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Question about Herpes 1

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Not sure if this is the right place for this post but here goes -- I just called my doctor's office back to clarify and don't you know, I have Herpes Type 1, genitally. (I could have sworn she said Type 2 when she called the other day, which is a testament to the level of shock I was in at the time.) Anyway, she said it's possible I could have had this as far back as childhood, but that doesn't seem right to me, b/c I've never ever in my live had a cold sore in my mouth region or any area, for that matter (till now). So I guess I'm thinking I guess I got this at some point from someone giving me oral sex - does that sound right? I know ultimately it doesn't matter so much how I got it as not to spread it and to live healthy but I'm just trying to figure all this out and part of figuring out how not to spread it is to figure out how I got it, I think. So question 1 - is my conclusion about how I got it probably correct? Question 2 - At this point, is oral sex (at least receiving it) completely off the menu for me? Thanks for anyone's help who may be able to answer these questions. I appreciate. It's a lot to process.

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How were you tested by blood or by swab?

It seems weird that you would have got HSV 1 genitally as a child--as far as I know the only way to get it genitally is through oral sex (thats how I got it). HSV 1 on the lips though is another story, most people get that as kids.

In regards to your other question it would be totally dependent on the person you were with and how they felt or indeed whether they were themselves HSV 1 positive. HSV 1 in the genital area is generally considered to be less able to spread--because it is outside its area of preference. I was told that spreading HSV 1 genital to genital is very rare. Additionally the majority of people something like 80% are HSV 1 positive which means more people will have antibodies and therefor some level of protection against catching it from you. However it will never be risk free. You can play safe, take suppressive meds all that stuff and risks are like 1 to 2 % a year...tiny...but unfortunately never 0 :-(

So it comes back to the "it would depend on the person", ask or get your new partners tested if they are HSV 1 positive then there would be very, very little risk.

Most people with cold sores would never dream of not kissing again in their entire lives, you just happen to have cold sores in a less obvious place.

You best way is to be honest with partners. One more than one occasion I have built my self up into a tizzy about telling somebody about getting cold sores on my whoha and they will be like "oh no big deal I get them on the lips". Then I get a little bit angry...because people are so causal when it is on the lips and don't even feel like it is something they have to disclose. Location, location, location...stigma, stigma, stigma!

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