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First Anal OB - any relief recommendations?


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I noticed the anal ob sores the other day when I felt the itching and since then the itching pain has not stopped. It's constant and dull pain but I have been managing to hide it well from family and friends. I'm already on acyclovir for this initial ob when I found sores by my vagina last week; tests results are pending.

The pain and itching of the sores around my anus were unbearable last night. I slept in the nude to air the sores out but just am SO uncomfortable. I'm going to try to knock myself out with Tylenol PM tonight to see if that works better.

I think I'm on Day 4 or 5 of this outbreak and I hope I'm over the worst of it but seriously this anal ob is awful. The sores around my vagina are better now but the ones around my anus are killing me. It sucks it's the weekend so I can't call the doctor's office to get more powerful pain meds - will do stat tomorrow morning. I read online about the Epsom bath salts; will try that tonight to see if it provides any relief. I also heard about using Tuck Pads - anyone try this for temporary relief? Any other effective home remedies and treatments for anal ob people would recommend?

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Ice pack...I use them for vaginal OBs they help a lot. If you can sit on one of those gel pack from the freezer...it feels so good. If I have one I wear skirts no knickers and rush home from work to strap an ice pack to my whoha!

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