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Waiting On results...scared outta my mind..weird symptoms ..help


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hi there..im new here...heres my situation.

after 5 days of possibly being exposed from a guy who doesnt know if he has it I felt burning I had discharge n i took otc for yeast n it seemed to help but since then ive had weird symptoms like random irritation through out the day never on the same spot ...i went about four weeks ago to planned parenthood n they said it was yeast way up there they gave me terconazole it has eased but I still get those random feelings down there so a week ago I went to get tested for herpes blood test because i have no bumps or sores or cuts...oh n iI tested negative for chlamydia/gono and hiv n trich...i still have to wait one more week for my results... :( I feel like im going crazy I cant even sleep..all of this has been going on for about 4 months now

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the waiting is going to be the hardest part, but try to stay busy and not obsess over it. hard to do I know, but try! did they test you for bacterial vaginosis? I hear that can mimic herpes. keep us posted please, we all really do care!

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First- thank you for providing me with a smile (something I have done rarely since my first OB) as the whole "sweet smellin' discharge" thing got me! Second- it is not a requirement of BV to smell badly. It usually does- but not always. Smell alone could not rule out BV.

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well I guesss all I can do is wait for the results i hope positive isnt my christmas gift this year...but I have a feeling it is..what else can it b..i also have body aches here n there but I duno if that has to do with the one depo shot i took 4 months ago :( its all so confusing

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It IS all confusing, CMR. I am thinking of you and hoping as hard as I can that you are negative. I know that would be a great Christmas gift! You dr visually diagnosed you? Did s/he put you on anti-viral meds?

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Before you find out your test results, you should remember that, in north America, about 80% of the adult population has hsv1, usually in the form of dormant or active cold sores. (The stats are even higher in Europe). So if it turns out you have hsv1, so do most other people.

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