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I hate my life.


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right there with you. i'm not even a hundred percent positive that i have it yet (but i'm pretty sure... still waiting for the results) and i've barely slept in three days. i have no appetite and i've hardly left my bed. this sucks.

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Welcome to you both. Maria - if herpes was only given to nasty people well by heck there would be a hell of a lot of nasty people on this planet! Herpes doesn't discriminate and it is not a follower of Satan, it can happen to the nicest people and usually does!

I am sorry to hear you are both having such a rough time of it. It is completely normal to have the emotions you currently do, but believe it or not, it will get better. The initial outbreak is usually the worst and it doesn't mean you will always have bad outbreaks either. There are many members here who hardly ever get outbreaks at all. Everyone is different.

If you happen to end up having them regularly remember there is treatment for it. You will find one that works for you and will also discover what your triggers are, so listen to your body and take care of it. A strong immune system is our best defense against this skin virus so eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep. I would also suggest a vitamin c supplement. I take 3 a day and haven't had an outbreak since. There are other members here who take things such as lysine, kelp, zinc etc.

Remember too that this isn't the end for you and a lot of us here have discovered it is actually a new beginning. Be thankful you didn't acquire hiv for example, and this new found status of yours will not only have you educated on the virus, but also it will ensure you choose a partner wisely in the future. The ones that run after 'the talk', aren't going to be worth it anyway and imagine what they would do in the case of a 'real' crisis. Most importantly don't ever let it stop you from doing anything you were going to do. Life your life as you always would have. During an outbreak - yes it can be a hindrance, yes it can sometimes be painful etc but it isn't terminal. Come to the chat room once you have posted twice. It's a great place to release and realise you are never alone with this.

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aquarius you are quite wise and helpful. Diagnosed with HSV 2 several years ago, not a day has passed where I didn't bemoan my situation. It took me a while to realize that life and society doesn't tolerate someone who's unhappy and curses the sky. My new outlook is that this has made me healthier. Outbreaks are a direct result of our body reacting to toxins or stress. Avoiding those will produce a happier life anyway... so grasping at a silver lining but herpes has been a blessing;) Additionally, any man that loves you...sincerely loves you will do the research and realize "it's" a fraction of what it's made out to be...Make one another more committed and loving...well maybe that's just my pipe dream-

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what a comforting thread to read. although i have yet to test for herpes 2, i am pretty sure i have contracted the virus. i will go to the dr. later today. i am numb to it all at this point in time, but you have provided me with a bit of relief, however temporary it may be. thanks.

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    • WilsoInAus
      Hi @CathM if you received oral sex in the days before the sores first appeared then it is important to be sure of type - culture tests do not type. Ask to see your result and see what it says. Is your partner going to test? This is also helpful.
    • CathM
      Hello@WilsoInAus I only know that they took a swab and then I was notified that I was positive for HSV 2. I don’t know have any knowledge about whether it was a culture test?
    • WilsoInAus
      Hi @CathM and welcome to the website. Yes there is little doubt you were infected by this new partner. This would have happened 2-10 days before the sores appeared. There is one question to settle quickly. Was your swab test a PCR with a result of HSV-2 detected. Or was it a culture test?
    • CathM
      Hello. Just been diagnosed with HSV2 after a swab test. Absolutely devastated at the diagnosis. Had symptoms after sleeping with my new partner. Symptoms started about 6 weeks after our first encounter. Did I get it from him? We split just before the diagnosis. I feel like my life is over, please help 😥
    • roxmellisa
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