I have a bowel movement and they will NOT heal. I have been using proctofoam that the doc gives me but it only relieves the pain a little. I have had this ongiong problem for right at a year now without a days rest from it and I am losing it. Please if ANYONE has or has had this problem let me know what you do to heal it. I would really appreciate it.

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I do not have that problem,but I give you all my sympathys and a

big hug! I guess the one thing,It can only get better in time..not worse.

Hang in there and hopefully someone will chime in with something that

will relieve you.

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Cherry Cola


Hope you feel better soon!

Has your doc recomended anything at all for the pain?All i can think of is to drink alot of water as this will help keep the stool soft and be a little less painfull maybe.Sorry,wish I could offer more.

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I am currently on my 3rd week of my very first outbreak, I'm absolutely devastated as I have been with the same man for 10 years and he cheated on me and gave me this death sentence. 


   anyways....I too am having this issue!!! all of my sores and fatigue and fever are gone but I feel like I have small cuts in my butthole :( its very red and angry. I have been putting Oregon oil on it for 2 days now it burns like hell for 5 min and then subsides...it feels like its helping. 

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Hugs!! Hope you get better soon hun and try apricot seeds.. 

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I get these deep cuts in my vagina not bum.  The only thing that helps the pain and itch is soaking in Instant Ocean (like a salt mix from pet store) with warm water.  It’s amazing.  A nurse told me about it. U can message me for details but is simple.  


This virus is a death sentence I agree.  You are not alone tho. 

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      @MissHorne, Please don't take what I said as a criticism. Just thinking out loud and wondering if he reads these. I haven't seen anything derogatory.  
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      Just north of the city. 29/f
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      Really need to sort my anxiety out. I've had heth anxiety for a few years and my new worry is hsv2. I think I had 1x unprotected exposure. The reason I say i think is that I passed out and  was possibly assaulted. No lesions, blisters ever seen. Ive been checking. Though 8 weeks after exposure had tingling and itching that lasted for 6-8 weeks on and off. I had this for a good year and a half.  Saw 3 GPs, and visited GuM twice where I was referred to a vulva dermatologist. A culture for HSV was taken, this came back negative.I was diagnosed as having Lichen and prescribed steroids which helped reduce symptoms. I just need some reasurance that I can assume I don't have this and move on. Is the fact that I had a negative culture enough proof and the absence of lessions etc reassuring? Thanks
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      Your penis looks similar to mine...please update if you ever figure out what this is.
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      So ur saying the herbalife was the key?? Olive leaf extract and pro biotic are good? How many mgs of Lysine did you take a day? 

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