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anger at girlfriend

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how can someone that says they love you not tell you they had herpes.

I cant believe I feel so gutted its just a virus the more i read at the moment the worse i feel

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Fear of rejection is the most common reason. They're afraid that if they tell, you'll leave them. Unfortunately, the repercussions of not telling can be sooo much worse, as you just found out. When that happens, there's also the feeling of betrayal to deal with, making it even more difficult. Also, many people don't have symptoms, and just don't know they carry it.

If your gf knew she had it and didn't tell you, to put you at risk without your knowlegde was a selfish and stupid thing to do. It puts her character and integrity in question. If she didn't know she had it, that's unfortunate for both of you.

Have you been tested? I'm assuming you have, and that you're sure it's herpes. If it's any consolation, millions of people carry the virus. It's very common. Take time to read the information provided on the left. Most people manage to live very normal lives with herpes.

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I haven't told my boyfriend I have hsv-1.

The way I see it, society seems to view herpes as a big deal, but it really isn't. Recurrent outbreaks are mild and infrequent, and the risk of catching hsv-1 is low, especially since more than half the population have it. And the vast majority of them don't go informing their partners about their oral infections.

I feel pretty at ease with not telling him - I once mentioned I got cold sores, so I gave him a hint, the rest is not his business, in just the same way he hasn't told me any details of his sexual past.

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package deal

I do not blame you for being angry. I know right where you coming from. Have you confronted her yet? your right if she knew she had it and failed to tell you that is not love .it means simply she just did/does not care who she gives it to. fear of rfegection is no excuse for not telling you first.

Although some people suppossidly have it and not know it because they do not have any syptoms that may be true in some cases but i do not quite buy it myself. it is possible she may have had symptoms that she mistook for something else and did not seek treatment so she did not know she had it

either case you need to remain calm and talk to her when you question her.

if she has any morals at all ( which i doubt) she will confess. if she denys it insist she get tested. Remmber this you could of been exposed by someone else you knew before her and just now having symptoms.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Celinaxox
      Hey so I have told a few people when I was first diagnosed and panicky. My mother knows, and 3 close friends and honestly to my surprise they were very supportive and just wanted to make sure I was okay, they still invite me out like usual nothing has changed and atleast one of them gets oral coldsores it's the same damn thing. I dont tell coworkers I draw the line there and I don't tell men who are interested in me it's not their business unless I choose to become physical with them and therefore risk transmition. I have been dating through a herpes dating site and it's been working out well for me I'm not totally sure I want to be "out" to everyone because the world is still the world and their are immature people out there. 
    • Quest
      Just tell him you have been thinking about it and you want to go get tested with him. Don't believe anyone until you see their paperwork
    • Quest
      Amazon has it in bulk and caps
    • Quest
      Make sure you see his results on paper!!!
    • vzhe
      I've used it to effectively abort an outbreak immediately. See here: Pretty convinced of the combo for this. Never had any success like that before ever. Will 100% keep using it.

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