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Has anyone tried any of these?

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Neveranoutbreak.com, Cantron, Proalgazyme, Herpesremoval, 35 percent hydrogen peroxide and D3 (I think it's d3)? I don't have herpes, but someone in my family does. I really hope they can be cured. This effects us all. 1 and 5 women have this. It's scary. I really believe there's never going to be a cure, because the drug companies will lose too much money. Let 45 million american's suffer, so they can make a few more billlion they don't need. The sad thing is there's a lot of snake oil salepeople claiming something will cure herpes, so you don't know what actually works. I find it questionable, they can genetically modify corn, clone sheep, map the human gnome, but they can't cure disease yet. Sorry I'm just angry. Find a damn cure!

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Do a search of the Forum for those things to see if any one has tried them.

And I believe there will be a cure for this and don't subscribe to the conspiracy theories out there about the drug companies. They have made tremendous strides in battling this and I believe there will first be a vaccine than a cure for this.

Have your family member come here. The more you and they know the more you will see that herpes for the most part, is a very common, mostly harmless virus.

You can live a normal life with this, I know, I have. It has not stopped me from doing anything or anyone I wanted.

Come to the Chat Room, there you fill find many nice Herpsters who can offer you their support.

Good luck!


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Im reading into it Neveran outbreak right now. It seems like its toxic and pretty strong stuff but hey maybe thats what we need to put the virus in a dormant stage. Has anyone on the forum tried this way of therapy to control herpes1 (coldsore)s

Thanks again Johnny 5 for your post

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    • VladimirM
      I do belive. It is going to be SADBE and Sqarex. I am on it and it is great.
    • Miss Annie
      Thank you. Yes, I was on Positive Singles and met someone I was with for 2 years. We recently broke up but may work things out. Truth be told, dating is touch. With or without a virus. 
    • Godsaveus
      A possible problem is that it will possibly be overshadowed by emails regarding other health problems such as cancer which carry no stigma and therefore have a more massive amount of requests.
    • WilsoInAus
      @nydb1 I feel you can be quite confident that you do not have genital herpes here.  Please return to your doctor for further diagnosis and treatment.
    • f*ckedOver
      Maybe this has been asked already, but is there way we could get everyone on the site to write emails to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation?  If they got 1000s of emails about this issue maybe they would fund people like the researchers at Penn?????????

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