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My best friend has GH...

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So my best friend, who I grew up with, and who is like a sister to me, has GH. She got it from an ex-boyfriend, and didn't know it until after the break-up. It was ugly.

It's been a struggle for her living with GH, and I've been there for her through it all. I'm the only one that knows of it. I do my best to give her advice, but it's really hard, and all I can do is just listen. She's met a few guys, but once she's told them about GH, they've all left her. It breaks my heart because she's really an amazing person. But sometimes, I just don't know what to say. :(

I really love her dearly, so I just would like to know what's some advice or tips you folks can share with me. Thanks!


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Send her this way!

She is a lucky person to have a friend like you but nothing beats this place for support and answers.

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Nienna...first I've got to say that it is a true blessing for her to have you in her life. It takes a true friend to be there through something like this. I was diagnosed with ghsv2 a little over a yr ago and the first person I called from the dr's office when I was told I was to be tested it for it was my best friend. The best thing you can do for her is to continue to do what you're already doing and that's to be there for her and listen. Be supportive but never judgmental. Never take anything personal...she may go through moods that you won't understand but it's never an attack on you. This virus is a complicated thing b/c between the outbreaks, the emotion, and the reactions you get from others when you have to disclose it are things that keep you on a rollercoaster. So she will go through things that you may not understand but b/c you're there it will help her to get through. I think it would help you both to join the website here to get more information and support. You've taken a major step by doing that already...this site will help her figure some things out and get the added info she needs b/c this virus is so different from person to person. Congrats on being a true friend:adore:

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Quest
      Him holding my hips, grabbing ass, then grabbing his cock is what I worry about. I also worry about shedding anywhere from the boxer shorts area and that's a mighty big area. It is the unknown. It would be nice to cover the entire area and then I just don't have to worry! Then the part that is exposed which  would be a very small spot. Maybe cover with that liquid glove?!? I just like the idea of doing my best
    • 35hope
    • Hairpees
      I wouldn’t because that would be outing myself as well unfortunately. It just sucks because our mutual friends have no clue why I carry such resentment towards him, and wonder why they can’t even bring up his name around me anymore. Im sure they think I’m a crazy jealous person who is hurt things didn’t work out or that I’m being dramatic for no reason. I can’t explain to or confide in anyone but the users on this forum.
    • Jorjanewnew
      Girl! I am actually on the same exact position. My new bf gave it to me and he put the blame on me! When he was my 2nd partner and I hadn’t had sex in 5 years (last guy was a virgin). I know that alone feeling but know you’re not alone. I just got diagnosed 2 weeks ago too. It’s crazy you see yourself differently but I promise no one around you does.
    • Cas9
      How would that location (upper crack) come in contact with him during doggy style sex? Maybe after the act if he fell on top of you while you're face down. I would suggest simply observing whether there are sores in these areas that are somewhat removed from the genital area. If there are no sores than the odds of you transferring to him such as the lower stomach or leg etc.., are pretty damn low. Obviously, we can come always come up with a scenario where you could transmit. For example, if you were on your stomach and he was sliding his dick up and down your butt crack and you had sores there, then yes, he could get infected. If you were just shedding there it would be less likely but possible. But try doing that with your clothes on. I don't think that would work out very well; Do you?  Wearing clothes during sex like that woman you portrayed in your earlier comment is sexy. But that's all together different.

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