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Is it possible?


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Hi all,

Long story short I went to the doc because I was feeling sore and had an abraision on my genitals. My GF had complained of tenderness as well. I explained my symptoms and we both agreed to get tested. As each of her results for STDs came back negative we were worried that it might be herpes which had not come back yet.

On my trip to the doctor 2 days later, I developed 3 tiny pimples. The doctor swabbed my scab on my abraision and took a blood sample. Since that time the doctor called back to say I was negative. I expected to be positive. Now over the weekend the pimples started bursting into open sores.

Is it possible to test negative through the blood work while my first outbreak is occuring?:confused:

I suspect the abbraision on my genitals could have been the point of entry for me. Stupid of me looking back on it now.

I am scheduling another appointment with another doctor as well.


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Welcome, BostonGuy. Yes it is possible to test negative. I had blood tests done at the height of my first outbreak and they came back negative. Now I am waiting another 2 months before being tested again, waiting to see if the antibodies will have developed in that time and that will indicate which type of herpes I have. Hope this helps.

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I accept now that I have GH, I wonder who in my past I need to alert. I tested negative during the begining stages of my first outbreak which has been mild compared to some of the stories I read here. Now I wonder if I could have had this for a year even though a test turns up negative? I'd much rather figure out it was recent exposure. I'd hate to think I gave it to anyone else.

Why don't doctors test for this on a routine basis? How come I don't see warning ads on TV? Why is this just accepted as normal? I understand its not life threatening in itself but lets face it, I'm embarased I wasn't aware of the facts of this STD.

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Since i had my outbreak and started learning about this virus, I too am amazed and discouraged that there is so little info out there in the public sphere. Sure, the virus won't kill you but just the economic cost of days lost at work and the pharmaceutical costs involved with so many people having herpes should warrant much wider public knowledge. I still can't believe that 20-25% of the US population has GH. I've seen the figures quoted over and over but it is really unbelievable to me that so many people have it and so many don't know it.

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