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I found out in sept that I have hvs 1&2. The first thing came to mind if I was still able to have kids and a normal life. I found out I can have all that and more. This website has truly helped me. I am wit a wonderful man that does not have h and accepts me and willin to have kids wit me. My ex is even willing to be with me and I'm amazed they know I have h and I'm happy. I sometimes do get down and stress but my man is there to help me. Things well get better keep ur head up people. :D

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Ocean beauty u welcome I know how it feels wen u first find out I'm still shocked and sometimes doubt that I have it but paper says different lol but it does get better I stressed and get mad but then say life too too short and I don't have somethin that's goin to kill me jus a rash jus keep doing everythin the same don't change ur life I haven't still do everythin and misshope thanks

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@ Ladyl ... how did you tell your current BF... I am currently dating a guy and I really like him ... I've never had the talk and this is the first guy that I can see myself getting serious with in 3 years... I was diagnosed 3 years ago and I just recently started to get back out there and started dating again ... Tho its only been about a week since I met this guy we really click ... I know I don't want to have sex with him anytime soon but the thought of having the talk is really eating at me... I may be freaking out for nothing me and this guy may not even be talking a month from now ... lol ... but the thought is just scary to me ... Thanks

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@misery I told my bf the same day I found out I sent him a letter and he was shocked but since we been knowin each other for a year and half close to two and take me mind only been wit each other 4months he said he would try it and work wit me. His cousin has h also so he knows a lil bout it. We have normal sex no condoms which we should be he don't want to and I don't take no med but I do take lysine. I guess it depends on the person. But don't be scared some understand very well. I have told a total of 4 guys and all took me and want more but I said no cuz of my bf now rather have him. Good luck don't be scared

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Misery: I also just recently told someone for the first time on our 3rd date. I was freaking out about having the talk and going on and on about what I should say. But I just came out and said it, I gave a few hints before hand. But it went very well, suprisingly. My advice would be disclose as soon as you can imagine there could be a future. I don't think it is fair to the other person to wait to long, when there is alot of feelings developed. The person I told said he didn't think it was that big of a deal as I thought. He also told me I was very brave and he respeted me alot for telling him. And if someone regects you for herpes, he is not worth your time. It might hurt yes, but their is someone better. Someone who is just as honest as you are. I think if I ever have this conversation again, I am going to tell him he has a less chance of getting herpes by dating me, and being careful than dating any other girl.

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