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Hi all,

I am almost 40 and have herpes. My boyfriend when I was 35 gave it to me. I had a friend for years and we got married when I was 37 so he knew I had it. He passed away a year ago and soon I would like to begin dating. I have not had to tell a new partner this yet. I need advice as to how some of you told your new partners or when. I guess I will be dating differently then before. I am unsure that anyone will accept my problem. It is a difficult problem for me. If anyone has any help it would be so helpful in every aspect. I know all the info about condoms and no outbreaks, but what about dating.

Thank you all.

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Hi and welcome.

The 'telling' question is very popular around these parts - you may care to check out some posts in the Secret to our Success sub forum as there are some really great success stories, and also some tips for new players on not what to do.....

There are also some great fact sheets there on the right under the Life and Love heading that you may find useful. They can probably explain a little better than I can! You can check it here http://www.herpes-coldsores.com/herpes_talk.htm

I am proof that life does go on post herpes - I have a wonderful partner who is non h and has been nothing but supportive. I directed him here to this site after I told him, as I found that it was a great site for balanced and factual information and that was a great help to both of us.

We are glad you found us as this is a very supportive community and I'm sure you'll meet many members with some good advice to share.

Take care.

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first let me say how sorry I am for your loss of your husband. i would not tell anyone on first date or even 2nd date unless it was going to lead to sex then tell. Only tell the other person only before you have sex and you know him well enough to see that it going to go somewhere emotionally and you know you can trust him then tell

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