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Hi I'm new


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Hi, my name is Mari and I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago and still devistated. I am 40 years old with 2 kids. Thank you for this site. It's been the most positive and informative of them all. Hoping to make new friends.

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Hi Mari

I too was diagnosed recently, about a month ago with HSV2 (I have had HSV1 since adolecense). I am 42 and have 2 kids too. Mine are 21yrs and 5yrs. Do you have HSV1 or 2? I too really like this site. It is VERY informaive and everyone is really nice. I have met some good people. Feel free to message me.

Take care.

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The doctor said I have both. I haven't had an outbreak yet at least I don't think I have. So I'm take valtex to avoid them. I am so devastated. I have always been a healthy woman. I was finally getting happy with myself. Smh! Oh well! Thank you for your fast response. I will keep in touch.

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