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driving myself mad


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ok. so here are my questions:

will anything ever be just a pimple, ache, twinge, dry skin itch or ingrown hair again?

if my boyfirend does also have this, do we have to be as carfeul with sex? if one of us is in an OB would we give the other an out break?

if the chance of self innoculation after the initial outbreak is low, and my boyfriend has this also does that mean its low to spread to other parts from each other?

my biggest fear right now is self innoculation. how long until i find out if a sprerad this shit to my mouth or eyes?

when will this go away? i stated my OB a month ago and i swear im starting to feel the same way i did then? is it starting over?

i have so many questions and the more i try to find answers the more i have. and heres a pondering. they have a medication to keep hiv from spreading to a fetus but they cant come up with something for this?

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Hope this helps....

Yes, things will go back to being a pimple, an ache, dry skin, etc. Right now you're apparently in the 'obssessive' state over your infection, when (in your mind) everything is linked to herpes. But, your body is still functioning pretty much the same as it did before, so if you got pimples, aches, dry skin, etc. before, you're still going to get them now. Eventually you'll come to recognize that not everything is linked to herpes. It just takes a little time.

Two people with genital herpes do not 'pass' obs to one another. You can't give someone something they already have. Technically, if you have different strains, you could, but how would you even be able to tell? An ob, is an ob, is an ob.. so to speak. So, that's not even worth worrying about.

The chance of spreading to other parts of your bodies may be low after you've acquired antibodies, but it's not impossible. If that happened, chances of experiencing an actual ob would be low, too, but not impossible. I can only tell you that my partner and I both carry type2 genital (he's never had genital symptoms at all), plus he gets cold sores. Although we've never used any precautions, I have never gotten a cold sore, and he's never gotten a genital ob. And that includes having sex during simultaneous mild obs. Take that for what it's worth. Maybe we're just lucky. Maybe there's something to it. Personally, I stopped worrying about it a long time ago.

As far as spreading to other to other parts of your body, unless you actually experience some sort of ob, you'll never know for sure. Once you've had it for a while, and your antibodies are built up, it's pretty hard to transfer it around on yourself, but like I said, without symptoms, you can't tell anyway. If you're not experiencing symptoms elsewhere, quit worrying about it.

When will it go away? Maybe when you stop fixating on it. Sometimes obs can drag out, but holding your breath, waiting for the next twinge or itch or pain, can make it seem like you're always on the verge. Relax. When you're developing an actual ob, your body will tell you. It's not uncommon, when the infection is new, to experience occassional twinges, etc. until your antibodies are strong enough to hold it completely at bay. That doesn't mean the sky is falling. It just means the virus is fighting back. Those symptoms will subside.

As for the confusion you're experiencing (questions! questions! questions!) take a break. This isn't rocket science. It's not 'do or die'. And it's definitely not worth driving yourself to distraction over. The most reliable information you'll get will be from your own body, over time. Everyone reacts differently to the virus. What affects you, or helps you, will be different from what affects (or helps) someone else. Pay attention to your symptoms, and you'll figure out (usually through trial and error) what helps you, and what doesn't, and what triggers your obs. It takes patience. Give it time.

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well just came back from the doctor cause i have some white gunk on my tosils. did a strep test. negative. he also took a viral culture to check. funny this was a walk in clinic and i liked this doctor better than my own LOL! nurse told me i should go talk to my ob/gyn cause thats probably as close to a specialist as i'll get. i guess i'm mostly freaked out because it is easy to spread it during your initial out break, but we didnt know i was having an outbreak so it was business as usual in the sex department. my boyfriends results should come back monday. i try not to obsess, but its hard. when something that really just starterd off looking like a pimple on my leg turns out to be herpes i look at every "pimple" below my breast and above my knees with suspision. i wonder if my twitiching back muscle is related, if my aching hip is related or if i just exercised too hard. probably once the initial outbreak ends (god can that please be SOON?!?) i might not be such a freak...maybe... occasional twinge... i'll be sitting at work and suddenly it feels like someone shoved a hot poker up my urethra. luckily i have a fairly high pain tolerance and it doesnt stop me mid sentence! part of me really hopes my boyfriend does have it, even if hes the one who gave it to me, then i can stop worrying so much about him and about how i'll know if one of us is having an outbreak maybe with no symptoms. i know only time will tell, but this is hard. yes could be worse i know and i do have to try to keep that in perspective

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Did you find out what that white gunk in your tonsil was? When i had my first OB i had a few white gunks in my left tonsil only while having genital OB. I thought it was just sore throat so i gargled alot but didnt go away. It only slowly went away at the same time as my genital OB went away when i took Valtrex. Im worried that i was also having an OB inside my throat. I hope anyone can explain to me about this. I have GH1. Thank you in advance to whoever replies back.

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    • WilsoInAus
      Hi @CathM if you received oral sex in the days before the sores first appeared then it is important to be sure of type - culture tests do not type. Ask to see your result and see what it says. Is your partner going to test? This is also helpful.
    • CathM
      Hello@WilsoInAus I only know that they took a swab and then I was notified that I was positive for HSV 2. I don’t know have any knowledge about whether it was a culture test?
    • WilsoInAus
      Hi @CathM and welcome to the website. Yes there is little doubt you were infected by this new partner. This would have happened 2-10 days before the sores appeared. There is one question to settle quickly. Was your swab test a PCR with a result of HSV-2 detected. Or was it a culture test?
    • CathM
      Hello. Just been diagnosed with HSV2 after a swab test. Absolutely devastated at the diagnosis. Had symptoms after sleeping with my new partner. Symptoms started about 6 weeks after our first encounter. Did I get it from him? We split just before the diagnosis. I feel like my life is over, please help 😥
    • roxmellisa
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