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do you forget you have it?

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I was diagnosed with Genital HSV 1 three years ago next month. My ex at the time likely gave it to me orally because that was pretty much all we were having at the time. He denied having it or knowing remained skeptical throughout. We continued to have unprotected sex for a year. He never caught it on his genitals or ever showed any sign of it. I have had two partners since him, with condoms, they have never contracted. I am not on suppressive therapy.

I have not had an outbreak in about three years. And honestly, i sometimes forget i have it. Here's the thing though, My friend today was saying she had all these cold sores in her mouth. She said it so nonchalantly. NONE Of my friends know about my status....NONE of my friends tell their partners or mention they have oral HSV1...its NOT AN ISSUE, there's never any big talk...so wait..why do I HAVE TO HAVE A BIG TALK WHEN MY CHANCE OF TRANSMITTING IT IS EVEN LOWER THAN A PERSON WITH ORAL HSV 1???

Anyhow, this was part 1) about my outbreaks 2) part rant.

as for how i prevent outbreaks, i think it's just due to the fact that it's hsv1 so sheds virally so rarely. I do maintain healthy lifestyle though taking all my vitamins, C, and zinc, i rarely even get colds, etc.

I do think zinc and garlic and honey (anti viral) are miracle workers though for ALL types of illnesses though.

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eternalpositive- the stigma attached totally sucks. People are completely nonchalant about cold sores you are right! I may PM you- as I just got diagnosed with GHSV1 three weeks ago, so any knowledge would be really helpful.

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Also ghsv1. It sucks...and I'm not even a month in yet.

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if it's a consolation. like i said, it's been 3 years...NO RECURRENT OUTBREAK. NOT ON VALTREX. NEVER TRANSMITTED IT. ghsv1

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Because, IMO..... its the right thing to do.

Remember how you felt when you caught it from your partner, not knowing he had it? Remember what you went through? Why then would you want to put someone else through that? The difference also now is that you KNOW you have it so you can't deny it.....

I know it's tough - trust me, I've been there and got the scars - but as you say, it's not really a big deal to you and just as your friends can mention it "nonchalantly" so can you to anyone you plan to get intimate with.

Right, I'm hopping down off my high horse now. Sorry to come at you, I don't mean offence.

And good on you for dealing with it so well..... I too swear by zinc and vitamin c - they are the bomb!

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Chicken23
      Kelly bean yes I had an ulcer in my mouth. I know it' unusual but as soon as he had told me that I got it swabbed and it came back positive. Then I had a blood test and that came back positive as well.   Anon222 Thank you it's just incredibly difficult thing to deal with. Especially being such a new thing to me.  It will change things though. I will never rest easy. I will always be worried about getting another one come up, I will have to pay expenses for preventative measures. I will have to tell everyone that wants to kiss me (not that I go around just kissing people but as this is life long never know how many people that may be) so it will be changing a lotg for me. I will never feel comfortable just kissing someone anymore. I will always be worried about passing it onto them. It changes my whole life. I will never be able to kiss a new born baby (If I ever have another child)  I will not be able to do so many things without stress and worry for the rest of my life:( 
    • Anon222
      Hey there Chicken, I agree with what helpme said. Really no one cares about OHSV-1. Not to diminish your feelings but I just want you to know that it’s going to be okay. You honestly don’t have to worry about this at all. As he also said you are now in the MAJORITY of people. Please just go on living your normal life this should not change anything at all! Good luck! 
    • helpme12345
      I know blood test doesn't tell location. I know i have it orally since i had it as a child but i dont have any breakouts at all, the last breakout i remember was inside my lips when i was a kid. Like me my friends and my gf we are all asymptomatic orally. im just worried if the above mention symptoms say i have ghsv1?  and about disclosure im happy to tell. im not scared of it im just worried if i got it in the genitals, although all my doctors say im fine.
    • Hairpees
      I don’t understand this post. You seem highly concerned of having herpes for someone who already tested positive for herpes. Your girlfriend has tested positive for herpes. What more is there to freak out about? Blood tests do not tell you location, are you worried if you break up how you will handle disclosure To someone else? That’s where I’m getting confused. 
    • mconcerned1986
      Tested negative for both 1&2 for western blot. 

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