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Herpes on tongue? Picture attached.

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Just tonight I noticed lots of little "blister" looking bumps on the very back of my tongue. In the photo you can see the few big ones I'm talking about, and then there are lots of little ones that seem to go right down into my throat until I can't see anymore.

What do you all think? I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow but just wondering if you think I've caught herpes (or some other STD) in my mouth? I'm pretty upset about it. :(


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Sorry, for some reason I can't see the photo....

But if they are BUMPS on the very back of your tongue, it sounds to me like they are your taste buds. I would recommend you Google "taste buds" and it will show you the placement of them on your tongue. Some are bigger than others.

See if that may resolve your question? I hope I have helped.

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Thanks to the both of you for replying. I went and saw the doctor today and he wasn't concerned at all, just gave me some doxycycline saying it looked a little inflamed and he didn't want it to get infected. I guess this is what happens when you don't know the interior of your mouth and then go looking inside in the mirror.

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Happy that it all worked out for you! No one is able to diagnose anyone over the internet so happy you went and seen your doctor, awesome!!

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      Hahahahaha! Positive Singles sucks ass!! It's bad enough having herpes but to make you pay money to get in contact with others is a sick joke!! It makes me so mad they hock their site as a "support site!!" No it isn't! It's purely for dating (And from what a few women I chatted to on there told me; It's full of sleazy old guys messaging women waaaay younger than them and guys that think they can get laid cause chicks on there have the "same thing" they do). JB is correct! Positive Singles hate people telling others about other herpes support sites. God!! How dare you!! They don't give a shit about helping or supporting you through a tough time.... They just want your money!
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      Thanks for your input...
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      How long have you had this virus?  Until you immune system builds up antibodies you can have multiple outbreaks. If you already had it, receiving oral sex probably would not have given you the 2nd type. JB
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