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Could I have it? Questions

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I've been looking a lot on the internet and I've read and seen many things. I have compared myself to many pictures and I doesn't look like a typical case as far as that goes. These are my symptoms.

I was randomly scratching my pubic hair area, and found 3 blisters. Two small, one larger

The larger one kind of looked like a pimple I suppose. As in it was more rounded and not flat.

I have not shaved recently

No burning, no pain, no tingling. Very limited itchiness.

No flu-like symptoms.

Inflamed pubic lymph nodes.

When I scratched them they ruptured and have since scabbed over a bit. They are no more itchy than a small scab might be.

They did not seem to bleed or ooze.

They are still a bit red around them.

I have not seen a bunch of little bumps like I see in most of the pictures.

Here is a picture:


Here are my questions:

Someone said you "can't pop herpes like zits." Is this true?

What other things could cause those symptoms?

I read that pubic hair herpes is uncommon in men. Is this true? I am aware they can really be anywhere but I'm sure certain areas are more common.

If you had to put money on it, would you say I have genital herpes?

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Unfortunately, nobody can give you a good idea of whether or not what you are experiencing is herpes from a picture. Even a doctor looking right at it would have about a 20% measure of error. Herpes can look like other conditions and vice versa.

So, the only way for you to get an actual diagnosis is to see a doctor or clinic and get laboratory testing done. It might be too late to get an accurate swab/culture done of those bumps, but it is worth a try since you may never get another visible outbreak (but could still have and spread herpes).

You should also get a TYPE SPECIFIC IgG-BASED HERPES ANTIBODY BLOOD TEST as a baseline.

I've never heard of such a thing as "pubic hair herpes." If you have genital herpes, the sores can pop up anywhere in the area that would be covered by a pair of boxer shorts, including the buttocks, anus, upper thighs, lower abdomen and of course the penis, scrotum and surrounding areas.

There are many things, including herpes and other conditions, that could cause your symptoms. Rather than try to figure it out yourself, I suggest seeking medical care right away while there is still a chance of swabbing those lesions. :nurse:

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