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ugh :(


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Hi everybody.

I had sex exactly a week ago with someone I trusted, who still swears up and down that he doesn't have anything. After poking around the internet I've come to realize that he may just not realize he has herpes, but at the same time he said he was tested two months ago and everything came back negative. Either way, the sex was painful. It was dry, and rough, and I really wasn't surprised when two days later I felt like I had gotten a UTI. I still had antibiotics left over from my last UTI, so I popped two of them and went out drinking.

My UTI symptoms vanished the next day, but I was still uncomfortable down there - it started to itch, get swollen, and then I noticed two little red bumps. Uh oh. I went to the ER because at this point I was really nervous and couldn't stand to wait until the following morning to schedule an appointment with my OBGYN. The doctor at the ER said that the bumps could "possibly" be herpes, but she swabbed them to be sure. This was 3 days ago, and I'm still waiting and waiting and waiting for my results. I can't believe it's only been 3 days.

I'm almost positive that it's hsv 2, mostly because it hasn't gotten better since I went to the ER -in fact, it's gotten a lot worse. Two red bumps turned into 3 red bumps turned into a handful of red bumps. I'm to the point now where I can't look anymore because I feel so gross. But even though I'm about 95 percent positive that it's hsv 2, I'm still a little bit hopeful that maybe it's just a really, really bad yeast infection. I know this is just wishful thinking, but I DID take more than the recommended dose of the UTI medication, followed by a whole lotta beer. So maybe? I need a hug. :(

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Well here is your HUG a big one. Try not to stress so much and wait for your results. It could have been just from the dry rough sex. If you test comes back neg. try and get a blood test just in case. Just to let you know my swab test came back neg. but the blood work came back positive for genital hsv1. You may have to wait 3 months for the blood test as it takes time for the antibodies to build up. If you are positive it is not the end of the world. Just remember that herpes is a virus. Have you ever had the chickenpox? That is a form of herpes. You wouldn't believe how many people have this virus. Just take care of yourself make sure you get enough sleep ask your dr. about valtrex which is a supressant and take immune boosters. They mention some of them on this site. And if you feel you really need someone to speak with come on over to the chat room. There are alot of wonderful people over their who would be happy to answer any of your questions. Hope to see you over there! Take care and don't beat yourself up over this!!! "HUGS"

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Thanks dupachick :) Kind words mean a lot right now. They did a blood test in the ER too, but the ER by me is always pretty hectic and they never really explained why they were taking blood. I'm guessing that's why though. I'm gonna keep my head up through the holidays and then go see my obgyn, who I feel would take the time to say a little bit more than just "possibly." I've had the chicken pox AND shingles! This virus must love me!

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I cant offer much advice but I can say that I totally know how you feel. My story is very similiar, the guy took off the condom without my knowledge. Literately 2 days after the intercouse, I had a red rash down there, the rash turned into red bumps, the whole area was swollen, swollen lympd nodes, discharge, sores w/ bad odor and not to mention the most awful PAIN. This lasted about 2 & half weeks...and it got to the point where I couldn't look anymore either =/

I made an appt for the GYN but guess what? The day before my appt, it became that time of the month for me, so I had to wait another week! Even tho, I was getting better by the time of my appt, she still took one look and said HERPES - full blown first outbreak. She swabbed me and now I am awaiting the results as well, so believe me, I totally know how u feel :( Big Hugs to you and if you feel comfortable, keep us posted.

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I'll definitely keep you posted. I've called the results hotline at least five times a day since I went to the ER, but I doubt I'll hear back about anything until after the holidays. Big hugs to you too, Betrayed. I don't know if you've already been in the chat room like dupachick recommended but it really is a good idea. They made me feel a lot better.

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    • CHT
      Okay.... makes sense.... I hope it is helping.  Again, I would ask about a Rx for valacyclovir instead of acyclovir.... valacyclovir gets more acyclovir into your system than taking straight acyclovir.
    • WilsoInAus
      Hi @Throwaway765 yes that all makes sense and you’ve pretty well reached the right conclusions except for a very significant fact!! You are right, receiving genital HSV-2 from oral sex is unheard of, just not feasible given how people have it and whether it actually sheds in infectious quantities or not. Safely rule this out. Now HSV-1; once you have this as you do orally, you have immunity against infection anywhere else on the body, it is also not feasible.  The symptoms you describe are also not related to herpes in the absence of lesions.
    • NewInNebr
      Newly diagnosed, looking for people to connect with in Nebraska, Lincoln even better 
    • Throwaway765
      Thanks for your response! I received unprotected oral 10 weeks ago and immediately after had stinging in my glans and weird nerve pain. I am positive for HSV1 due to cold sores I got as a child, but as recent as 9 weeks after this exposure have tested negative for HSV2.    im nervous that I may have acquired hsv1 again on my genitals since HSV2 is rarely acquired from oral sex and doesn’t shed hardly at all, but haven’t seen any sores yet. Just weird symptoms and this started recently in my buttcrack when I was taking antibiotics.   Any advice or perspective would be greatly appreciated. @WilsoInAus
    • WilsoInAus
      Hi @Throwaway765 and welcome. There is absolutely no concern over this being related to herpes. Something must be concerning you as to the possibility of herpes… what is it? 
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