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6 year old just diagnosed today :(


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My 6 year old daughter has always had blisters on her face and she has been through some tough roads with sickness. After being hospitalized with kawasaki disease, mullocum (warts on the body) and extremly high fevers, our family doctor wanted to send us to specialist and they did tons of labs and we just found out today that she tested postive for HSV 1. Her results were 6.12. The doctor said anything over 1.11 is positive for HSV 1. That seems like a high number. I am just at a loss for how this happens and why? Looking forward to better days.

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Hsv1 is carried by over 70% of population and is easily caught when young through just kissing hello and goodbye to babies and young children.

Caught young it will hopefully be suppressed by her body in a few years time and hardly ever come back.

Won't affect her life at really unless she has really low immune system she may get lots of outbreaks..but these should fade with time. My father, mother, Gran and best friend all have hsv1...and in countries where kissing is practised as a hello/bye gesture like france and italy statistics are 100% of population has hsv1.


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Thanks for the information. We were sent to a specialist b/c of the amount of outbreaks she has had about 2 a month. She will start oral meds. tomorrow and that will continue for 6 months.

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I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. My 3 year old daughter has HSV as well. She gets mild outbreaks on her genitals too. Somehow she passed it down there from an oral infection before I realized she had it. Thinking back afterwords I realized that she caught it around 3 months. It's hard when they have so many outbreaks--my daughter stays so miserable and cranky, can't sleep, barely eats... I'm curious what medicine your daughter's doctor is giving her to help it?

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