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dynamiclear made my tear WORSE!

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I noticed that I had a small vaginal tear (this is all I ever get from HSV) last night so I put dynamiclear on it..when I woke up this morning, some had scabbed over but now I have even larger tears around it! I thought this stuff was supposed to help, not make things WORSE. Anyone else have this problem???

Also, I have read that "herpes doesn't bleed" however, my tears do! When I wipe after using the bathroom, I can see blood on the TP from them. I wish I could share this picture I took of the tear close up..you can see blood. What the heck?? :(

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Cindy Robinson

Hi oceanwaves

My name is Cindy and I work with the support team at the Dynamiclear clinic, so there is a good chance that I might be able to offer you some help with the application and hopefully you can get those tears healed very quickly.

There is a few things that would be really useful to know so that I can help you further.

Ocean, how do your symptoms normally appear? Are there usually a few tears, or just one, and is this your first outbreak? If not, how many outbreaks have you had so far and how do they normally develop for you?

The reason I ask is that the herpes virus does not always follow a typical pattern in how the symptoms present themselves. Sometimes new infection sites (such as more than one tear or blister) can pop up close by to the original infection.

This is extremely common, especially in a primary outbreak or in the first year of infection before the body has had time to generate an effective immune response. This is also likely to happen, even in recurrences, if the immune system is compromised or run down.

When the herpes virus is not active and causing symptoms it resides in a sleeping or "dormant" state in the nerves and tissues. Every once in a while when it is activated (normally due to a stress on the immune system) it travels the nerve pathways and erupts on the skin's surface in the form of a blister, cut, little tear, etc.

The thing with the herpes virus is that it can surface anywhere along the nerve endings that are attached to the same nerve ganglion where the infection resides, and this is why new outbreak sites can surface in different areas that are close by to the original infection.

Secondly, when you made the application of Dynamiclear did you repeat it at any stage to the same lesion (Dynamiclear should only be applied one time to each lesion)? And did you apply Dynamiclear to the new tears that have developed nearby?

Ocean from what you have described it sounds like the Dynamiclear has worked effectively on the original tear where it was applied, because it caused the lesion to form a scab within 24 hours of the application, this is typically how Dynamiclear works.

A scab is normally a sign that the infection is dead or dying in that area and that healing is underway. If the area is very moist it may just close over and heal instead of forming a scab. If new lesions (tears) have formed it is important to treat these in the same way, as they are likely to be new areas where the virus is surfacing which will also require treatment.

If you want to talk to someone about your case in person the Dynamiclear support team have years of experience with both the product and this virus, and we are to help you if you need any advice or product support.

You will find the contact details here: http://www.dynamiclear.com/contact.php

I hope you are feeling much better soon oceanwaves and help is here if you need it.


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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      Hey so I have told a few people when I was first diagnosed and panicky. My mother knows, and 3 close friends and honestly to my surprise they were very supportive and just wanted to make sure I was okay, they still invite me out like usual nothing has changed and atleast one of them gets oral coldsores it's the same damn thing. I dont tell coworkers I draw the line there and I don't tell men who are interested in me it's not their business unless I choose to become physical with them and therefore risk transmition. I have been dating through a herpes dating site and it's been working out well for me I'm not totally sure I want to be "out" to everyone because the world is still the world and their are immature people out there. 
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      Just tell him you have been thinking about it and you want to go get tested with him. Don't believe anyone until you see their paperwork
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      Amazon has it in bulk and caps
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      Make sure you see his results on paper!!!
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      I've used it to effectively abort an outbreak immediately. See here: Pretty convinced of the combo for this. Never had any success like that before ever. Will 100% keep using it.

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