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False negative blood tests?


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I had protected vaginal and unprotected oral sex with my ex gf two years back exactly once and that has been the only episode of sexual encounter in my life.

This june, 2 years later, I had penile pain and based on information on forums got tested for herpes. The Igg test came back negative. I have had penile tingle once every month and a red spot on the glans appear right after this tingle and go away in two days each time, 3 times now.

I decided to take the biokit hsv-2 test and the result was negative.

I am not sure if I have herpes and based on members comments on this forum, there is no way you can be sure you do not have herpes based on the blood test after two years of exposure? They have all had positive cultures and negative blood tests two years later.

In this case how can we even trust that our blood test is true when it says we are negative and we do not have information from the culture test at all?

I am freaking out, depressed, anxious and sad. Please, can someone help?

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I wish the doctor did a culture. The symptom of the red spot showed up when I was travelling and could not meet my physician immediately. When I showed him the pictures, he said, there was no vesicle to swab anyway, it was just a reddish spot, size of the rice granule. Hence I could only get blood tests done. Right now, I am praying for symtpoms, how ironic? Are blood tests sensitive enough? what should I do now?

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I honestly do not want to steer you wrong because I have only been diagnosed recently, but I would call your doctor and find out exactly what is going on. Sorry that I cannot be more of a help, good luck :)

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