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Educate yo self foo!!!

a vida e bela

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I go into the doctors office with a festering outbreak at the entrance to my vagina, and stabbing pain in my cervix.

Doctor tells me that people NEVER get leisions inside, they are ONLY on the outside on surrounding skin. I knew that wasn't true so I made him swab it and had to convince him where I was coming from. (Felt very degraded)

Felt like KICKING HIM when he took a look and said OMG yah.... That DEFINITELY looks like herpes, wow! And swabbed the shit outta me while I screetched in pain.

He wrote me an Rx.

Now they call and tell me the doctor would like to discuss my results. They only call if it's positive.

How can a doctor not know shit all about herpes and call themselves a doctor??????

I am going to GIVE him a piece of my mind and tell him it's cause of fools like him that probably cheated their way through Med School that this awful bloody virus is so rampant.

UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! :madd:

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You'd be surprised what "doctors" don't know...sadly they *think* they know it all!

Good on you for demanding him take a look and swab. I am a firm believer that WE know our bodies way better then anyone else and we know when something is 'off'.

Good luck :)

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So sorry you went through that - there is nothing worse than that first doctor visit! My regular doc could not get me in, but she told me to go to urgent care to get the swab. The doctor I saw was such a jerk! Like it wasn't bad enough that I was in pain, humiliated, and scared already - he tried to give me a lecture about sex, and asked me if I was married twice! The experience was bad enough that I even wrote a letter to my insurance company about it.

Seeing my regular doctor since has been wonderful though - there are good docs out there. I would suggest you look for a new one (who perhaps completed medical school :)

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I gave the doctor that handed me my results today a piece of my mind. Told her if i was more timid and put all my belief and faith in a doctor, I would have walked out of there that day unswabbed thinking it was a yeast infection and gone on to spread to others. She agreed fullheartedly with me and said she woudl speak with that doctor about my humiliation and also about his ethics.

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Dayum, girl! Good for you!

Docs are not gods, but many of them mistakenly start believing they are.

I just wish you had been able to confront the doctor who originally treated you poorly, because he was SO WRONG!!! (And you were right!)

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Like it wasn't bad enough that I was in pain, humiliated, and scared already - he tried to give me a lecture about sex, and asked me if I was married twice!

There was a temp doctor once in place of my wonderful, amazing, beautiful family doctor whom I AdOrE who was on mat leave... and when I wanted to get STD testing (when I met my now bf) I had just had testing done about 6 months prior after breaking up with my ex fiance and she was like

"You were just tested six months ago" Blank, cold stare.

"yeah... well I'm entering into a relationship now and I would like to be tested again to be safe and start honest and fresh with my new bf"

More blank, cold staring and blinking.

"I'm sorry that I'm not married... and that I have an active sex life for which I am trying to be proactive and take accountability for"

More blank, cold staring.

"Could you please do the swab? Or should I go somewhere else where the doctor doesn't condemn my attitutude towards sexual liberation?"

"Please undress from the waist down and cover up with this blanket."

I told my mom about this later on and she was like "You should have non-challantly stared up at the corner of the ceiling sort of deranged and detatched like and said 'yeah... I fuck for money.... got a problem with that?' - then looked back at her dead in the eye and been like 'I'm just kidding'" LOLLLL I <3 my mommy.

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Also, just fyi... I do have a family doc (as i said in last post) but she's a hefty drive from me, and hard to get appointments. The more urgent matters I use walk ins for.

I also have another doctor downtown (also a hefty drive from me) but during the christmas rush i didn't want to be driving down there.

Walk in clinics are great when you're in a pinch, but HORRIBLE for everything else!

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Recently, after I had lost a lot of weight which my doctor had recommended, I felt bad because he did not notice it when I came in (I'd lost 72 lbs) and did not say anything much when I told him about the weight loss. I felt bad for a long time. I thought seriously of changing doctors. But I decided to give him a chance and I told him how I felt a few days ago. I ended my half minute complaint, voiced with a small smile, somewhat timidly, by saying, "You know, doctor, the worst thing you can say to a 65 year old woman who loses 72 lbs is...NOTHING."

He said, "Now you have insulted me! This will be our last appointment! Don't come back!" When I attempted to ask him what was so insulting about what I had said, he walked out and slammed the door. That's right--I was fired by my doctor! For daring to express a mild complaint.

Yes, I do now have a new doctor though I have yet to meet him.

My own basic view of these kind of problems is:

While I do believe in God, I do not believe He wears a white coat and a stethoscope and works at Kaiser.

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While I do believe in God, I do not believe He wears a white coat and a stethoscope and works at Kaiser.

That is priceless! I want to steal this line so badly!!! :star:

I'm thinking that being "fired" by that troll in a white coat is a gift to you from God (who works in mysterious ways...)!!!

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    • WilsoInAus
      Hi there @ScubaSteeve and welcome to the website. If you have had genital HSV for 10 years there is a chance the testing did not distinguish type. The answers to the following questions will help a bit: - where are your outbreaks specifically and what frequency? - have you had any IgG antibody testing for HSV?
    • CHT
      Hi LLS.... I'm very sorry you are having so much discomfort from this outbreak.... the first outbreaks are always the most troublesome but  they will get less aggressive as time passes.  I personally find that valacyclovir is much more effective than just acyclovir so you may want to ask your doctor about switching and seeing if that helps.  Ask your doctor on Saturday if you really need to take a higher dose.... and as WilsoInAus suggested, I would ask for a 1,000 mg tablets with at least a 90 day supply to start.  As for pain, you may want to ask your doctor for a Rx of Zovirax ointment.... it contains acyclovir and the ointment form calms the sores down and reduces friction.... it should lessen the pain down there. As for diet, many people, myself included, learn what foods often act as triggers for outbreaks.  I can tell you from experience that the following are big outbreak triggers for me:   1. Too much caffeine (I've basically stopped coffee and have learned to enjoy a variety of decaf teas) 2. Any kind of nuts - including corn and even popcorn 3. Chocolate 4. Too much alcohol - particularly red wines  5. If possible, avoid any kind of steroids/immunosuppressants like prednisone in high doses.... anything that suppresses your immune system will give the virus free rein to run amuck - I learned this the hard way! 6, Stress.... although easier said than done, it will help with your overall health.  Studies show that stress is a common HSV outbreak trigger.... try to find a way to lower your stress levels. 7. lack of sleep.... personally, if I get less than 6  hours of sleep this often leads to an outbreak within a day or two.... work at getting a good 7-8 hours of solid sleep each night (I often use melatonin to help here). Some people find certain vitamins that boost the immune system, like zinc, help with overall healing and can lessen the severity of outbreaks and possibly prevent some outbreaks.  I personally take a number of antiviral/anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant herbs/vitamins not so much for my HSV2 but for overall health (I don't have the healthiest of diets so, I feel I need to supplement to offset my lousy diet).  A google search of supplements that help with herpes will provide you with a long list of vitamins/herbs that may be of benefit but, try not to get carried away - many/most won't make much, if any, difference.... but, you can always experiment. As WilsoInAus also mentioned, a healthy diet is likely your best option. I should also mention that while some find vitamin C to be helpful, I found it to have the opposite effect.... the more I took the more it seemed to provoke outbreaks.   Things are always the toughest after initial infection.... it's going to get better, trust me.  Stick with the antiviral meds daily, try not to obsess on the fact you've contracted this virus, and try to avoid some of those triggers relating to outbreaks.  With time the number of outbreaks starts to decline and when you do have an outbreak, they will become less virulent. As WilsoInAus mentioned, a lot of your achiness, pain and overall flu-like symptoms are related to the fact your immune system is adjusting to this virus.... these lousy symptoms are just your immune system in action working to do its best to fight this virus... with time these symptoms will also lessen and disappear.   I hope this helps in some way.... please let us know if you have more questions.... and remember, go easy on yourself right now.... turn to those things in your life that calm you and also distract you from obsessing over the virus situation.  You are going to be just fine.... just give yourself some time to get past this initial unpleasant phase.... it will get better, I promise.    
    • Justme88
    • ScubaSteeve
      I was diagnosed with HPV2 ten years ago, which I contracted from an ex-girlfriend who was unaware she had it. Since then, I've lived a reserved life, not really opening up to others. There was only one person I felt interested in enough to share this with, but it didn't work out. There have been a few instances where I've let my guard down, had a night out, and ended up sleeping with someone. I know I should feel guilty about not discussing it beforehand, but I found it challenging because they know my family, and it felt overwhelming at the time, and I had alot of pent up desires from not ever being with someone for a long time.  After finally opening up to someone and realizing it wasn't the end of the world, I now understand that finding the right partner might be a matter of numbers. I desire to have more intimate relationships but need to find better ways to approach this topic and ensure I never spread it.  Thank you all for providing a space where I can be myself.
    • i82much2young
      My swab results won’t be ready for another 5 days. Is there any harm is continuing the Valacyclovir? I was prescribed 1gm tablets for 10 days.
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